VIDEO Roy Moore’s Wife To Sue WaPa Over Sex Abuse Claims – Est Hopes to ‘Stop the Momentum’ of Populist

Roy Moore’s Wife Says She’ll Sue Washington Post Over Sex Abuse Claims

Image: Roy Moore's Wife Says She'll Sue Washington Post Over Sex Abuse Claims

Nov 14, 2017  By Wanda Carruthers


Kayla Moore, wife of Senate candidate Roy Moore, said she and her husband intend to sue The Washington Post for defamation over the story it published Thursday claiming the Alabama Republican made inappropriate sexual advances toward teenage girls four decades ago, Raw Story reports.

The story about the potential lawsuit was also reported on WRBC-TV in Birmingham, Ala., on Sunday.

After the Post story was published, Moore’s campaign issued a statement that said, “this garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

Following Moore’s statement, CRTV host Steve Deace tweeted Thursday, “Judge Moore’s wife, Kayla, informed me today they used the word ‘defamation’ in their statement for a reason — they intend to pursue legal action against the Washington Post.

Alex Marlow: Establishment Hopes to ‘Stop the Momentum’ of Populist Voters by Taking Out Roy Moore

In an interview with Politico, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow discussed Breitbart’s coverage of the Roy Moore sexual assault allegations that came to light following a Washington Postreport.

From Politico’s Jason Schwartz:

“There are so many people who want Judge Moore to not become the senator from Alabama, and it’s not just Democrats, it’s the Republican establishment, it’s the media establishment,” he said. “And what happens in Alabama, either side is going to use it to claim momentum heading into 2018. It’s a hugely significant race.”

“There’s so much intrigue and interest on this story, it makes sense for us to dedicate resources to it,” Marlow said. “We sent two reporters. It seems like given the amount of attention that this is getting, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should have sent a third reporter.”

“I don’t think The Washington Post, the Republican establishment, in this effort to try to take out Roy Moore, I don’t think this is about protecting young women, I don’t think it’s about sexual assault. I think this is about trying to destroy the career of Roy Moore to stop the momentum of the anti-establishment, America-first populist nationalist moment that’s taking place largely within the Republican Party,” he said. “I think that’s the motivation here and I think that’s highly relevant to the discussion.”

Marlow said that, if the stories of Nelson and Leigh Corfman, who also alleged sexual assault, “are true and Roy Moore really was a predator, particularly against children,” then “he should not be a United States senator.”

Read the rest here.

Limbaugh: ‘Search-and-Destroy Mission’ Against Roy Moore Is Really About Mitch McConnell Sending Steve Bannon a Message

14 Nov 2017 by Jeff Poor

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said the recent sexual misconduct allegations aimed at former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore had been inspired by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who had backed Moore’s former opponent Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in the earlier primary contests.

Limbaugh explained how it was his opinion those charges were meant to send a message to former Donald Trump chief strategist and Breitbart chief executive Steve Bannon, who has publicly said he seeks to take on all Republicans that back McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.

“Whether Judge Moore did the deed or deeds or not, what’s really happening here folks, if you really want to know – it’s a multi-faceted search-and-destroy mission here,” Limbaugh said. “But what’s really driving this – do not doubt me about this. But what’s really driving this is Mitch McConnell saying to Steve Bannon, ‘Really? You think you’re going to get your guys elected? You think you are going to get your guys elected and me kicked out of here? Really? Seriously? OK, watch this.’”

“Don’t forget, Judge Moore is – Trump did not endorse him, but Steve Bannon, I don’t know – endorsed, chose, go behind, supports, what have you,” he continued. “And Bannon has been very upfront about the objective he has, and that’s to get Mitch McConnell out of the Senate. And so I don’t think – even if all we had was one allegation against Judge Moore, this was going to be it for Judge Moore. It didn’t matter because this is now being used to send a message to Bannon and his group that you just – you think you’re going to get rid of me, well take a look at what’s going to happen every time you try. So that clearly is a factor here.”

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