LEAKER DOWN! Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Just Caught

Image Source: Twitter

A former State Department employee was arrested on Thursday. He is being charged for espionage and transmitting Secret documents to the Chinese. This just came out from a US District Court in Alexandria, VA.

His name is Kevin Mallory, age 60, and is a self-employed consultant that speaks fluent Chinese, according to Zero Hedge. He has maintained a Top Secret security clearance. The Washington Post says that Mallory was an employee of the CIA.


According to court filings, Mallory went to Shangai in April and was stopped by Customs agents at O’Hare with $16,500 in cash. Mallory then admitted that he had met with two people from what he suspected were Chinese intelligence officers.

Mallory appeared court on Thursday wearing a gray tank top and black athletic shorts.

Share this if you are glad that the leakers are getting caught! Keep on draining that swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp get those nasty monsters out of there. (h/t Washington Post)





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8 Responses to LEAKER DOWN! Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Just Caught

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I do believe we have another “leaker” on the horizon

    Trey Gowdy had a private meeting with 8 people leaked

    So one of those 8 leaked the information to the media I believe it was CNN

    Name has not been exposed yet but rumor has it that Gowdy knows who it was

    And he’s mad…😠

    I hope who did it goes to jail


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