VIDEO “Trump’s War” And How It’s Going – President Trump Fox and Friends… – Dem Rage Result in Assassination Attempt

“Trump’s War” And How It’s Going

“Trump’s War” is the title of an excellent, well-reviewed book by Michael Weiner, a.k.a. Michael Savage of The Savage Nation fame, describing everything Trump is, and will be, up against. The list of opponents is not only huge but daunting. Most normal human beings would have thrown in the towel by now. I believe that even such stalwart conservatives as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, had they been elected President, would have been overwhelmed by them.

They include but are not limited to the power elites in Washington, their useful tools the establishment Republicans both in Congress and in the media who detest Trump, thousands of “Never Trumpers” in the electorate, and the George Soros-funded “Resistance” which includes many of the furthest-left college professors (some of whom are actual leaders of Antifa, the rabidly violent extremist organization that believes in beating the crap out of conservatives), and unhinged celebrities who daily call for his murder or beheading and even portray it in Shakespeare-in-the-Park. And then there are the usual suspects, most Democrats and their partners-in-crime the mainstream media. This opposition is hammering on Trump daily.

And yet he persists—and makes progress on his agenda.

How is he able to do this? How can he continue to move along with his plan to revitalize America and help the working people of this country when he is so obviously making “mistakes,” such as leaving Obama appointees in their positions within the “deep state,” allowing James Comey to stay in as FBI Director when he probably knew he was being a weasel and betraying him, and allowing an avowed far-left Democrat, Robert Mueller, to head up a “special investigation” into his collusion using 13 former Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton supporters and donors? Even as seasoned a veteran as radio host Rush Limbaugh can’t understand some of Trump’s moves because, to him, they are illogical.

And yet, like Old Man River, Trump keeps on rolling along.

Trump has repealed dozens of burdensome Federal regulations on businesses small and large. He has reversed most of the Obama Administration’s open-door policy to Cuba, refusing to recognize them politically until the evil Castro regime is gone. His ICE agents are cracking down big-time on illegal criminals, dope dealers and gang members in this country, rounding them up and deporting them in record numbers. He has made significant improvements to the VA system, providing funds and a program to allow returning vets to transition to civilian security positions, drastically shortening wait times for their health care, and making it legal to fire VA employees who aren’t doing their job properly. He is moving ahead on infrastructure planning and is already talking about building the wall. What seemed like a dead issue for him, the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, is now suddenly on the move and will probably go through before the summer is over. Another issue that looked dead for him, the temporary ban on migrants from seven countries that sponsor terrorism, is going to the Supreme Court this coming Monday and will probably be approved. School reform is moving well under the watchful eye of Betsy DeVos; HUD reform is coming along under Dr. Ben Carson; and Secretary of Defense James Mattis has ISIS bottled up in Afghanistan and on the run in Syria. Most world leaders whose names are not Macron or Angela Merkel respect him and, appropriately, some fear him. He is following through on his agenda to restore the American economy, despite a few mishaps here and there.

Trump has managed to win his “war” by virtue of one thing: his 30-plus years of experience fighting his way through the jungle of New York real estate. In order to not just survive but win in that asphalt jungle, you have to be more than just tough. You have to out-think your opponent, to stay three moves ahead of him. It’s not just a method for survival, but the only way to win.

Neither the media nor his multiple opponents have figured out how to destroy Trump because, unlike even Paul and Cruz, he’s not a politician. He’s a master manipulator and CEO who has learned how to round-end his competitors and kneecap them without them even knowing that he has swung the axe. He’s the security guard who meets you at the exit of your favorite department store with handcuffs already on your wrists before you realize that he not only knows you’ve shoplifted but has the evidence on tape. And NONE OF HIS OPPONENTS KNOW HOW TO COPE WITH THAT.

So he fires FBI Director James Comey, and Comey runs to go squeal before Congress? Fine. Suggest that you may have tapes of your private conversations with him. This forces Comey to admit that Trump was never under investigation, and moreover that Trump asked him to open an investigation to clear his name and Comey refused. BOOM! There goes the Russian Hacking story. Comey then also admits, under oath, that he leaked the details of private conversations to a “friend” so he could then leak it to the New York Times.

Then, two weeks later, Trump announces: No tapes! Ha ha ha! Fooled you all!

Mueller sets up an investigation into collusion with his baker’s dozen of Democratic demons. Everyone in the press is waiting for Trump to fire Mueller, which of course would PROVE he has something to hide. For a week and a half, they print daily stories: “Will Trump Fire Mueller?” “Should Trump Fire Mueller?” “Why DOESN’T Trump Fire Mueller?” Finally, one of them gets the brilliant idea to actually ask Trump. And Trump tells the reporter, No, I’m not going to fire him. Let him investigate. Do his worst. This way, I’ll be cleared.

And the media just doesn’t get it.

How bad has it gotten? The New York Times is bloodletting. They’ve lost so much money over the past year that they’re laying off “unnecessary” personnel in batches and offering “buyouts” to many of their reporting staff. The word is that they’ll soon lay off reporters who don’t accept the buyout. But this still isn’t stopping them from making up daily lies about Trump, including a so-called “definitive” list of TRUMP lies.

There have been five special elections since February to fill vacancies in Congress created by Trump naming the holders of the seats to cabinet positions. The Democrats thought they would win at least three of them: the one in California, the one in Montana and the one in Georgia. They purposely sent an inflammatory reporter to the campaign headquarters of Republican candidate Greg Gianforte the day before the Montana election with the express instructions to make Gianforte assault him…which the candidate did, pushing him to the ground and breaking his glasses. This wasn’t one-20th as bad as the multiple beatings that members of Antifa had given peaceful attendees at conservative events on the campus of Berkeley, but the media made it sound as if Gianforte had all but killed the reporter. The Democrats poured millions into the campaign of Democratic contender Rob Quist, who still lost.

But the sweetest win of all was that of low-key Republican candidate Karen Handel against whiz-kid Jon Ossoff in Georgia. This was a campaign into which the Democratic Party AND Hollywood poured $40 million into Ossoff’s coffers. Two days before the election, the polls were still showing Ossoff with a seven-point lead. Yet Handel won by four.

And that brings us to Trump’s greatest and most secret weapon: his supporters. The media and the Democrats keep thinking that the Daily Trump Dump will separate them from the President, that they’ll regret having voted for him and turn away from him. Yet every time they’re asked—which isn’t often—they continually tell the press that they haven’t regretted their vote for one moment and would do it all over again.

This is where Trump differs greatly from Hillary Clinton and even from Barack Obama. Like Obama, Trump draws huge crowds wherever he goes to talk; but Obama only drew them, and continues to draw them, because he is polite and soft-spoken and has charisma. His supporters are not emotionally attached to him. Trump’s supporters ARE emotionally attached to him.

And everywhere he goes, he’s still getting adulation, love and unwavering support, whether it be in Miami in front of 20,000 screaming Cuban-Americans or in Grand Rapids, Iowa before 30,000 adoring supporters. The media is losing its collective mind over this. They can’t understand it, so all they do is what they know how to do, which is to ramp up the vitriol and print more and more lies about him.

But if you look inside the Trump support, you’ll see that they’re waging a psychological war of their own—and they’re winning because they’re far craftier and more subtle than the head-bashing liberals.

How is this possible? Easy. They lie to pollsters about who they support. Then, when the polls show the Democrat leading and everyone is expecting a rout, BOOM, they come out of hiding and vote Republican. This tactic worked so well in Georgia on June 20 that the media was as much in the throes of depression as they were the night of November 8, 2016, when Trump routed Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. And the media, like the Democrats, never saw it coming.

Which only goes to prove that Trmup supporters are a lot smarter than the media gives them credit for. I liked them to the snipers during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 who defeated the heavily favored and better-armed British by knowing where to hide in the brush and ambush them. That is exactly what they’re doing in all these elections, and will continue to do next year and in 2020. It’s a good old-fashioned bushwhacking, and the Left doesn’t know how to handle it because they think most Trump supporters are morons who can’t even add up the change in their pockets to buy gas for their pickup trucks.

And so the Trump War goes on being waged, the Left using tired old attacks and lies that aren’t working any more while Trump runs rings around them and his supporters bushwhack them in the underbrush of elections. Remembere that Nazi Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox,” was defeated by the brilliant gambles of British General Montgomery to attack the most heavily protected areas of the German lines. This “suicide” mission turned out to be a brilliant coup; the German soldiers, expecting nothing at those points, were in a panic. Nazi General George Strumme died of a heart attack in the midst of the battle, and his replacement, Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma, couldn’t withstand the attack of Montgomery’s forces, which were hitting them from all sides.

Bushwhacking works, folks. The element of surprise overcomes the most powerful of foes. The ultimate bushwhack of the 20th century was D-Day, when Allied forces accidentally landed at the wrong spot on the beaches on Normandy which turned out to be exactly the right spot to win.

So keep on truckin’, Trump supporters. DO NOT GIVE UP. The media is lying to you and will continue to lie. Their polls are skewered to favor Democrats. And in the meantime, folks…


They haven’t a clue who to run for President in 2020…Corey Booker? That died. Hillary again? Not after she blamed the Democratic Party for her defeat. Oprah Winfrey? Yes, they were serious about that one. Elizabeth Warren? She’s not interested. Lately it’s Eric Holder, the failed Attorney General who Obama had to fire. Now they’ve thrown a former icon, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, under the bus because she’s considered “toxic” to them, and sent Field Marshal Obama himself in the fray to rouse the troops. But even Obama doesn’t know how to handle Trump supporters because he’s never met anyone in his life who won’t give up America without a good fight.


Sunday Talks: President Trump Interviews with Fox and Friends…

The drop in ratings for corporate Fox News is unfamiliar territory for them.  It takes a while for corporate suites to react to losses in position.  In the era of Roger Ailes, losing was unfamiliar.  Broadcast perspectives modify based on finances. President Trump is bigger than the media who report on him.



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