VIDEO Dirty Cop Comey, Soros, Why Hillary Got A Pass, Senate Club, Why Aren’t Comey-Hillary In Jail

Are you still trying to sort out the purpose of testimony by former FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill this week?

After everyone else in the world has had his or her say, allow me to bottom-line this for you:

  • Comey admitted that as FBI director, he knowingly and intentionally leaked privileged, self-serving information to the press. This after he referred to the whistleblower institution of WikiLeaks as “information porn.”
  • Why did Comey covertly leak his notes about meetings with President Trump rather than confronting Trump about what he thought was an inappropriate approach, or, alternatively, reporting the conversation to the attorney general or congressional oversight authorities? He explained that he did not have the “courage” nor the presence of mind to do that.
  • He admitted that he was never directed by President Trump to drop any investigation.
  • He admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured him to downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal during the 2016 presidential election campaign. He further confirmed that he saw her secretive meeting with former President Bill Clinton as a conflict of interest.

So, what did we learn from all these revelations – some candid and others tortured?

I think we know why Comey gave Hillary Clinton a pass for violating national security laws.

Comey’s testimony showed he was more concerned about his own personal reputation than doing his job as one of the nation’s top law-enforcement officers. It also demonstrates that the only real political pressure he experienced as FBI director was during Barack Obama’s administration when he was ordered to downplay the Clinton investigation by his immediate boss.

And that’s exactly what Comey did.

Of course, no one followed up on this revelation, though it was by far the biggest news hook to come from the hearing.


Comey said he got political pressure from Lynch to drop or downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – and that’s what he did. He didn’t leak anything to the press about it. He didn’t say he pushed back against the inappropriate suggestion. He didn’t suggest Lynch recuse herself from the investigation as Jeff Sessions, Trump’s attorney general, did in the case of the Russia probe.

Wouldn’t you agree that we now know, beyond any reasonable doubt, why Comey closed down the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal? Because he was protecting his coveted job. It’s the same reason he didn’t raise any concerns with Donald Trump about his suggestions. He wanted to hold on to his job and was playing office politics himself.

He said it: He didn’t have the courage to challenge Trump.

He obviously didn’t have the courage or integrity to challenge Loretta Lynch.

If I’m missing anything here, please dissuade me from these conclusions.

But, I think what we learned was that Trump’s decision to fire Comey was one of the best choices of his first few months in office – at least as good as withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

I’ve heard all I can stand to hear about Comey having personal and professional integrity.

His own words have betrayed him as a political animal who put his own personal career aspirations ahead of the national interest and justice.

I suspected all this before the hearing.

Now I have no doubt I am right.

Good riddance to Comey and his 15 minutes of fame. I found his personal testimony embarrassing, contradictory and unworthy of the revered image of the FBI.

Now can we please move on and get Washington working on behalf of the American people?

Media wishing to interview Joseph Farah, please contact

JAMES COMEY & SOROS: It’s All Coming Apart & This Is Where it Gets REAL—Lee Strananhan Tells All

We can all rest easy, now that a 25-year-old former U.S. Air Force linguist has been locked up without bail, accused of leaking a fact-free, Russia-hacked-the-election memo from the NSA. The culture of leaking is over. Ms. Reality is locked up and awaiting trial.

It seems odd, though, because former FBI Director James Comey this week testified under oath that he leaked an FBI document to one of his law professor buddies so that guy (now in hiding) could send it to the newspapers. So far, there’s good evidence Comey has leaked nine documents. He’s still free and up to his old tricks.

Nor do we want to forget the grandmother of leaking, Hillary Clinton. As Obama’s secretary of state, Dame Hillary actually automated the entire leaking process by receiving and sending classified documents on her unsecured, home-brew server, enabling just anyone to drop by and pick up a copy.

Sometimes Hillary had Huma send classified documents home to the Weiner for safe-keeping on his laptop. Really, I don’t know why they didn’t just post them on Fakebook. This leaking automation did, however, leave Hillary plenty of time to run a pay-to-play Clinton Foundation business on the side, selling access rather than secrets. My, she would have been a busy president, wouldn’t she, making good on all those access appointments she sold while still at State.

The point is: reality requires that Reality should be flanked by Comey in the jail cell on her left and by Hillary in the cell on her right. All three of them need to be held without bail, because they are continued leaking and flight risks while they are awaiting trial, which hopefully will be followed by 15-year prison terms.

By now it should be clear that reality doesn’t work the way Reality thought it did. At least not for her. For this she has to thank her parents, teachers, social media friends, most of big media and the culture of insanity that reached its peak under the fake presidency of Barack Obama and the tangle of underlings he left behind to gum up the works after he was gone.

Fake reality only works while you have an adequate supply of other people’s money, which is what protects it from the real world. The acid test of your view of reality is: Would you bet your life on it? Have you ever seen any of the left’s braying “white privilege” grandees make a scene at the airport and refuse to fly because the pilot wasn’t their favorite color, rather than white?

Why is that?

It’s because they are phonies and frauds, just like the world they taught Reality about. That world existed only in their collective, twisted imaginations (but it was reinforced every time their academic paycheck arrived). It had nothing to do with either reality or Reality. One would have hoped that the Air Force could have done better for Reality, but by then she was probably too far gone.

So go ahead, leftists. Put up or shut up. The next time you get on an airliner and see two white people up in the cockpit running their checklists, stand up and demand that they be replaced immediately by white-free minorities from elsewhere in the airliner. After all, your reality demands it.

Either that, or sit down, shut up, fasten your seat belt and admit that your entire life is a fraud. Admit that Reality is the victim of your fraud, and that she’s going to pay with 15 years of her life, so you could feel good about yourself.

Comey’s testimony proved that he is a dirty cop: Christopher Farrell

When, in 2003-2004, I ran as a “True Republican” for the U.S. Senate in Florida – the seat now ironically occupied by Marco Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee that just held a sham hearing with its “star witness,” former FBI Director James Comey, I told the voters that I was “not interested in becoming a member of the Senate Club, rather I wanted to take a club to the Senate.”

Having left Judicial Watch in 2003 with this in mind, I believed at the time that becoming a Trojan Horse, and taking the concept of the legal baby I conceived of, created and nurtured for nearly 10 years inside this falsely labeled venerable body was the way to go at that point in my career. However, less than a year later, after I lost my Senate bid, I realized that nothing short of a nuclear blast could wipe out the inherent corruption in the upper chamber and that it would be best to don my “cape and sword” again and form Freedom Watch, the public interest watchdog that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse.

While transparency is good, and it is noble to pry documents out of the vaults of government, as Judicial Watch now does, simply filing cases to get records and then going on television or radio to boast of the discovery is not enough. What is needed, I realized, was the continuation of hard-hitting lawsuits that would get justice, assuming from time to time a rare non-political and honest jurist could be found, and a neutral jury picked, to mete it out.

Indeed, as a former prosecutor of the U.S. Department of Justice and a trial lawyer of 40 years, that is what I have been doing at Freedom Watch. To this end, in 2013 and 2014, I scored perhaps the biggest victories in the history of government litigation when I obtained two preliminary injunctions against President Obama and the National Security Agency (NSA) for its illegal mass surveillance on the American people. This victory caused Congress to enact the USA Freedom Act, which was to prevent the widespread and patently illegal wholesale collection by the intelligence agencies of telephonic metadata, without probable cause under our Fourth Amendment, of the populace. The judge, Richard J. Leon, called this “Orwellian,” that is, reminiscent of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” in his prophetic book “1984.”

But as we have learned in just the last several months, Obama and his NSA, along with the CIA, and most egregiously our own law enforcement investigatory body at the FBI under the direction of James Comey, did not respect the decisions of judge Leon in my historic case and certainly not even Congress’ new USA Freedom Act. As revealed by a number of sources, including Circa News, the FBI and the so-called spy agencies have not only illegally surveilled President Trump and his staff, both before and after the presidential election, but they continue to criminally violate the privacy rights of millions of Americans.

Because of this, over the last several months in particular I personally went door to door on Capitol Hill to press both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees to interview my whistleblower client, Dennis Montgomery, an NSA/CIA contractor who has in his possession 47 hard drives and over 600,000,000 pages of information, much of which was classified, proving that Obama, the FBI under both Comey and, before him, now Special Counsel Robert Mueller, had criminally violated the privacy rights of the chief justice and other justices of the Supreme Court, 156 judges, Donald Trump and other prominent Americans such as yours truly. With the aid of another honest federal judge, Royce C. Lamberth, I had previously taken Montgomery to Comey at the FBI, obtained for him immunity to turn over the hard drives and testify, and was assured by the FBI general counsel, James Baker, that Comey himself would supervise the criminal investigation.

At the time, I believed, based on what I had been told, that Comey was an honest public servant based on his reputation as deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush. But, after two years of waiting for the FBI to conclude its criminal investigation of the illegal and unconstitutional surveillance Montgomery had come forward with as a government whistleblower, and being repeatedly brushed off by Comey’s general counsel when I made inquiry as to the status of the investigation, I logically came to the conclusion, particularly after it was revealed that the FBI was a participant with the NSA and CIA in the illegal spying, that we had been fraudulently induced to turn Montgomery’s hard drives over to the agency. In short, Comey and his general counsel at the FBI were happy to have Montgomery disgorge evidence of their own illegal conduct, and that of its co-conspirators at the NSA and CIA, so it could be buried or destroyed.

And, that is why I lobbied the Senate and House Intelligence Committees to bring Montgomery in from the cold and subpoena the incriminating materials he had turned over to Comey and his FBI. But perhaps as might be expected, these committees, run by Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina and ranking Democratic member Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Republican Chairman Devin Nunes and ranking Democratic member Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee, turned a blind eye. It is now clear that they either already knew of these crimes and chose to look the other way to protect their “clients” in the intelligence community, or were afraid to turn over proverbial rocks for fear that Comey, the FBI, NSA and CIA would reveal sordid details about their personal and professional lives.

As a result, I again had to take justice into the people’s own hands, filing another hard-hitting lawsuit, this time making Comey himself the focus of the illegal criminal surveillance. The complaint, which can be found at, also joins the heads of the intelligence agencies and sues them personally for their crimes. Its purpose is also to put my co-plaintiff, Montgomery, squarely before Judge Leon so he can do the job the congressional intelligence committees will not do.

The moral to this story: The dog-and-pony show starring the corrupt James Comey Thursday was simply a travesty, or what Woody Allen would call a “sham of a sham of a sham.” But this, after all, was to be expected from the establishment Democratic and Republican Senate Club.

Watch whistleblower Dennis Montgomery on “Hannity”:

Media wishing to interview Larry Klayman, please contact

Voters react to Comey’s testimony and Trump’s response

Are Democrats losing credibility with the American people?

Famous Constitutional Lawyer Jonathan Turley Says Comey’s Leak Raises Serious Legal Questions

Jonathan Turley On The Legality Of Comey’s Leak

Comey testimony: Trump responds, claims ‘total and complete vindication

Judge Jeanine: Comey Is a ‘Predator’ Who Sought ‘Revenge’ on Trump

Judge Jeanine: This Was Not the First Time James Comey Leaked Intel

Coulter: ‘Outrageous’ That Comey Didn’t Publicly Clear Trump

June 9, 2017 As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Ann Coulter joined Tucker Carlson tonight to react to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before a Senate panel.

Coulter said the hearing was more evidence that there’s absolutely nothing to the allegations about collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Comey confirmed that Trump did not ask him to stop the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Comey also said that Trump himself was not under investigation.

“It’s all a hoax,” Tucker said. “This is not about Russia or our national security or hacking our election. It’s all a lie.”

Coulter agreed, saying it’s “outrageous” for Comey to wait until he was under oath to formally state that Trump himself was never the focus of an FBI investigation.

“It’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard,” Coulter said.

She added that the only documented collusion between Russia and Americans during the election was related to the defamatory Trump dossier.

“Whatever happened to that?” Coulter said. “That was a Russian-produced dossier, used by, first, Never Trumpers, then the Hillary Clinton campaign, then the FBI, and broadcast hysterically by CNN. That was a Russian-produced dossier. That is the only evidence we have of Russia trying to collude.”

Katrina Pierson On Trump’s Willingness To Speak Under Oath



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  1. Brittius says:

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  2. Peppermint says:

    I believe that Comey was one of the Deep State to take Trump down. He states in the beginning that he has to write a memo on their first meeting because “of the nature of the person” referring to Trump. To me it sounds like a plot from the very beginning.
    He didn’t write memos over Lynch and Clinton. And they are the ones who should be referred to as “the nature of the person/s”.
    Since Comey had made a ton of money from the Clinton Foundation he wasn’t about to kill the golden goose.


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