US Attorney Prosecuting Bundy Ranch Case Has History of Brady Violations

Dec 26, 2017 by Tim Brown


Just prior to Christmas, Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the latest round of the Bundy Ranch standoff trials.  She did so because of multiple Brady violations by the prosecution, led by US Attorney Steven Myhre.

Mhyre and his team failed to turn over several exculpatory items to defense teams that were favorable to them.

Among those items were the cameras that were set up prior to the impoundment in 2014 in Bunkerville, Threat Assessment reports, names of potential witnesses, and reports from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reprimanding the BLM for not enforcing the court orders for years.

In all, there were at least seven Brady violations.

These violations are constitutional violations of the Fifth Amendment and Due Process.

However, it’s now coming to light that this is no the first time the Myhre has been breaking the law and seemingly getting away with it.

Shari Dovale at Redoubt News has uncovered some of Mhyre’s history of this lawless behavior and yet, he is still on the job in Nevada!

Dovale reports:

In the case of US v. Chapman, Steven Myhre was, again, the Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada. He was in charge of the case and controlled all aspects of the case.

The case centered around securities fraud. On August 8, 2003, a grand jury in the District of Nevada returned a sixty-four-count indictment charging that Defendants allegedly created multiple shell corporations, back-dated corporate records to make their activities appear lawful, and named dummy directors and officers who had no actual control over the corporations and in some cases did not even know of their existence.

But, as in the Bunkerville Standoff trial, this case lead to a mistrial due to the prosecution ~ headed by Steven Myhre ~ not disclosing vital exculpatory evidence.

During the mistrial hearing, Chapman’s attorney alerted the court to hundreds of pages of documents that the government had delivered that morning and the previous evening. They totaled some 650 pages and consisted of rap sheets, plea agreements, cooperation agreements, and other information related to numerous government witnesses, including at least three important witnesses whose testimony was already complete.

This case resulted in a dismissal with prejudice. The government prosecutors ~ headed by Steven Myhre ~ attempted to appeal this decision. The appellate court upheld the ruling and stated clearly:

This is prosecutorial misconduct in its highest form; conduct in flagrant disregard of the United States Constitution; and conduct which should be deterred by the strongest sanction available. 

This is just one instance of Myhre’s crimes for which he was never prosecuted. The Bundy Ranch trials have totaled three thus far, and in each of those trials he broke the law, which demonstrates a pattern of lawlessness.

But it isn’t just Mr. Mhyre.  No, he had help in orchestrating his crimes and among that help were his teammates, Dan Schiess and Nadia Ahmed.

Still, there were others involved, some in the Bureau of Land Management, as whistleblower and former lead investigator Larry Wooten wrote about after he was removed from the investigation at the request of Steven Myhre.

Myhre should have been disbarred at the first instance of his criminal actions, but he wasn’t.  There is no telling how many times he has engaged in this behavior and how many innocent people have lost property or been imprisoned due to his crimes.

It’s high time the people see Steven Mhyre and all those involved in this criminal action against the Bundys and their supporters dealt the very justice they sought to impose unjustly upon them.

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