Here’s what I think of Karen Handel’s win in Georgia…

June 21, 2017


Former Congressman Allen West analyzes the Georgia 6th District win my Republican Karen Handel. Yes, he acknowledges that it is a victory, but there is a not so subtle warning here for future suburban races. It is the political Californication of conservative urban areas by  the alt-left. There is a migration in progress that needs to be countered by the Republicans. What will happen? read more by Mr. West here.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, my reign lasted for almost five years as having been involved in the most expensive Congressional election in US history. That feat was eclipsed by the race won this evening by Karen Handel in my hometown of Atlanta. As well, the Republicans held onto the South Carolina Congressional seat vacated by now Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney. Gotta tell ya, the term ROI comes to mind — return on investment — when we assess the amount of resources the Democrats poured into the north Atlanta congressional race, the district previously held by HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. So there will be celebrations, and the liberal progressive media will not be discussing this race tomorrow…and trust me, they were seriously wanting to.

But even as the Republicans held onto these two congressional seats, this is only a tactical win. There has to be a concern about a strategic loss for the Republican Party. Let me explain. If one was to listen to the iPod playlist of young Mr. Ossoff you’d find songs like, “California Dreaming,” “California Girls,” or possibly “I love LA.” I doubt lil’ John knows the words to “Georgia on My Mind”, and couldn’t tell you what “between the hedges” means.

When you peruse the FEC donations sheets of Ossoff, you will find a massive preponderance of campaign contributions from California, not from Georgia. And most of these funds and resources emanated from the LA and San Francisco areas. I suppose if you want to talk about collusion and financially “hacking” into an election, the Democrats would certainly be guilty.

However, there’s a greater understanding to be gleaned from this congressional race in suburban Atlanta. What we have here is a progressive socialist version of Al Hijra. Yes, the Islamic concept of using migration in order to further the goals and objectives of Islam — which means submission. This comes from the traditions of Mohammed, the Hadiths, where he migrated from Mecca to Medina, and the corresponding verses of the Koran took a definitive turn towards more violent rhetoric, proclamations, and Mohammed began his proselytizing campaign based on some 31 combat operations. This second phase of Islam ended with Mohammed’s return to Mecca by way of breaking the Treaty of Hudabiyya, and the subsequent conquest of Mecca.

The congressional race in Georgia’s sixth district is a pyrrhic victory for the progressive socialist left because Karen Handel (won with 53 percent) didn’t reach the level of voter turnout achieved by Tom Price just last November, at 61 percent. She did outperform President Trump who only won this district by one percent. What we have learned is that there has been a demographic shift in this suburban district north of Atlanta with the influx of those who are not from the area. This model is being implemented by the liberal progressive left, a means of Al Hijra, all over the United States into red states. And much the same as Saudi Arabia is resourcing and funding the spread of their Wahhabist ideology, so is California exporting progressive socialism. And to think, California once gave us Presidents Nixon and Reagan.

Today California is responsible for the shift in Colorado, Arizona, and even in Montana. The Californian liberal progressive ideology has overrun Oregon and Washington State to the north. Funny, when you’re in Washington State, the entire area is conservative save for King County, which houses Seattle. And so is the unique aspect in that the liberal progressive Al Hijra is focused on urban centers. I mentioned by 2012 congressional reelection race, in that race we had a group from the San Francisco area called CREDO which established a shadow campaign operation. And if you look in states like Tennessee, the left is focusing on overtaking the major cities in order to eventually flip these red states blue.

Laugh if you may, but I’m witnessing the exact same thing happening here in Texas. Dallas County where I reside went some 60 percent for Hillary Clinton in November 2016. And the offerings to businesses to relocate from California to Texas is having an adverse political effect, regardless of the economic opportunities of being in successful red states. It’s all about advancing progressive socialism — at any costs.

I am concerned because the GOP has no plan to engage this assault. The long range goal is to have such overwhelming Democrat support in the major urban centers, that it negates the lessening populations in the rural counties and outliers in red states. Here in Texas, just look — Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, El Paso are all controlled by Democrats. And where do you see the major influx of “migration?” Not to Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, but to those former cities. Also, the areas with colleges and universities are the training grounds for the next generation of liberal progressives, as we are seeing the University of North Texas causing concerns in Denton County.

Yes, congratulations to Karen Handel (Georgia) and Ralph Norman (South Carolina). Enjoy this moment, and get ready to get to work…no August recess. But the GOP needs to develop a counter-offensive campaign against the migration campaign of the left to flip red states. If there is one simple theme, it should be that the Democrat Party of America is the party of California, and their goal is to make America, California, or perhaps, New York City where an avowed socialist is the mayor. We already experienced the scourge of Barack Obama when in 2008 he claimed that “Chicago is coming to Washington DC”. This is what I call a “locust effect” in that the left seeks to migrate and destroy any new area. That is their strategic objective.

Let’s stop their advance.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]


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