VIDEO Muslin Martyr Point Of View


July 3, 2017

332                                                          Name: Muhammad Ebrahim Hemmat

Born: April 2, 1955 Shahreza (Isfahan)-Iran

Martyrdom: March 14, 1984 Majnoon Island-Iraq (age 28)

It’s 10:10 of night in 1981/01/09 I write few sentences for my will:

Every night they take a star down to the Earth and again the sad sky is full of stars tonight. Dear mother, you know how much I love you and you are aware of the great love of your son for martyrdom and all martyrs. Mother, stabled ignorance in society leads people to deprivation and vicious governments complete this ignorance. It may take centuries that someone from a pure progeny is born to be able to lead a confounded and isolated society and Imam (Khomeini) is the appearance of the passengers of leadership, courage and martyrdom path. Dear mother, do you remember the time that I was able to sacrifice my life for one declaration of Imam Khomeini? His words have always been an inspiration for the swarming spirit of Islam in my heart. If I’ll ever be able to earn the honor of martyrdom, please ask Imam Khomeini to pray for me so maybe God consider this blameworthy self as a martyr in his glorious presence. Dear mother, I have always despised indifferent and compromiser persons and unfortunately there are too many young people who don’t have enough knowledge of Islam and they don’t know what are they living for and what’s their purpose?! I wish they find themselves. On my behalf tell to young people that martyr’s eyes and their sacrificed blood are looking intently at you. Stand and uphold Islam and yourselves. there is no other revolution like our Islamic revolution in the world, nor east or west; but Islam, the Islam that … I wish the nations on pressure of force, money and deception trinity could find themselves and bring arrogance powers down a peg. Dear mother our society just had a revolution and it takes years for it to eradicate tyrant characteristics and behavior from people’s mind but our liberals damaged this revolution so much due to their lack of knowledge and effort toward this revolution, but God is mighty if they don’t find guidance they’ll definitely be punished. Mother and Father; I love this life but not so much that I lose myself in its filth with ignorance. I love living a life like Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) and suffering martyrdom like them. Martyrdom in the figure of Islam always strikes the icon of tyranny, oppression, polytheism and paganism. Look what happened to us! Look how much our society has brought into corruption by colonialism. But there is no other way, they are barriers in front of Islamic revolution so these barriers need to be lifted in order to attain improvement. Dear mother I swear to God I won’t be satisfied with you, if you ever cry for me! Live like Zainab (SA) – sister of Imam Hussain (AS) – and surrender me to God.

Muhammad Ebrahim Hemmat

321   329



“As long as we do all actions for God it doesn’t matter to kill or to be killed in the battlefield because the victory is ours and failure has no meaning”

Muhammad Ebrahim Hemmat

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  1. mobiuswolf says:

    He claims a true understanding of islam. I believe him.

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  3. Brittius says:

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