VIDEO New Large Batch Of Hillary-Huma Emails



Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has released a “motherlode” of documents Tuesday from the U.S. Department of State, pertaining to the period when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

The massive dump of 1,606 pages of documents was the result of a lawsuit Judicial Watch filed against the State Department on May 5, 2015, after the department failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request. A federal court order later mandated that the State Department start turning over the documents, at a minimum of 400 pages per month.

Judicial Watch had specifically requested: “All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009, through February 1, 2013, using a non-‘’ email address.”

Hillary Clinton had testified that “as far as she knew,” all her government-related emails had been turned over to the State Department. However, among the documents received are 91 additional Clinton email exchanges that had not previously been turned over to the State Department by Clinton – bringing the total to at least 530 known emails that had “slipped through the cracks.”

Included in the documents are emails from Abedin that came from an unsecured, non-government account.

The documents prove repeated instances of passing classified information through unsecured methods, including many times when donors to the Clinton Foundation received special favors from Clinton’s State Department.

In some of the documents, Clinton or her staff showed an interest in visiting Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

Additional examples include:

  • March 12, 2009 – Sid Blumenthal, former aid to Bill Clinton, sent Hillary Clinton a memo about Northern Ireland that was classified.
  • January 22, 2010 – Deputy Chief of Staff Jack Sullivan sent an email containing classified information about a phone call to the Chinese Foreign Minister.
  • Warren Buffet’s grandson, Howard Buffett Jr., sent an email asking for a meeting between his father and Hillary Clinton, to discuss “food security.” The Buffet family are huge donors to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. Abedin promises, “We will take care of this.”
  • April 12, 2009 – A $1 million donor to the Clinton Library and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, Puerto Rican Miguel Lausell, put in a request to Abedin through Doub Band of the Clinton Foundation, asking for a certain person to be appointed as U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic. The message was passed on to Clinton’s assistant with the order to “make sure there is a response.”
  • April 3, 2009 – Kelly Craighead, then director of left-wing fundraising group Democracy Alliance, emailed Abedin asking for an “extremely loyal supporter” to be granted a position at the State Department. The response came back that the person “was on everyone’s list/grid.”
  • April 2010 – Craighead sent Abedin another request asking for a “dear friend” to be given a job at the State Department. Abedin replied, “Looking into this asap.”

Judicial Watch provided further examples, shared below:

At least one senior State Department official refused to send a classified document to Abedin’s account. Joseph E. MacManus, then-executive assistant to the secretary, told Abedin that a draft outline paper of Richard Holbrooke’s goals for a Pakistan trip “is classified so it cannot go by blackberry email.” As a result, MacManus sent the document through classified channels. Clinton signed the document and gave it to her communications people to transmit. But the communications team, wanting to send it by secure channels, waited till the following day to send it. That delay caused Cheryl Mills to inquire about the delay, which produced an abject apology by State Department official Daniel Smith to Mills: “I’m very sorry about what happened and that we all let the Secretary down.”

On April 16, 2009, Clinton aide Lona Valmoro asked Abedin if Clinton wanted to skip a meeting on “cyber security” in favor of a meeting on “Global Philanthropy.” Valmoro adds: “Jen said that Rice [presumably Condoleezza] rarely went to these, FYI.”

On April 23, 2010, Abedin tried to set up a secure call for Clinton with Dennis [last name unknown], but it didn’t connect, and Clinton said, “We’ve now tried twice to go secure and lost both calls.” After Abedin tells her she had tested the secure line, Clinton says “We finally gave up and talked in code nonsecure.”

Billionaire J.B. Pritzker emailed Band on March 21, 2009, asking him to forward the email to Clinton “via a non-govt email account.” The email, addressed to Abedin, references President Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu and Clinton’s speech the next day at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference and warns that there is “lots of deep concern at Obama (even all the Dems here) … I know it seems obvious, but during the presentation tomorrow I suggest focusing on Iran, Iran, and Iran.” Pritzker attaches an article by Lloyd Grove entitled “Jewish Anger: Will There Be Historic Break from the Dems?” Band forwards the email to Abedin without comment.

The same night Abedin emailed Clinton, saying, “pir [Philippe Reines] mentioned that if you plan to call potus tonite or tomorrow, he wants to leak it.”

On February 12, 2010, Abedin emailed Cooper, who helped administer Clinton’s non-government email server, about a fax she sent for Clinton with information about upcoming foreign dignitary calls. Cooper replies, “K. I can just print it.” Abedin responds, “Cool. Thank you.” Cooper then says, “Still waitin on secure.” Further on in the exchange, Abedin says, “Sending now.” It appears that Cooper, who was not a State Department employee and did not possess a security clearance, according to the Washington Examiner, was helping troubleshoot a secure fax machine used to transmit government documents to the Secretary of State.

In a follow up email, Abedin tells Cooper “I HATE SECURE FAXES.” Cooper responds, “Its coming in. I cld redesign system in 5 min prob.” Abedin replies, “Uh yeah. You have no idea.”

On April 16, 2009, State Department staffer Jennifer Davis sent a document prepared for Clinton by National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to Clinton’s and Abedin’s BlackBerries. Abedin was unable to read the PDF file on her BlackBerry due to the fine print so diplomat Lewis Lukens asked Davis to send the document to two other State Department officials, Paul and Courtney. Davis replies, “Already sent to Paul (on low-side) [unsecure] … Will send to plane now (on highside) for Paul and Courtney.”

In a March 20, 2009, advisory email to Clinton, retired General Jack Keane advised her that to conquer the Afghan insurgency, the then-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan, was “not the leader to get us there.” He concluded his message with “Please keep these scribblings for your eyes only.”

On a number of occasions Hillary Clinton’s daily schedule was shared with the Clinton Foundation.

On February 9, 2010, Valmoro forwarded Clinton’s sensitive daily schedule for February 10, 2010, to Clinton Foundation officials. On Feb. 22, 2010, Valmoro forwarded Hillary Clinton’s daily schedule for February 23, 2010, to foundation officials, including Band, Cooper, and Terry Krinvic. On April 4, 2010, Valmoro forwarded the daily schedule for April 5 to foundation officials. And on May 18, 2010, Valmoro again forwarded the schedule for May 19, 2010, to foundation employees.

Two emails show Secretary Clinton or her staff expressing an interest in visiting two brutal dictators.

On April 18, 2009, Abedin told Senior Advisor Philippe Reines that Clinton had “an encounter” with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who “complimented wjc [Bill Clinton], said he hoped she would come to venezuela, she said she hoped so too.” Reines expressed concern, saying “Was the encounter on camera or widely seen?” Abedin responds: “Seen by a dozen people. A photog came in and took a photo at the end.” Reines replies, “Who went up to whom?”

Veteran diplomat Wendy Sherman sent a message to State officials on February 6, 2009, advising them to send a message to North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il that Hillary Clinton “looks forward to the day when enough progress is made that she can come to NK as well.”

The emails reveal more instances of Tony Rodham seeking to leverage his influence as Clinton’s brother.

On January 29, 2010, Confidential Assistant Monica Hanley forwarded to Abedin a request from Tony Rodham, on three issues. One involved help on a “green card renewal,” another involved a visit by someone of which Abedin said they “wanted to regret,” and a third involved a job for someone whose CV Rodham forwarded to State. It appears that Tony Rodham was seeking to help someone caught up in a criminal case involving Micheil Saakashvili, the then president of the Republic of Georgia. The Rodham friend was having difficulty getting a green card due to his arrest, which he said was political retribution by Saakashvili. Abedin told Hanley to tell him the request “has been passed to DHS.”

On March 18, 2010, Rodham sent Hanley the resume of someone looking for a job. Monica passed to Abedin, asking: “Do you want me to call [Redacted] or pass along to WHL [White House Liaison]?” Abedin replies: “Call and find out interests.”

Other emails reveal details of the inner workings of Clinton’s State Department.

On Apr. 17, 2009, Abedin tells colleagues Valmoro, Andrew Shapiro, Philippe Reines, Mills and Jake Sullivan in an email with the subject line “Aipac” that, “Calls from our friends in the jewish community are now getting ugly. I don’t understand who’s taking charge here.” The reference is likely to a book that had just been released called The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth that disclosed that the NSA had intercepted former Rep. Jane Harman on the phone about her efforts to intervene with the Bush Administration on behalf of two AIPAC officials being investigated for espionage.

On September 11, 2010, Blumenthal forwarded an article/audio clip from Think Progress about a Republican congressman arguing that they should force a government shutdown if necessary to cut the “gangrene” out of government. Blumenthal advised Clinton that the White House “should use this on all the Sunday shows” and “Name Boehner. Force Boehner out.”

On February 26, 2010, noting the absence of Mills and Bill Burns, Clinton tells Abedin that “the whole point” of a photo shoot that day “is to show a team that is diverse in every way. That won’t happen and I am worried about that.”

On November 14, 2011, Abedin tells Clinton she’s going to have to stay at a “horrible Sheraton,” where President Obama would be staying, and asks if she’s open to another hotel. Clinton responds that “it would be hard not to be in same hotel as POTUS so try to get best option there.”

On November 30, 2011, Abedin tells Clinton she’ll have to stay at a “second tier hotel” in Burma because “the nice hotel owner was problematic.” The “second tier hotel” room is a suite with “a room nearby large enough to accommodate more people.”

“Pay to play, classified information mishandling, influence peddling, cover ups – these new emails show why the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s conduct must be resumed,” stated Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “The Trump Justice Department and FBI need to reassure the American people they have finally stopped providing political protection to Hillary Clinton.”


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