VIDEO Oprah and Donald Trump in 1988, You Should Watch…

Oprah and Donald Trump in 1988 (You Should Watch)…


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This Blog is for modern day Patriots who want to Reclaim Our Republic and put it on the right path with a foundation of our Constitution and our Creator God.
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8 Responses to VIDEO Oprah and Donald Trump in 1988, You Should Watch…

  1. Equipping says:

    The question should be raised about why the democrats, (and their enablers in the media, entertainment, education, union leadership, and other similar types) have such a hatred of our President, and a disdain for conservatives and Republicans.. It’s a simple formula to figure out. The President, and the Republican Party support life for the unborn; democrats, etal, support the killing of unborn children,,,up until the time of birth. The President, conservatives and the Republican party support marriage between a man and a woman. Democrats support homosexuality, and homosexual marriages, which God considers to be a abomination. The President, conservatives and republicans support the nation of Israel. Democrats, and their supporters give only lip service to Israel. I could go on, but these are the big three that most distinctly divide conservatives and liberals. If a person who says that they are a Christian votes for a democrat, they are also voting for the killing of unborn babies, homosexual marriages, and a lack of proper respect for Israel. Keith Ellison, a Muslim, recently spoke words of hate at a Christian church (????), (hardly a Christian church). Al Sharpton speaks words of hate at Christian churches (????) (hardly Christian churches). Those churches are the places where people will get “tickets to the lake of fire” on the family plan.The parents of children at those churches are in a position to take themselves, and their children, to the lake of fire (Revelation 20:11-15). Consider the names of others who are in that same “groups of democrat families,” whose goal is the lake of fire.


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