BLM Special Agent In Charge Implicated MB Obama’s DOJ in Bundy Standoff? – Bundy Sues

Did BLM Special Agent In Charge Implicate MB Obama’s DOJ in Bundy Ranch Standoff?

Oct 24, 2017 by Tim Brown


Special Agent in Charge of the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, Daniel P. Love, took to the witness stand and seems to have implicated the Obama Department of Justice in an entrapment scheme against the Bundy’s and their supporters.

Testifying via SKYPE from Salt Lake City, with several attorneys present in the room he testified in, Love testified that a laptop disappeared before he left the area and that he kept notes on his superiors from Washington DC usurping his authority during the protest.

Redoubt News reports:

The defense attorneys hammered him pretty hard when it came to questions about his two laptop computers. It has been previously reported that Love stated to colleagues that both laptops would be lost if he ever got in trouble.

Love finally dropped a little tidbit during testimony about a personal notebook that he had for this ‘Operation’. He claimed that it disappeared before he left the area. Love tells us that he kept notes on his superiors from Washington DC usurping his authority during the protest.

“I was documenting that others were making decisions even though I was designated the incident commander,” Love said.

Love continued to complain about the decisions being made overruling his authority. “We had a very robust communications plan that the government deviated from,” he said.

Love was very forthcoming on this information, yet he was surprisingly unaware of nearly everything else that happened during the cattle impoundment.

Love was on the stand for an entire day, and visibly drank at least three Diet Cokes as he testified. He came across as articulate but arrogant, and quite bitter over his recent firing from his high status in the BLM.

One thing that Love was very clear on was that the US Attorneys office was deeply involved in this operation. Acting US Attorney Myhre attempted to stop this line of questioning, stating that it would cross the line of “confidentiality”.

When attorneys Bret Whipple (who represents Cliven Bundy) and Dan Hill (who represents Ammon Bundy) questioned Love regarding Love’s phone calls with the U.S. Attorneys Office during the standoff, prosecutor Steven Myhre sternly objected. Whipple asked if (then-U. S. Attorney) Daniel Bogden had instructed Love to release the cattle. Myhre objected, claiming the U.S. Attorney had no authority to issue such an instruction. However, Daniel Love stated that the order to surrender and release the cows was given immediately after he spoke to Bogden.

So, was the DOJ, under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, engaged in entrapment or were they not?

We know they were involved in the Oregon Malheur Refuge protest and the governor of Oregon was involved and directed like a good little useful idiot by the White House.  We have the emails and texts to confirm her involvement in the arrests and shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

However, the question remains, did the DOJ, under Obama, engage in entrapment of the Bundys and their supporters?

Did Steven Myhre become an accomplice to this crime by prosecuting the men in the Bundy Ranch trials?

And was Daniel P. Love, a person who has been found to be morally and ethically challenged, played as a pawn by the DC government under Obama, used to engage in this criminal prosecution of innocent men to protect the unconstitutional land grabs of the central government in violation of the US Constitution?

BLM communications director Toni Suminski  is set to take the stand, a man who was apparently engaged in shredding documents that would point to criminal activity of the BLM and the DC government.

Late Thursday I filed a lawsuit against against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray in their official capacities, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Inspector General (IG) over their failure to conduct an investigation into the bad faith and gross prosecutorial abuse by federal prosecutors and the destruction and hiding of material exculpatory evidence by the DOJ, FBI and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the ongoing criminal prosecution of Cliven Bundy and his sons Ryan and Ammon. The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Case No. 1:17-cv-02429). Today, I will be filing a motion to have the case heard on an emergency basis. You can go to for updates.

Opening arguments in this criminal prosecution of the Bundys are scheduled to begin this Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in the Las Vegas federal courtroom of Chief Judge Gloria Navarro.

The complaint details how the the U.S. attorney for the District of Nevada – Obama Deep State holdovers who should have been removed by now by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – working in concert with the FBI and BLM under the Obama administration, systematically violated the constitutional rights of Cliven Bundy and the other defendants in the criminal prosecution, denying them due process, equal protection and other rights under the Constitution and the law in general. Key exculpatory evidence proving Cliven’s innocence in engaging in what the Obama Justice Department called a conspiracy to threaten federal agents was shredded; material FBI 302 investigative reports were not disclosed and hidden; and the existence of three surveillance cameras showing that the Bundys surrounded government snipers positioned to possibly kill the family as they were at home were kept from defense lawyers for years. In short, the Obama Justice Department, along with its corrupt FBI then run by, you guessed it, Director James Comey, hid and/or destroyed material evidence until this obstruction of justice was discovered mostly by accident during an evidentiary hearing in the criminal prosecution just the last week.

Having learned of this criminal conduct by our own federal government under Obama on the eve of trial severely prejudices Cliven’s and his sons’ rights to a fair trial – as much of this evidence has yet to be produced. Defense counsel are now on the eve of trial and still do not hold “all the cards” necessary to wage a full and vigorous defense. Already, the trial judge – handpicked by the corrupt former senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, and nominated by President Obama – has done all she can do to try to insure the Bundys’ conviction. She has overridden Cliven’s and his sons’ speedy-trial rights – the case is now nearly 2 years old – denied Cliven right to have the counsel of his choice defend him, threatened witnesses that if they testified for the defense they, too, could be indicted (this included Cliven’s wife, Carol) and allowed the prosecution to bring in highly prejudicial evidence in earlier related trials and now this upcoming one, all the while banning defendants from arguing that they defended themselves from government tyranny as permitted by the Second Amendment and the Constitution. And, these are just a few of the judicial outrages.

These legal manipulations are designed to give the Obama Deep State prosecutors all they want in their leftist “jihad” to bury Cliven and his sons in federal prison for the rest of their lives. For these leftist and compromised prosecutors, and those that put them in power during the Obama administration, believe that an American citizen should never be permitted to defend his God-given constitutional rights! To the contrary, the sovereign must rule supreme, and there is no right to even question government conduct, much less to actually exercise the constitutional rights accorded to We the People by our Founding Fathers. For if this criminal prosecution had been brought by King George III in the years leading up to our American Revolution, the king’s judge and his prosecutors sitting on and before the bar of the Court of Saint James would have acted similarly.

Many months earlier I had reached out to new Attorney General Sessions to review this gross misconduct, but he took no action. Instead later, after my many attempts to meet with him following a telephone conversation with him in which he committed to review the case, he told the media during a press conference he held at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas, “I am not taking sides.” What lack of courage if not cowardice by our nation’s chief law enforcement officer! As a result, on behalf of Cliven Bundy, I filed a complaint before OPR and IG, which are authorized by the DOJ to conduct ethics and other investigations into misconduct by DOJ prosecutors and others employed by DOJ, which includes the FBI.

However, despite my making numerous inquiries into the existence and status of a bona fide investigation, I received no response, prompting me to file suit to force action by the defendants. The lawsuit asks the federal judge in D.C. to order an emergency investigation and once the bad faith and gross prosecutorial abuse are confirmed, order AG Sessions to withdraw the charges against Cliven Bundy and dismiss the criminal prosecution.

Bundy, his sons and their fellow defendants have been illegally held without bail in federal prisons in Nevada for over a year and nine months, and its time that justice be done. This political prosecution vindictively commenced by the Obama DOJ, at the urging of former Sen. Harry Reid who defamed Cliven Bundy and his family as “domestic terrorists,” is a gross abuse of our legal system and must end now! Sessions must now have the courage to do the right thing, but if he continues to bury his head in the sand as a result of his own problems in the Russian collusion investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and before Congress, the court must order him to take appropriate action, I announced after we filed suit.

Please go to to learn more about this case and to support Cliven, because today it is him, but tomorrow it could be you and your loved ones who fall victim to government and judicial tyranny.

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