VIDEO Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros – See Through Wall – USA Border Patrol Energized

Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros

Hungarian government poster portraying financier George Soros and saying "Don't let George Soros have the last laugh" is seen at an underground stop in Budapest, Hungary July 11, 2017. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

July 17, 2017 by JACOB BOJESSON


After a two-year battle to keep migrants out of the country, Hungary has directed its full attention toward one of its own: billionaire investor George Soros.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrapped up a six-week anti-Soros campaign Saturday. The streets of Budapest have been filled with posters and billboards of the Hungarian-born billionaire with the caption “Don’t let Soros get the last laugh!”

The campaign follows a series of moves to halt Soros’ operations in the country. The government argues that Soros is pushing for a one million migrant influx to Europe per year. It is now trying to impose legislation that would force NGOs in the country to reveal where their funding originates and the purpose for which the money was received.

“In Hungarian public life there is a single important element which is not transparent: Soros’s mafia-style network and its agent organizations,” Orban’s spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is why the government insisted that [the] parliament decide on making these organizations transparent, as the Hungarian people have the right to know who represents what and for what purpose.”

The frosty relationship between Orban and Soros reached an all-time low after Hungary passed education reforms in March that could threaten the future of the Soros-funded Central European University in Budapest. Soros lashed out atOrban, describing his “mafia state” as “one which maintains a facade of democracy.”

Orban further launched a “national consultation” series in April to ask eligible voters for advise on how to tackle a number of issues the government perceives to be external threats. The prime minister vowed to “stop Soros” from “executing his grand plan and his grand business project” at the consultation’s closing event in June.

“One of the elements of George Soros’s plan is for one million migrants to be brought into Europe every year,” Kovacs told TheDCNF. “The second element in the billionaire’s plan would be a European asylum authority, which would seize powers in this area from the authorities of the member states.”

Kovacs claims around 99 percent of the 1,682,033 people who took part in the consultation backed the government’s stance.

The poster campaign that followed raised some eyebrows for the portrayal of a smiling Soros with the text “Don’t let Soros get the last laugh!” Soros, a Jew, claims the posters deliberately played off Nazi attacks against the “laughing Jew.”

“I am distressed by the current Hungarian regime’s use of anti-Semitic imagery as part of its deliberate disinformation campaign,” Soros said in a statement. “Equally, I am heartened that together with countless fellow citizens the leadership of the Hungarian Jewish community has spoken out against the campaign.”

Kovacs firmly rejects that the government in any way had anti-Semitic motives behind the campaign.

“The campaign you are referring to seeks to draw attention to the threat which George Soros represents on the issue of immigration – namely his standpoint that the borders of Europe must open up to immigrants,” Kovacs told TheDCNF. “We would like to emphasize, however, that the poster campaign has nothing to do with Mr. Soros’s religious affiliation – if indeed he has any.”

The government regards the issue of illegal immigration to be “a matter of national security” and will therefore mobilize “the political and legal power” in its efforts against Soros, according to Kovacs.

“The Hungarian standpoint is that illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security,” Kovacs told TheDCNF. “We shall mobilize the political and legal power of the Hungarian state against anyone who undermines the security of Hungary – regardless of their origins, religious affiliation or wealth.”

Michael Vachon, a spokesman for Soros, described Orban’s accusations as “fantasy” in a statement emailed to TheDCNF.

“Soros’s position is entirely consistent with mainstream European values,” Vachon said. “The Hungarian regime’s xenophobia and demonization of refugees are anti-European. The claim that Soros is promoting a scheme to import a million illegal immigrants into Europe is Victor Orban’s fantasy.”

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Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros


Agents once again enforcing border security after catastrophic Obama era

Border Patrol Energized Like Never Before, Says Union President

July 17, 2017 by Dan Lyman


The US Border Patrol is energized like never before, after enduring eight years of the Obama administration’s open borders policies, according to Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Judd expressed appreciation on behalf of his union for being re-empowered to do their jobs properly by the Trump administration.

“During the Obama administration, I know a lot of you and your officers felt hamstrung, couldn’t really do your job – what about now?” asked host Steve Doocy.

“There’s a vibe, there’s an energy in the Border Patrol that’s never been there before,” responded Judd. “In 20 years that I’ve been in the Patrol, we haven’t seen this type of energy.”

“We’re excited because we signed up to do a job, and this President is allowing us to do that job.”

When asked by Doocy if he felt that Trump could overcome RINO obstructionists in Congress and fulfill the critical campaign promise of building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, Judd replied, “You’ve got to appreciate the President. He knows the buttons to push, and he’s pushing the right buttons – and I think it’s going to get done.”

Asked to discuss the dramatic decrease in illegal border crossings over the past 6 months, Judd gave much of the credit to the Trump administration’s enforcement of existing laws that were sidelined by Obama.

“The President has done a great job of actually enforcing the laws, something we didn’t see in the last eight years,” responded Judd. “If we continue to do that, a clear message will be sent throughout the world that if you cross our borders illegally, you will be detained and you will be sent back.”

“We’ve had a drop [in illegal crossings] that we’ve never seen before with any president, and so if you’re in the left, right or middle, you have to say this President has done exactly what he promised to do, and we do have border security like we expect to see.”

The National Border Patrol Council made their first-ever presidential endorsement during the 2016 race, issuing a strongly-worded statementcondemning the status quo while throwing the weight of over 16,500 agents behind candidate Trump.

“We need a person in the White House who doesn’t fear the media, who doesn’t embrace political correctness, who doesn’t need the money, who is familiar with success, who won’t bow to foreign dictators, who is pro-military and values law enforcement, and who is angry for America and NOT subservient to the interests of other nations,” wrote the NBPC. “Donald Trump is such a man.”

It should be noted that in May, Judd said that while the policy of ‘catch-and-release’ has diminished, it was still being practiced by ICE at the time, but he did not specify whether those actions were being conducted in defiance of President Trump and the DOJ, or not, and his most recent comments indicate that the practice may have abated completely.

“For those that continue to seek improper and illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era,” announcedAttorney General Jeff Sessions in an April press conference at the US-Mexico border. “The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our laws, and the catch and release policies of the past are over.”

Infowars reported this weekend on developments regarding Trump’s border wall and an initial segment being prepared on federal land in South Texas.

Anonymous federal officials closely associated with the project confirm that discreet planning has been in-progress for over six months, and construction could commence in January of 2018 on a nearly three mile stretch of barrier that would run through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge near McAllen, Texas, which was a hotbed of illegal crossings during the Obama administration.

Prototypes for the “big, beautiful wall” are set to be completed for consideration by the end of September in San Diego, acting deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Ronald Vitiello, said in a press conference in June.

Dan Lyman: Facebook | Twitter

Trump Discusses a Border Wall Topped With Solar Panels and With See-through Openings

July 17, 2017  by  

Trump Discusses a Border Wall Topped With Solar Panels and With See-through Openings

Speaking with members of the press aboard Air Force One on July 13, President Trump shared some of his ideas for the construction of the wall along the Mexican border — a proposal that had been a major part of his 2016 presidential campaign.

Among the ideas he discussed was having openings in the wall so that border agents on the U.S. side of the wall could see what was immediately on the other side.

“One of the things with the wall is you need transparency. You have to be able to see through it,” said the president. “So it could be a steel wall with openings, but you have to have openings because you have to see what’s on the other side of the wall.”

Trump went on to explain his reasons for being able to see though the wall:

“As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don’t see them — they hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It’s over. As crazy as that sounds, you need transparency through that wall.”

“We have some incredible designs,” Trump added.

Another idea Trump discussed was the concept of placing solar panels atop the wall — an idea that some observers at first thought was meant as a joke. However, he made it clear that his proposal was a serious one. “No, not joking, no. There is a chance that we can do a solar wall,” Trump said. “We have major companies looking at that. Look, there’s no better place for solar than the Mexico border — the southern border. And there is a very good chance we can do a solar wall, which would actually look good.”

An article in the Washington Post on June 27 cited statements made by Ronald Vitiello, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s acting deputy commissioner, that his agency plans to select four to eight firms in the coming weeks to build the prototypes for the president much-discussed border wall. The Post reported that the prototypes — including a reinforced concrete barrier wall and another made of an alternative material with see-through capability — will be built in San Diego.

The report cited a statement made by Trump the prior week that his wall would pay for itself if it were made of solar panels. “This way, Mexico will have to pay much less money,” Trump said during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “A solar wall. It makes sense. Let’s see. We are working it out. Solar wall panels.” The reference to Mexico paying less money addressed the president’s continuous statements that he would make Mexico pay for the wall.

But does a “solar wall” make sense, as President Trump claims?

An article in Business Insider on July 13 claimed that a solar border wall would generate approximately 7.28 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity each day (2,657.2 GWh per year) and power 220,000 average-size homes annually, according to one solar installation firm. Other estimates reach as high as 8,431 GWh annually, said the report. The dollar value of this electrical generation would be approximately $106 million per year. The article named the Oregon-based solar installation firm Elemental Energy as the source of the estimates regarding the electrical generating potential of a solar border wall. Elemental’s co-owner, John Grieser, who produced these estimates, told Business Insider: “I don’t support a wall, but if it has to be built, and it’s completely out of my control and influence, then we might as well put some solar panels on it.”

However, such claims notwithstanding, if large-scale solar power generation made good economic sense, then there should be more solar-generation plants being built — without government assistance!

An obvous drawback with solar power is that the power can only be generated when the sun is out. But there is another problem, which has to do with the amount of energy reaching the Earth from the sun for any given area. As energy expert Ed Hiserodt explained in a 2010 article for The New American: “The peak insolation (solar energy striking a surface — in this case, Earth) used for calculating peak power outputs from solar power is considered to be 1,000 watts per square meter. (This number represents a theoretical insolation; it cannot actually be found on Earth.) From this we see it takes about 1,000 square meters (10,000 square feet) of mirrors to produce one megawatt of electrical energy. A 100 MW solar power plant (one-tenth the capacity of a typical nuclear plant) using mirrors that are 10-feet ‘tall’ would then require 100,000 linear feet of parabolic trough — just shy of 19 miles.” Becuase of the drawbacks, it is not surprising solar-power advocates would also support government subsidies of the projects — including, in this case, converting a border wall into a border solar wall.

Photo of President Trump: AP Images 

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