VIDEO Left-wing meltdown – 100% Kavanaugh Confirmation – Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka preview left’s smear campaign

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal, Supreme Court

Left-wing meltdown: Kavanaugh will kill millions, implement sharia law, ban contraception, reduce wa

July 10, 2018 By 

Left-wing meltdown
At the top of this page, you’ll see a picture of Cory Booker surrounded by “Stop Kavanaugh” signs. This image was posted on Twitter at roughly 9:13 PM last night. Considering the time of the announcement, this means one of two things:

Either, A: Someone has invented the worlds’ fastest printer and it’s located steps from the Supreme Court, or B: Like their outrage at Kavanaugh’s nomination, Dems manufactured the signs beforehand. Since B is the more likely option, that means there’s a huge, wasteful, pile of “Stop Hardiman,” “Stop Barrett,” and “Stop Kethledge” signs in a warehouse somewhere.

To be sure, the freak out we’re witnessing today was planned well in advance. As I wrote yesterday, it didn’t really matter who got the nod, Democrats were going to lose their minds in exactly the same, predictable, way. The only thing that might have been different was a pronoun.

Right on cue, the usual lefty suspects have taken to their blogs, TV shows, and Twitter feeds to let us know of our impending doom. Kavanaugh surely spells the end of America, and we should probably all invest in at-home bunkers to ride out the coming apocalypse. Yes, the fear mongering really is that unhinged. Here are just a few of our favorite examples….

We’ll start with Sally Kohn, who thinks the the Kavanaugh nom means you should live your life in fear. Her tweet reads like the tag ling of a B-movie horror flick. “Be scared. Very scared.”

Sally Kohn


And why should you be so scared?  Because Kavanaugh, like Thanos the mad Titan, is going to snap his fingers and wipe out millions of people.  That’s right, we’re ALL GOING TO DIE!  That’s the word from long time Clinton ally and potential future presidential candidate, Terry McAuliffe:

Terry McAuliffe

Tim Kaine, who speaks Spanish, had some of the same concerns.  He was fretting, in English, that Kavanaugh would upend civil rights, annihilate women’s freedom, and destroy the already-destroyed ACA.  This probably would have been more effective in Spanish, a language Tim Kaine speaks…

Tim Kaine

In fact, the impending (mythical) decimation of women’s rights was a major talking point for a lot of fear-mongering lefties.  Here’s NARAL President, Ilyse Hogue:

Ilyse Hogue

…And Cory Booker – whose totally impromptu protest we mentioned above:

Cory Booker

…And the DailyBeast:

Justin Miller

And finally, a spin around hysterical left-wing Twitter wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the Hollywood brain trust. They’re losing what’s left of their minds in multiple countries this morning, but perhaps none have gone so far over the edge as actor and liberal loon Ron Pearlman.

He’s under the impression that Brett Kavanaugh – a very Catholic family man – is going to enslave women and implement “medieval values and shariah law.”  Yes, really:

Ron Perlman

So, do yourselves a favor.  Hide under your beds, don’t answer the phone, and for god’s sake don’t go outside. Fire and brimstone shall soon rain down from the skies as the wrath of Brett Kavanaugh falls upon us all.

Repent!  The end is nigh!

Only two things can derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation

VIDEO: Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka preview the left’s smear campaign against Brett Kavanaug

July 10, 2018 By 

VIDEO: Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka preview the left’s smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh
“This is going to be worse than Robert Bork.”

If you’re not old enough to remember how despicable that was, strap in. Chuck Schumer has already announced that he will oppose Schumer “with everything I have”, and Schumer has some horrible stuff. It’s going to get really nasty. That’s hard to imagine when you think about the man we saw on stage last night, with his family, and with everything President Trump told us about his life and his character.

But you know the left hates virtue, right? It’s coming:


Just calling him names won’t matter, of course. Only two things can derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

  1. A scandal. I started to type a “legitimate scandal,” but the truth is the scandal doesn’t have to be legitimate. The Democrats and the media just have to be able to sell it to themselves.
  2. Something in his record, or something he says during confirmation hearings, to give Susan Collins and/or Lisa Murkowski an excuse to accuse him of plotting to overturn Roe v. Wade.

There is a wild card here, and that’s Rand Paul, who is not really a Republican but is in fact a rigid libertarian in the mold of his father Ron Paul.

Don’t be surprised if Paul finds something in Kavanaugh’s service to the Bush Administration that causes him to express his deep, deep concerns, and possibly even declare at some point that he will not vote for Kavanaugh.

But the game Paul usually plays is that he will vote no if there are enough votes to get something or someone through, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for the thing failing. If two or three Democrats (likely Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly) commit to confirm Kavanaugh, you could see Rand Paul vote no as a demonstration of his “principles,” but if it comes down to him he will almost certainly vote to confirm.

Grassley: ‘Five or Six’ Dems Will Support Kavanaugh If GOP Gets to 50 Votes



Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he anticipated “five or six” Democrats would vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President’s Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, with the caveat that Republicans can get the required 50 votes for confirmation.

Grassley said something would have to “very dramatically go wrong” for Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to oppose the nomination.

“I think that we can’t count on any Democrats until we get the 50 votes we need, and then we’ll get five or six of them,” Grassley said. “Otherwise, I don’t think we can count on them.”

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GOP Sen Tillis: ‘100 Percent’ Chance Kavanaugh Nomination Confirmed in September


Wednesday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he anticipated that Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the vacancy left by the retiring Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, would be confirmed during September.

Should Kavanaugh be confirmed by mid-September, which Tillis said it was a 100 percent chance probability, it would set Kavanaugh up for the beginning of the high court’s term in October.

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWITT: Let’s go back to these hearings. At what point do you think Chuck Grassley will simply bring them to a conclusion? We don’t want a Clarence Thomas 2.0. We don’t want a borking. We want the same respect as was extended to Judges Sotomayor, now Justice Sotomayor, Solicitor General Kagan, now Justice Kagan. That’s what we give them. At what point will Charles Grassley bring down the gavel to stop the abuse of the nominee?

TILLIS: Well, I think it starts with the members of Judiciary on his side of the aisle kind of setting our expectations, and I believe that we’ve done that. Chuck Grassley’s one of the best chairs that I’ve had the privilege to work with. And we’ve made it very clear that we will be respectful of the institution and the process, but we are not going to allow this process to get railroaded. And having a timeline consistent with Sotomayor and with Gorsuch is appropriate, and that’s going into this process our expectation. If it’s just a week, is that a problem? No. If it shifts much beyond that, then I think it becomes a problem.

HEWITT: So you are very confident third or fourth week in August for hearings?

TILLIS: Yeah, I think third or fourth week for the hearings, and then you know, that sets us up for a vote in time to get Judge Kavanaugh seated and have him ready for the next session.

HEWITT: Perhaps by mid-September, because you’ve got to dive into those briefs. It takes a few days. 30 seconds to you, Senator Tillis. You’ve got to give them a couple of weeks to get ready for the term.

TILLIS: Well, that’s right. That’s exactly why we’ve got to pull it forward so that he is ready to be an active member. He’s a brilliant guy. He brings a lot of experience, so I think in a couple of weeks, he’ll be ready.

HEWITT: Last question. In terms of percentage, what’s your level of confidence that Judge Kavanaugh will become Justice Kavanaugh in September?

TILLIS: 100.

HEWITT: 100%. Thom Tillis, that’s what I wanted to hear. Thank you, my friend.

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