VIDEO Migrant Rapes Doom Popular Summer Music Fest – 7 X Elites Said Migrants Are Better – Muslim ONLY housing

Migrant Rapes Doom Popular Summer Music Fest

‘It will be ugly and bloody’

July 4, 2017 by Liam Clancy

Bravalla 2017 just concluded June 28-July 1 in Sweden, and organizers say this will be its final year

Bravalla 2017 just concluded June 28-July 1 in Sweden, and organizers say this will be its final year

Sweden’s largest summer music festival is calling it quits, thanks to a wave of sexual violence against women committed by the nation’s growing migrant population.

The four-day event known as the Bråvalla festival has hosted artists such as Kanye West, Robbie Williams and Iron Maiden. But next year’s event already has been canceled after a second straight year of reported sexual assaults.

The Bråvalla festival, held in the small southern Swedish city of Norrkoping, announced the decision after a rape was reported on Friday during a performance by pop singer Håkan Hellström.

Swedish police told local media they also recorded 11 cases of sexual assault at the event, which wrapped up July 1.

The British band Mumford and Sons announced last year it would pull out of the festival pending assurances from authorities they were doing something to combat the problems of sexual violence.

The organizing company, FKP Scorpio, said in a statement Saturday it had attempted to prevent rapes and sexual abuses this year but “some men – because we are talking about men – apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.”

The festival has been held every year since 2013, attracting an audience of around 40,000.

Robert Spencer, author of several best-selling books on Islam and editor of the Jihad Watch blog, told WND that Swedes are in for a rough ride over the next few years. They are reaping what they have sown, allowing in more migrants than any other European country on a per capita basis. Sweden, with a population of less than 10 million, allowed more than 190,000 migrants to enter its borders since 2015. That’s roughly 2 percent of its population, which is simply not sustainable, Spencer said, and there will be severe consequences.

“This is just the beginning for Sweden. Before the entire country descends into chaos and civil war, or quietly submits to Shariah in its entirety, they will be canceling a whole lot more than just this festival,” said Spencer. “This is just a transition phase. The Swedes have no idea what’s coming, which is why they’re not resisting.”

Pamela Geller, an anti-Shariah activist and author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” also believes Sweden is the poster child for Western naivety.

“Sweden has brought this upon itself,” Geller told WND. “The blame for the cancellation of this festival lies with the Swedish authorities who foolishly opened their doors to Muslim migrants who believe that infidel women are theirs for the taking. This is just one sign of what’s to come for Sweden. It will be ugly and bloody.”

Migrant enclaves of Stockholm and Malmo have already experienced periodic bouts of rioting over the last five years in a country where such violence was previously unheard of.

The festival organizer didn’t say if or when the festival will return.

“We don’t have any further comments on that. We have issued a press release, and that’s what applies here,” FKP press spokesperson Johanna Jonasson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

At last year’s event, there were five reported cases of rape and 12 sexual-assault incidents.

A debate about sexual molestation raged in Sweden in 2016 after it emerged that groups of mostly teenage boys of Afghani, Somali and Moroccan descent had been groping girls at the We Are STHLM youth festival for two years running.

Returning ISIS fighters welcomed

Sweden is now home to 2,000 Islamist extremists, with some even given new identities by the state to assimilate back into society after returning from waging jihad in the Middle East.

Anders Thornberg, Sweden’s intelligence chief, believes the uptick in Islamic extremists is a result of the effective propaganda and recruiting tactics of ISIS. There is now 10 times the number of Islamic extremists in Sweden today than in 2010, before the start of the European migrant crisis.

Although Thornberg notes that only a few of these extremists have “the will and ability” to carry out terror attacks, these individuals must be closely monitored.

“It’s important that everyone in Sweden takes responsibility to end this trend,” Thornberg said.

But while the Swedish government is watching these extremists, it is simultaneously empowering them.

At least 150 defectors from ISIS have returned to Sweden from the Middle East, with some even granted new identities with the support of the Swedish government.

One returnee is 27-year-old Walad Ali Yousef, who joined ISIS in 2014. Photos shared on social media show Yousef posing with guns and jihadist flags while embedded with ISIS fighting forces, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Yousef returned to Sweden in 2016, and he was granted entry into an identity protection program by Swedish authorities.

Other ISIS returnees, such as 39-year-old Bherlin Dequilla Gildo, are known for having directly propagated violence and yet were still granted entry back into Sweden.

“He can do everything. Even I’m afraid of him,” one of Gildo’s jihadi comrades told Expressen. Gildo traveled to Syria in 2012 to fight for ISIS and was photographed posing with dead bodies.

A growing threat

With ISIS gradually losing influence and power across Syria and Iraq, jihadists are expected to continue to flood Sweden as they return home.

According to Swedish security forces, about 300 people from Sweden traveled to Syria and Iraq to join terror groups such as ISIS, leaving hundreds still fighting in the Middle East.

Though terrorism is a substantial threat, crime is also increasing as Islamic migrants continue to pour into Sweden.

Recent statistics from Sweden show that 92 percent of all “severe rapes” are committed by migrants, as well as 100 percent of “attack rapes,” violent rapes perpetrated by a stranger.

The top three national origins of the migrant rapists are Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Afghani migrants are at least 79 times more likely to commit rape than those with two Swedish parents.

None of this is unique to Sweden, as countries across Western Europe have seen sex attacks rise along with migration.

One 28-year-old Hungarian woman was allegedly raped nine times by three migrants at a town fair in Germany.

The three Ethiopian suspects filmed the attack and kicked, punched and dragged the victim by her hair during the ordeal.

It came after a spate of sex attacks in Germany, including the massive assaults during the New Year’s Eve parties as revelers prepared to ring in 2016: Approximately 2,000 men sexually assaulted up to 1,200 women in cities across the country.

It includes more than 600 sexual assaults in Cologne and 400 in Hamburg. The overwhelming majority of the suspects were foreign nationals, including migrants.

“There is a connection between the emergence of this phenomenon and the rapid migration in 2015,” said Holger Münch, president of the German Federal Crime Police Office.

Violent crime has increased as well, especially among migrant communities.

According to a recent survey, 94 percent of gang criminals in Sweden have at least one foreign parent.

Out of 192 gang criminals arrested in Stockholm, 40.6 percent were born abroad, and 82.2 percent have two foreign parents who were born abroad.

In Germany, non-Germans make up about 10 percent of the overall population of the country, but they accounted for 30.5 percent of all crime suspects in 2016.

Refugees only make up 2 percent of the German population, but they accounted for 8.6 percent of all crime suspects.

In France, a Polish van driver was killed last month after migrants blocked a road in Calais with burning tree trunks. The van burst into flames when it hit one of the trucks stopped by the burning debris, and the driver’s remains were so damaged that his identity remains unknown.

Nine Eritrean migrants were arrested in connection with the roadblock.

WND News Editor Leo Hohmann contributed to this report

Seven Times American Elites Said Immigrants Are Better Than Their Own People

9 July 2017 by Alex Clark

Americans voted for Donald Trump in November in large part because they’re afraid elite Americans don’t care about them.

Hillary Clinton stoked this fear when she said some of Trump’s supporters are “irredeemable” or “deplorable,” and when she did not campaign in boring but critical states which subsequently flipped from blue to red. Sadly, there are other elites who seem to rank Americans below foreigners or immigrants. 

Here’s a listicle of seven:

Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of the D.C.-based Weekly Standard magazine, used an event in February to declare that population replacement would be the best antidote to ordinary America:

[I hope] this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse. You can make a case that America has been great because every — I think John Adams said this — basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled — whatever. Then, luckily, you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed and really want their kids to live better lives than them and aren’t sort of clipping coupons or hoping that they can hang on and meanwhile grew up as spoiled kids and so forth. In that respect, I don’t know how this moment is that different from the early 20th century.

Given his contempt for ordinary Americans, Kristol shows little interest in either helping Americans or persuading them to vote for the political candidates that he prefers. 

Bret Stephens, a columnist at the New York Times, argued in June that immigrants outperform Americans and suggested the solution for the nation’s economic problems is to deport Americans:

They need to return whence they came.

I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations. Complacent, entitled and often shockingly ignorant on basic points of American law and history, they are the stagnant pool in which our national prospects risk drowning.

On point after point, America’s nonimmigrants are failing our country. Crime? A study by the Cato Institute notes that immigrants are incarcerated at nearly twice the rate of illegal immigrants, and at more than three times the rate of legal ones.

Educational achievement? Just 17 percent of the finalists in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search – often called the “Junior Nobel Prize” – were the children of United States-born parents. At the Rochester Institute of Technology, just 9.5 percent of graduate students in electrical engineering were nonimmigrants…

Because I’m the child of immigrants and grew up abroad, I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers – the people who strain hardest to become a part of it because they realize that it’s precious; and who do the most to remake it so that our ideas, and our appeal, may stay fresh.

Stephens said his proposed deportation of American was a tongue-in-cheek proposal before adding “Who would take them anyway?”

President Barack Obama revealed his views about Americans in a 2014 speech where he said immigrants have the right to enter the United States, regardless of what Americans prefer: 

Part of what’s wonderful about America is also what makes our democracy hard sometimes, because sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently. And that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration.  If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave, there have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, well, I don’t want those folks. Even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans…

being a nation of immigrants gives us this huge entrepreneurial advantage over other nations … So we’re not a nation that kicks out strivers and dreamers who want to earn their piece of the American Dream.  We are a nation that fundamentally is strong, is special, is exceptional, because we find ways to welcome people, fellow human beings, children of God, into the fold, and harness their talents to make the future brighter for everybody.

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi revealed her true feelings in 2013 towards the millions of Americans who voted her out of the majority in 2010, as she addressed a crowd of illegal immigrants on Washington D.C.’s National Mall. She reasoned that if America is a nation of immigrants, logically, immigrants are more American than Americans, saying:

We must remember the blood of immigrants flows through all of our veins, and all of the immigrants who come to America, whether it was a month ago or three hundred years ago, all of them bring their hopes, their determination, their optimism for the future, their commitment to family, faith and community. In coming here with those American traits, all of the immigrants make America more American.

She made these remarks while pushing an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants which would have resulted in immigrants exceeding more than 16 percent of the population by 2023.   

Sen. Marco Rubio hired an aide who eventually crippled his 2013 immigration-amnesty bill by saying some Americans need to be replaced by foreign workers. The quote was collected by a reporter for the New Yorker, who wrote: 

There are American workers who, for lack of a better term, can’t cut it …There shouldn’t be a presumption that every American worker is a star performer. There are people who just can’t get it, can’t do it, don’t want to do it. And so you can’t obviously discuss that publicly.

GOP Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and GOP Colorado Rep Ken Buck are pushing legislation to annually import 500,000 foreign blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals to replace the Americans who are working or hoping to find work. Buck claims the legislation would create a “strong and vibrant workforce,” presumably unlike America’s current weak and dull workforce. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the immigrant author and star of the Hamilton Musical, debuted a music video praising immigrants as the foundation of America, titled “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done).”

The video, which showed immigrants and refugees doing jobs, declares that the chief factor of America’s success were immigrants and that native-born Americans played little to no role in the nation’s story. 

The Hamilton musical is wildly popular with the liberal elite, partly because it praises immigration. Hillary Clinton quoted it in her DNC acceptance speech. She attended the musical on multiple occasions despite her lack of attention to campaigning rust belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan during the presidential campaign.

But Americans are not the only people whose leaders simply prefer foreigners.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took time when celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary on July 1 to claim that immigrants to Canada were more authentically Canadian than Canadians by birth. He reasoned

Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous. Because I think being able to choose it, rather than being Canadian by default, is an amazing statement of attachment to Canada. I always sort of laugh when you see people who are – not many of them, but – intolerant or who think, ‘Go back to your own country. No! You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.

Canada has been very welcoming to refugees and immigrants during Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister. In 2016, the country admitted 46,700 refugees, the highest number since 1980. Since November of 2015,  Canada has opened its doors to 40,000 Syrian refugees.

German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel responded to pro-Germany protesters in July of 2017 by calling for their imprisonment and claiming that their disagreements made them less German than refugees arriving in the country from the Middle East and Africa. 

 Germany’s elites invited 890,000 migrants in 2015 aloneIn a 2016 poll in Germany, 60 percent of respondents claimed their country couldn’t handle taking in so many refugees and 70 percent believed crime would increase as a result of the influx. Due to Germany’s strict speech laws, the elite has the power to jail ordinary Germans for criticizing the immigration of many foreigners into Germany. In June, German police were directed to raid the homes of 36 individuals for posting “hate speech” on social media. German elites are also seeking to enact legislation to punish social media companies that allow content deemed “hate speech” on their platforms.

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