SMOKING GUN Dems Panic: 400 + Pages of Lynch-Clinton Meeting Emails Released By DOJ, Comey Said Were NONE


DOJ releases 400+ pages of Lynch-Clinton emails – after Comey’s FBI said they didn’t exist

Aug 6, 2017 By Zenny Phuong

Aug 7, 2017 by Katie Pavlich

( – The Department of Justice on Friday released 413 pages of emails related to a controversial private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the FBI’s investigation into then-presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails. The FBI said earlier such records did not exist.

This discharge of information is the result of a lawsuit filed against the DOJ by the American Council for Law and Justice (ACLJ) in November 2016.

The newly-released emails mostly include DOJ officials’ conversations with reporters, who were seeking comment on the meeting between Lynch and the former president on an airport tarmac in Phoenix, Ariz. in June 2016.

The encounter raised concerns about the impartiality of the DOJ’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton episode, and became a significant issue in the presidential campaign.

The ACLJ notes that under the leadership of then-Director James Comey the FBI had originally denied the existence of such records.

“No records responsive to your request were located,” FBI Chief of Record/Information David Hardy wrote a letter responding to ACLJ’s Freedom of Information Act request.

“For your information, Congress excluded three discrete categories of law enforcement and national security records from the requirements of the FOIA.”

(Exemptions may apply in cases of classified information relating to foreign policy or national defense, trade secrets, and personnel and medical files.)

ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow told that what triggered the lawsuit was the “definitive” answer from the FBI without any requests for an extension, along with silence from the DOJ, the second recipient of the FOIA request.

“This issue only stood out to us at the time that they made the declaration [that the records did not exist], now we know that declaration was wrong,” Sekulow said. “The Comey FBI lied to us.”

Sekulow said he does not believe the discrepancy was due to negligence or an overwhelming workload at the FBI, arguing that if it had been the case, the agency “would not have been responsive at all.”

“This is in direct contravention to the law, and we are preparing further legal action to force the FBI to come clean and turn over all documents related to this matter to us in a timely manner,” he said.

The released emails include several exchanges between FBI media official Richard Quinn and DOJ’s Office of Public Affairs Director Melanie Newman.

One of those emails, sent by Newman under the subject line “FLAG”, said she wanted to “flag a story that is gaining some traction” about the “casual, unscheduled meeting” between Lynch and President Clinton.

She instructed Quinn to “let me know if you get any questions about this.”

Newman in the email also provide Quinn with some talking points. Although they are supposedly public statements – and separate emails indicate that they had been sent to reporters of major media outlets – the talking points, as well as many other parts of the release, were redacted.

An email sent by Newman to another staff member on July 1, titled “FBI just called,” shows that the agency was “asking for guidance” in responding to media questions about reports stating FBI agents had ordered ‘No photos, no picture, no cell phones’ at the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

The conversation then continued via phone calls. One hour later, Carolyn Pokomy from the Office of the Attorney General said in an email reply, “I will let Rybicki know.” Jim Rybicki was then the FBI’s chief of staff and senior counselor to Comey.

The information she sent to Rybicki was also redacted.

Sekulow said the ACLJ will continue to press for access to these redacted sections in the email chains and other types of documents in its original FOIA request.

“What are included in this release are only email exchanges,” he said. “There hasn’t been any paperwork or any other documents.”

The types of record requested in the FOIA filed by ACLJ last July are those regarding:

–names of DOJ officials involved in meeting-related discussions or decisions;

–meeting-related discussions or decision;

–communications received from Bill Clinton or regarding his presence;

–any discussions of Bill Clinton;

–discussion of ethics rules or professional codes of conduct governing attorneys; and

–discussion of or decisions on response to press.

Documents Show DOJ Was in Panic Mode After Loretta Lynch’s Secret Meeting With Bill Clinton Was Exposed

Aug 7, 2017  by Katie Pavlich

When former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton were busted secretly meeting aboard Lynch’s private plane last summer by a local television reporter, a number of government watchdog groups filed lawsuits for documents surrounding the meeting. After all the FBI, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, was actively investigating Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information at the time. In response to information requests, the FBI and DOJ said documents didn’t exist. 

Fast forward more than a year and it turns out hundreds of documents related to the meeting do exist and show the Department was in a panic over how to respond to inquiries about why the meeting took place. Public affairs was bombarded with questions about the meeting and repeatedly referred to Lynch’s comments on the matter without offering further explanation. At least one reporter from the Washington Post expressed interested in putting the story to “rest,” even though editors were interested in more.


Unfortunately the talking points used to defend the meeting have been fully redacted, even with Attorney General Jeff Sessions in charge.

Lynch maintains she only discussed grandchildren and golf with President Clinton during their 30-minute long meeting. As a reminder, just days after the meeting took place, former FBI Director James Comey announced Hillary Clinton would not be referred for charges because prosecutors at the Department of Justice were highly unlikely to take on the case.

Loretta Lynch’s Secret Identity Exposed – This Is Criminal

AUGUST 6, 2017 12:50 PM

(Christian News Alerts) – Amidst all of the hoopla over President Donald Trump and his supposed corruption, the mainstream media has underplayed the various conspiracies and shady dealings of the Obama administration — relentlessly.

According to Gateway Pundit, Internet mogul, Kim Dotcom, released information revealing that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used an alias in order to write, and respond to, hundreds of internal emails. One of the emails even shows that Lynch hid her identity from Justice Department officials.

Lynch’s code name was Elizabeth Carlisle.

Kim Dotcom’s reports not only show that the emails were forwarded to Lynch’s Elizabeth Carlisle account, but that a Twitter account bearing the name Elizabeth Carlisle regularly posted anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton articles.

The use of aliases seems to have been common in the Obama White House. Lynch’s predecessor, Attorney General Eric Holder, used a grand total of three aliases during his tenure.

While using fake news is not a crime in and of itself, it does set off alarms when one considers the various malpractices, and possible violations, that Lynch currently stands accused of.

During the 2016 election, while still the acting AG, Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton in a private meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, Hillary Clinton was under federal investigation because she used a private email server to trade classified information back and forth on unsecured networks.

Amazingly, this meeting was first reported by a local Arizona reporter, and not by the mainstream media. Recently, leaked emails showed that both the Washington Post and New York Times were initially hesitant to cover the story.

Former FBI Director, James Comey, testified that AG Lynch requested the FBI refer to their Clinton investigation as a “matter.” This was an attempt to minimize the damage that could befall Clinton’s campaign. Lynch’s clandestine meeting with Clinton has more than a passing whiff of collusion.

Last week, Congressional Republicans moved against both Lynch and Comey, by requesting that Congress establish a second special counsel tasked with investigating the possible crimes and misdemeanors of Obama officials in 2016. The items up for investigation not only include Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton and her possible obstruction of the FBI’s case against Hillary Clinton, but also the fact that Clinton was given a pass by the FBI, despite the fact that Comey admitted that she broke the law.

Other possible investigations are shedding light onto how much the Ukrainian government participated in the Clinton campaign. Similarly, we’re gaining insight into former National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s espionage campaign against President Trump and his team. The possibility that “opposition research” firm, Fusion GPS, “set-up” Donald Trump, Jr., and others — thus entrapping them, is very real.

Washington Republicans certainly have a lot of material to work with. Their efforts will undoubtedly be encouraged by the White House. The only possible issue is that special counsel Mueller will race ahead with his Russian investigation, thanks to wall-to-wall coverage by the mainstream media. There’s a real possibility that a second special counsel will get drowned out.

The question remains: why did Lynch feel the need to use a code name? Is there something she is hiding?

House Judiciary Calls for Investigation of Clinton, Comey, Lynch

Aug 3, 2017


emp congress


In a breaking story, the House Judiciary has called for an immediate investigation into Clinton, Comey and Lynch. It’s about time.  Here is the story.



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