VIDEO US Ambassador Message to Tehran, Pyongyang – 3 Lies Media Telling about Hamas Gaza Riots – Hamas Admits

3 Lies the Media is Telling about the Hamas Gaza Attack Riots

Hamas is a racist, genocidal terrorist organization. Anyone who participates in its attacks is, at best, committing war crimes. And at worst is a terrorist.



The media lies about Israel.

It’s been at it ever since the left changed its position (briefly turning pro-Israel after the Holocaust before reverting to the previous anti-Israel position). And it never stops. The Hamas attacks on Israel proved to be useful counterprogramming to the dedication of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

And the media has predictably been lying about it.

1. The Gaza attacks are not popular civilian grass-roots protests.

They’re calculated attacks organized by Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood terror group is reportedly offering protesters $100 each. Hamas terrorists have used the front line rioters as human shields, hanging back, waiting for them to breach the fence, before going in and carrying out attacks against Israelis.

We’ve already seen at least one effort to plant an explosive device and gunmen operating in the area.

2. The embassy is not the issue.

The attacks predated the embassy dedication and postdate it. Hamas organizers have indicated that they intend to keep going into June. Their theme is the return/invasion of Israel by violent, armed racist mobs. It’s not the Embassy March, but the Great Return March.

The upsurge in violence is predictable because violence in the region tends to spike in the summer months. If you look back at the patterns of Hamas and Hezbollah violence, they get ramped up in the spring and the summer.

If there were no embassy, the violence would still be happening.

3. Casualty numbers are meaningless

First, any casualty numbers coming out of Gaza are propaganda. Hamas and its people are notorious for inflating casualty figures for political effect, both on their side and on the Israeli side.

Second, Hamas and its media allies have a history of misreporting whether the dead are members of Hamas or other Islamic groups. We’ve seen this throughout the riots when supposedly civilian casualties turned out to be members of terror groups.

Third, when a terrorist group decides to use civilians as human shields for its attacks, there will inevitably be significant numbers of civilian casualties. That’s what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the media is much less interested in reporting on the collateral damage in the fight against ISIS. But when the US or Israel fight terrorists that use human shields, it becomes the only issue.

And the only thing that accomplishes is to reward the human shield strategy and that leads to its widespread use and an increase in civilian casualties.

Finally, when you participate in a terrorist group’s attack, it’s highly debatable as to whether you are still a civilian. Arguably there are no civilians in these attacks.

Hamas is a racist, genocidal terrorist organization. Anyone who participates in its attacks is, at best, committing war crimes. And at worst is a terrorist.

Watch video here

Exclusive — U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: Jerusalem Embassy Sends Message to Tehran, Pyongyang

Friedman flags (Menahem Kahana / AFP / Getty)
Menahem Kahana / AFP / Getty

JERUSALEM, Israel — U.S. Ambassador David M. Friedman told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Tuesday that the decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem had shown “moral clarity” and served America’s core interests.

“America does want to create basic peace and stability in the region,” Friedman said. He said that while a “snapshot” of the day’s headlines would not suggest stability, the embassy decision would have a stabilizing effect over time.

“We believe that by acting with moral clarity and courage, and by signaling to the Palestinians that they could be overtaken by events if they don’t come back to the table, we think that message will resonate and create opportunities for peace in the future.

Friedman, speaking from the terrace of the King David Hotel on the day after the embassy move, and on the first anniversary of his term as ambassador, added that the embassy decision had enhanced American credibility by showing that President Donald Trump is a man of his word — and loyal to the American people first and foremost.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Joel B. Pollak, Ken Klukowski

“The President made a promise,” Friedman recalled. “He was cajoled, threatened, pleaded with by many nations in the world not to do it.

“He said, ‘I made this promise, it was the right thing, it was voted on 23 years ago, and the American people want it. I’m going to validate the will of the American people. I don’t work for them, I work for the American people.

“That message has resonated far beyond the 10-15 square kilometers affected by this decision. It will resonates in Tehran, and in Pyongyang, showing that this president keeps his word,” Friedman said.

He added that he had great confidence in new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom he said was unique in his skills — not just his academic credentials as a West Point and Harvard graduate, but his personal warmth as well.

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Hamas Leader: 50 of 62 Gazans Killed During Border Riots Were Our Members

At least 55 Palestinians were killed on Monday with more than 2,400 wounded

The Times of Israel reports: A Hamas official on Wednesday acknowledged that 50 of the 62 Palestinians reported killed during Gaza border riots on Monday and Tuesday were members of the Islamist terrorist group, bringing the total number of known members of terror groups among the fatalities up to 53.

“In the last rounds of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, 50 of them were Hamas,” said Hamas official Salah Bardawil in an interview with the Palestinian Baladna news outlet.

The Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad had said on Tuesday that three members of its Saraya al-Quds military wing were killed by Israeli forces in Khan Younis.

Read more here.



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