VIDEO ‘I Accepted Christ’: First Look At New Movie On Steve McQueen’s Journey To Jesus

Steve McQueen

July 30, 2017 By Efram Graham

There is a new chapter in the salvation story of Hollywood icon Steve McQueen and CBN News has an exclusive first look.

Pastor Leonard DeWitt is the man who led “the king of cool” to Christ, just months before McQueen lost battle with cancer.

DeWitt shares the story in a new documentary produced by Pastor Greg Laurie.


“And every Sunday, we went to church. I think that was just Steve’s way. He wanted to make sure he had all of his questions answered,” DeWitt explains.

“I said, ‘Each one of us is different. But God has a tailor-made plan for each of us,’” DeWitt recalled. “And he grinned and said, ‘You want to know if I am born again, don’t you?’ And then he said, ‘Remember the Sunday that you invited people that wanted to receive Christ. When you gave that invitation, he said that is when I accepted Christ.’”

“Steve McQueen: American Icon” hits theaters September 28th.

Report via CBN


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  2. My Lord. I heard Pastor Laurie talk of this a few months ago and have waited and wanted to hear more. I can’t wait to see this and will share this . Next we need to pray for Clint Eastwood as his days draw shorter.

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    I never knew this about Steve McQueen even though he was one of my favorite actors. Thanks for the info.


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