VIDEO Why the Left Protects Islam – Difference Between Islam & Christianity

July 27, 2017 by Ben Shapiro


Richard Dawkins is no friend to conservatives. The atheist author has spent much of his life deriding Judaism and Christianity. He once stated, “An atheist is just somebody who feels about Yahweh the way any decent Christian feels about Thor or Baal or the golden calf.” Dawkins says that even moderate religious people “make the world safe for extremists.” He’s far to the left on politics: He’s pro-abortion rights, and a supporter of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats in Britain.

But he’s also smart enough to recognize that radical Islam is a greater threat to human life than Christianity or Judaism. He explains: “I have criticised the appalling misogyny and homophobia of Islam, I have criticised the murdering of apostates for no crime other than their disbelief. … Muslims themselves are the prime victims of the oppressive cruelties of Islamism.”

Such language makes him a pariah among leftists.

This week, Dawkins was scheduled to speak at an event with KPFA radio in Berkeley, California. All went swimmingly — until leftists realized that Dawkins had said some untoward things about Islam. The station then canceled the event, citing his “abusive speech.” It explained: “We had booked this event based entirely on his excellent new book on science, when we didn’t know he had offended and hurt — in his tweets and other comments on Islam, so many people. KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech.”

This is no shock. The same left that barred Dawkins from his Berkeley event cheered this week while Palestinian Arabs rioted over metal detectors at the Temple Mount. Those leftists proclaim that the true obstacle to peace in the Middle East isn’t Palestinian Arab violence — it isn’t Palestinians who stab Israeli Druz officers on the Temple Mount; or the Palestinians who invade homes and slaughter old men and women; or the Palestinians in government who cheer, honor and financially support such behavior. No, the problem is the Jews.

The same left that blames metal detectors for murderous assaults and Richard Dawkins for offending Islam makes excuses for radical Muslim and Women’s March on Washington organizer Linda Sarsour, who has called for certain apostate Muslims to have their genitals removed, says that Zionists cannot be feminists and stands up for terrorists and terror supporters.

Why does the left seek to support radical Islam so ardently? Because the left believes that the quickest way to destroy Western civilization is no longer class warfare but multicultural warfare: Simply ally with groups that hate the prevailing system and work with them to take it down. Then, the left will build on the ashes of the old system. In this view, Dawkins is an opponent — how can the left recruit Muslims to fight the system if Dawkins is busy alienating them? They support the Palestinian terror regime — how can that colonialist outpost, Israel, be defeated without a little blood? They applaud Sarsour — she’s an ally, so she must be backed.

Alliance with nefarious forces calls your own morality into question. KPFA has a lot more to answer for than Dawkins. But the left will never have to answer such questions so long as it focuses in on its common enemy: a supposedly conservative establishment that must be fought with any tool at its disposal.

Difference Between Islam & Christianity


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11 Responses to VIDEO Why the Left Protects Islam – Difference Between Islam & Christianity

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  2. Richard Dawkins: Islam is Baal worship. They proudly display a Baal symbol on their flag. The sayings in Islam are not like the sayings in Christianity or Japanese writings or the writings in Sikhism or in Chinese sayings or in east Indian or American Indian sayings. Islam is defiled at its very foundation. Muslims use the word offended trying to be one of Christs little ones failing. Jesus did not teach us to be offended being a spoiled brat. The Israelites are not the problem. Perizzites, Hivites, Hittites, Jebusites, Moabites, Edomites, Philistines Girgashites Canaanites and people of Jericho were the enemy of Israel. God wiped them from existence. God will wipe whoever from existence that is against Israel. The Muslim will take the left down too. Muslims are not thankful thus do not pray without ceasing. Muslims have fake sodomistic prayer.


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    Why does the left support Islam – plain and simple? Because Obama governed the country under Sharia Law and not the Constitution. He is the first person that AG Sessions should go after. And if he is to scared like the Congressmen and Senators were to stop Obama then we need another new AG. The President’s officials cannot let these people go unpunished – they were lawless and did not follow the Constitution – how much proof do THEY need.

    Obama’s government was FULL of the Muslim Brotherhood and still is. The President must drain the swamp and start over with people who are dedicated to the Constitution.

    Brennan and Clapper are guilty as sin and have to be made an example of so this won’t happen again

    AG Sessions stated yesterday that he was not doing his job – AND I AGREE WITH THAT. SO GET BUSY or if the job is to big – GET SOME HELP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. Quit being a stumbling block or is that the purpose of your exercise?



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