VIDEO Anatomy of Deep State’s Cloaked Take-Down of the President – Hillary Belches Borscht and Vodka

Open Letter to the President: Yes, You Are Probably Being Spied On

Anatomy of the Deep State’s Cloaked Take-Down of the President

June 2, 2017 By

“Cloaking”, Mr. President.  That’s how those working 24-7 to bring you down are doing it, in my experienced opinion.

Cloaking is a little known surveillance technology that allows someone to be a stone’s throw away from you,  without your ever being able to see them or even be aware of it.

I know because it happened to me, and I’m risking my job and perhaps even my life by giving you this heads up.

They smeared me as “crazy” when I discovered I was being spied on right from my own backyard, neighborhood, my girlfriend’s house and possibly everywhere. They smear you as unstable and unfit for office for saying you were “wiretapped”.

It all boils down to the same thing in the end.  With surveillance as backup, they can now shoehorn you into  any narrative they want to destroy your credibility: ’The president’s a Russian colluder’.  ‘Buffalo radio man Tom Bauerle’s batsh**crazy.’

We have spoken via telephone a few times before your election to the presidency, and I was honored that you invited me backstage to attend your upcoming rally in Buffalo, NY.And I was humbled that when you learned I wasn’t there, you actually asked Secret Service agents to track me down in Buffalo so I could hang out with you.

Unfortunately, I had obligations in Port Chester, so I was unable to attend the Buffalo rally.

A personal matter needed attention downstate, and  I’d scored front row seats to Steely Dan, directly in front of Donald Fagen.  I love their music like you love Neil Young’s.

But given the totality of circumstances,  I could not attend your Buffalo rally despite your thoughtful offer and consideration.

Your people also invited me backstage at the Kid Rock show on the final night of the RNC Convention in Cleveland.

That invite came just before the Roger Stone-Alex Jones dust-up with “The Young Turks”.Stone and Jones were scheduled to be guests on my show just after the “Young Turks” debacle, and if you watch the video you will see that in the middle of chaos, I was a rock of stability and assisted law enforcement, such as Trooper Casey (first name) from the Ohio State Police in establishing who was authorized to be near our broadcast location.

I was honored to support you in your campaign against the Hillary Machine, and voting for you was the first time I felt good about voting for a GOP candidate since President Reagan.

Mr. President, I had to bite my tongue when you were ridiculed for your tweet about being “wiretapped” and put under surveillance by the previous administration.

I was also egregiously ridiculed and dismissed as “erratic” and “crazy” by left wing media and bloggers when I said that I was under surveillance in 2014.

For those who may not know, I am a radio talk show host in Buffalo, NY and a perennial selection to Talker’s Magazine’s Heavy Hundred: Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America.

Just last week my co-host David Bellavia and I were named #63 on the list of most important talk show hosts in the country.

I have had a stable career in an unstable business, since 1981. 

In fact, not once have I been fired as a host or DJ in a broadcast career that goes back decades.

Writing this may cost me my job, but I don’t care.

Not at this point.

Not after what my loved ones, friends and I have been through.

Your personal safety, President Trump, and the importance of draining the swamp is too great to keep silent anymore about the continuing surveillance operation around my home, and show the public and you some hard evidence.

I have heard that you hit the ceiling when you learned that private family discussions in your residence(s) were not private.

President Trump, have your aides briefed you on real-life invisibility technology?

Are you familiar with the fact that in 2002, CIA’s chief scientist John Phillips asked students at Rochester Institute of  Technology (RIT) to “make him invisible?”

Do you know that RIT and other research institutions have made incredible advances in “invisibility” and “phantom bogey” technology?

Have your people briefed you on non-linear optics and adaptive camouflage?

Do you know that it is entirely possible that someone could be very close to you, and you wouldn’t even see them or know they were watching or listening to everything you said or did?

If what has been, and is happening around my home was a genuine and official National Security training and R and D operation, those involved would have reached out personally to me by now to explain what the hell is going on in my neighborhood and at my girlfriend’s.

I have given the people around me every opportunity to settle this matter privately, to keep the technology (which I have learned how to defeat) secret.

Since January of 2014 when my career was almost destroyed, other conservative ( I am actually a conservatarian) talk show hosts have either claimed to be under surveillance or have publicly admitted they suspect they are being watched.

Sean Hannity. Michael Savage. Alex Jones, etc.

They, and you, President Trump, have good reason to be concerned.

Team Bauerle

As previously reported by Canada Free Press (CFP), after I was called a “lunatic” and worse in January 2014 and beyond, a war hero friend and I put together a team of patriots to help me prove what sounded crazy even to me: that I was and had been under illegal surveillance, that it was very high tech and that I was right all along. It was known as “Team Bauerle.”

This team I put together to prove my claims of being under surveillance consisted of retired SEALS, Delta Force, Green Berets, intel (CIA) and law enforcement pros, both active duty and retired.

This team disbanded after they made contact with the people conducting the illegal surveillance, who assured my people that I would be compensated for the anguish through which I had been put.

After believing the matter resolved, my Team Bauerle disbanded, but the surveillance continues, in violation of what I thought and was assured was an agreement we had privately reached, that has not been honored, despite my repeated entreaties.

I held back photos and videos in the interest of what I was told was “national security.”

Until now.

Tom Bauerle: Radio’s True Patriot

Since the publication of the CFP article “Radio’s True Patriot”, another loved one has received calls from a military contractor with contracts with the NSA.

Nothing was said…No message was left.We have tried to call the number but despite being listed as a landline, it is a cell number and no one ever returned our calls to tell us why they had called my loved-one, twice without leaving a message (we have screenshots).

Was it some kind of veiled threat?

I don’t scare.

In fact, I take it as a compliment that more than one person had told me that I reminded them of the Billy Bob Thornton character in ‘Goliath’.

The authenticity of these photographs I am allowing CFP to publish of “cloaking-invisibility’ technology in use in my own backyard has been confirmed by Richard Schowengerdt, the man who invented “invisibility” in the 1990s.

The first picture is a simple cell phone shot of my backyard, in daylight.


But what is that midway up the utility pole, to the right?

I invented a process to break the “invisibility” camouflage, and I’ve never even taken a physics class.




And being more than a little pissed off.

Again, I now believe “Team Bauerle” was lied to in Spring 2016, and that the people illegally surveilling me were stalling to delay me or prevent me from pursuing a public course of action with the video and these (and many other) photos.

Mr. President, I now believe there is a high probability that those engaged in the harassment of me and several loved ones and friends are operatives of the Shadow Government trying to bring you and your presidency down.

The reason I asked CFP to report on what I reasonably believed was a settlement that would be honored with those responsible for the illegal surveillance? (see CFP “Vindicated”)

Butt-dial mystery call from “April Melody”

Among other weirdness, a loved-one had received a butt-dial mystery call from “April Melody” of the DNC. (See pic from CFP)

I do not trust the Clintons or the Obama Mob, and I wanted that call and my story on the public record, lest I have a sudden heart-attack induced by hacking my ICD,  or a lightning strike,  or have my vehicle suddenly accelerate and crash.

This call to my loved one’s cell phone was made hours after Hillary’s DNC convention acceptance speech, and the person who received the call would have no reason to be on any DNC call list.

We learned the number belonged to Ms. Melody of the DNC because it was part of the Wikileaks dump.

Why would this person, very close to me, receive a call from a DNC staffer on the Wikileaks dump?

I left messages for her. She never returned my calls. How about that? Huh?

President Trump, I have tried reaching out to you through mutual friends, but I have recently realized that even you may not know about the surveillance techniques under development right now, because no one from the White House ever got back to me.

One of your closest aides had no idea of my situation when it was brought to his attention.

I am concerned about you and believe it a strong possibility that you are being kept in the dark by Obama holdovers at the FBI, NSA and CIA because they WANT you to look like a paranoid lunatic.

Has anyone in our government  advised you not to upset the intelligence apparatus, Mr. President?

I believe we are not just talking about the Obama “progressives” currently employed in intel, but those who may be doing private contract work after leaving the service.

I have decided to release these photos,with many more to come, complete with instructions on how to defeat these technologies, to help keep you safe.

If, as Commander in Chief, you request I not release additional photos and videos of this technology in action, I will obey, Sir.

Isn’t it odd how many of your PRIVATE conversations were leaked to certain people?

With all of the leaks from your “inner circle”, there is something rotten going on.

President Trump, The Swamp is a bitter enemy and they will do anything to drain you

President Trump, The Swamp is a bitter enemy and they will do anything to drain you.

You, President Trump, need to watch your back and I call upon you to open a federal probe of the illegal surveillance of citizens like me, and as you Tweeted, even yourself.

Former President Carter also believed that he was being illegally surveilled, but I suppose he’s just delusional too, huh?
And let’s not forget the previous administration’s illegal surveillance of Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen.

I have a lot of intel to give you as a starting point.

Did I sound like a lunatic when we spoke? I hope not.

Did you sound like one to me? No.

But something is very, very suspicious.

I have concluded the people who have illegally surveilled me (and loved ones) since at least 2013 and who continue to do so, hacked my electronics as well as those of my loved ones and friends (like former White House Travel Chef Tracy Martin, whose phone was hacked and had his home broken into days after appearing on my show to confirm that the real Hillary Clinton has no use for our black brothers and sisters and frequently uses the “N”-Word.) are most likely Deep State people and those who simply cannot accept the fact that you beat The Swamp’s choice. (See: Tom Bauerle: Can Satellites Reprogram Voting Machines?, and DNC intimidation of Tom Bauerle loved ones exposed by Wikileaks)

Naturally,  a significant amount of money will be needed to compensate me for massive invasions of privacy and my civil rights.

My home, despite having a state of the art security system, has been broken into on numerous occasions.

One such break-in was recorded in January 2014, and a professional came to my home, watched the video and informed me that it looked like “electronic cloaking,” a term of which I had never heard.

That professional?  A Federal Agent… Specifically, Secret Service.

We became acquainted when he reached out to me to request I make it clear that the Secret Service monitored comments made by listeners on my show’s Facebook page, and requested that I remind people that the Secret Service investigates all potential threats. Of course, I happily obliged, as the Secret Service has better things to do than chase down idiots who vented violently against Mr. Obama.

I will not publicly name that person at this time.

On a subsequent visit to my home, he told me “It looks like they have the full array against you tonight.”

That individual gave me a box of chocolate from President Obama’s Air Force One. (see photo, left)

We would meet periodically until one day he kind of vanished from the face of the earth, not only with me but also from a mutual friend.

It isn’t a question of “national security” any more.

The issue is freedom and the republic.

What else makes sense?

We have been subjected to years of civil rights violations as well as privacy violations.

Yes, this letter to you may cost me my job (“Why would you bring this up again? I might affect the Almighty Revenue stream  if people think you’re nuts!” I can almost hear it now), but there comes a time when people have a right to know what their government, research institutions and military contractors are up to.

And I will be litigating against ALL involved.

We should be talking about a MAJOR amount of compensatory and punitive damages here.

I believe the only reason I am alive is because of Team Bauerle and the info we gathered on them and their operation which dates at least back to 2013.

I can play the intel games with the best of them, and am damned proud of how I have withstood threats, implied threats and too many coincidences to be random.

Strange Coincidences

  • When people close to me receive “wrong number” calls one after another (no message left) from a defense contractor with big NSA contracts and refuse to answer messages as to why they’ve called, is that a coincidence?
  • When someone close to me is called by a number on the DNC Wikileaks documents, listed as belonging to an “April Melody” of the DNC, just after Hillary’s acceptance speech, is that a coincidence? She never called back either.
  • When the same license plates are seen at different times and places and days, and they trace back to certain research institutions and disproportionally to veterans (often hired by defense contractors), is that a coincidence?
  • When my long term girlfriend and I heard noises and rushed to the front of my home with cameras to investigate and a snarling Rottweiler never seen here before or since is practically unleashed on us by an unfamiliar woman before we could reach the area to which we were rushing, is that a coincidence?

There are waay tooo many such “coincidences” for me to stay quiet any longer.

And to other members of the media and left-wing bloggers who are salivating over the chance to question my sanity again, a la Alinsky’s “ridicule, is a powerful weapon” theory.

You would do quite well to refer to the statement by Dr. Marshall (Canada Free Press) attesting to my sound mental health. Mr. Bauerle “does not need psychotropic medication.”

My attorneys and I will vigorously pursue any unfair injury to my brand which may arise from false accusations that I have “delusions” or any such mental health issues.

I do not, and never have.

You’re on notice: you’d best think twice before you call my “sanity” into question, and you may wish to reflect on the multiple corroborations of my claims by private citizens and the inventor of the technology, the above mentioned Richard Schowengerdt, who confirmed the photo below as “proof beyond any doubt” that I was correct about being under high tech surveillance.

I believe in the First Amendment, but I will not allow my reputation to be unfairly slandered or libelled and will be aggressive in pursuing any such damage to my brand.

You are put on notice: while I am a public person, and slander and libel claims have to meet  a higher threshold to be actionable,  my attorneys and I will have a keen eye on media outlets and their reporting on this, and will vigorously pursue any hint that I am “mentally ill” or delusional.

The personal safety of truth-tellers is  left hanging perilously in the balance

I am not an attorney, but you would be well-advised to speak with your legal counsel about the “reckless disregard for the facts” standard and ask yourself “If a jury sees these pictures, the unambiguous corroboration from the man who invented cloaking technology they show , the statement from Dr. Marshall attesting to my sound mental health, what would the preponderance of evidence suggest? That I have mental issues, or that I am and have been telling the truth.” So as much as it may pain you, I am very aware of the law in this regard.

And I just need 51% proof, even though it is my opinion as a layman I can exceed “reasonable doubt” in any claim.

Choose your words very, very carefully when describing my claims.

I’ll be happy to undergo a polygraph.

And any ad hominem attack regarding my mental health will be dealt with appropriately.

That isn’t a threat.

It is a promise, and I’m doing you a favor in advance.

I did not and will not pursue any action against the Amherst Police Department, because I respect law enforcement, and as I have stated, at that time I was making claims without substantiation. In their shoes, I also would have wanted a psych-eval.

You members of the media and bloggers will receive no quarter at all from me should you recklessly disregard the facts of my case. Not just corporations, but individual reporters and  bloggers’ work will be scrutinized carefully for any damage done unfairly to my “brand” and future income potential.

Meanwhile, here’s the thing: The personal safety of truth-tellers is  left hanging perilously in the balance.

If they can do this to the duly elected President of the United States, what’s to stop them from doing it to the rest of us.

Tom Bauerle — Bio and Archives |Tom Bauerle, 53, has been in radio since 1981, mostly in Buffalo, NY at legendary WGR and WBEN. He spent a year in Tampa at WTKN, and two years at KMOX Radio in St. Louis.

He is a perennial selection to Talkers Magazines “Heavy Hundred Radio Talk Show Hosts” in the USA, the past two years at #63 (along with co-host David Bellavia).

Bauerle is known for wide-ranging knowledge, humor, wisdom, logic and his interviewing skills. He also admits to having a juvenile sense of humor without apology, and sometimes peppers his language with vulgarity and well as “language of high dudgeon” Much as Shakespeare did.

He has a lifelong fascination with spirituality, Shakespeare, archaeology and criminal history. The first book his mother bought him was history of the FBI. At age 5.

Bauerle is also an occasional guitar player on some songs with a Buffalo Band called “Nerds Gone Wild.” His brother Dick is a nationally respected guitar player with a song in “Spaceballs,” and a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. Bauerle is a rabid fan of Steely Dan’s music, and sits in the front row in front of Donald Fagen as much as possible.

He is in a long-term relationship with a Buffalo businesswoman he calls “Mrs. Nerd”, who stuck by his side after witnessing herself the strange happenings around their residences.

Convinced that all of her many lies will remain under a rug that no one, including the FBI seems willing to look under, Clinton continues with whoppers in paid speeches, belching borscht and vodka at everyone within spitting distance

Hillary Belches Borscht and Vodka in “1000 Russian” whopper

June 8, 2017   By

The timing of truth really is everything:

Just as WBEN radio talk show host Tom Bauerle stepped forward on Canada Free Press (CFP), warning President Donald Trump about the method Shadow Government operatives are using to spy on and wiretap him, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit was bursting into telltale flames over in Silicon Valley.

Bauerle, smeared as “erratic” and “crazy”,  all for catching the spies who have been keeping him under surveillance since 2013, showed signature spunk in coming forward a second time about how the spy technology of cloaking works on its unsuspecting victims: “I know because it happened to me, and I’m risking my job and perhaps even my life by giving you this heads up,” he wrote in an open letter to President Trump yesterday.

They smeared me as “crazy” when I discovered I was being spied on right from my own backyard, neighborhood, my girlfriend’s house and possibly everywhere. They smear you as unstable and unfit for office for saying you were “wiretapped”.

Bauerle, as CFP can willingly attest, is telling the truth.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the Internet can unwittingly attest, continues to add to her mountain of monstrous lies.

Clinton, who spoke to Recode founders Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in Silicon Valley yesterday set her own pantsuit on fire with over-the-top whoppers.

Her latest whopper?

“1,000 Russian agents” were working every day to make sure that distorted “content” was appearing before internet users to lose her the election.

Russian agents hired by her opponent, now President,  Donald Trump.

Clinton did not cite her source for the claim.” (Lifezette, May 31, 2017)

Clinton did not cite her source for the claim because Hillary Rodham Clinton is the one and only source for the claim.

“Clinton took the opportunity to blame numerous players for her Nov. 8 election defeat, and also to justify her use of the term “vast right-wing conspiracy” all the way back in 1998. The “conspiracy” against her, she suggested, is still alive. (Lifezette)

And most inconveniently for you, Mrs. Clinton, so are the aforementioned Tom Bauerle and former White House Travel Chef Tracy Martin who know what you’re all about.

Bauerle interviewed Martin—while he was still under surveillance—on his July 26, popular WBEN radio show.  (July 27, 2016 WBEN Radio Clip, Follow up August 4, 2016 Interview )

Martin had confirmed that the real Hillary Clinton, who frequently uses the “N”-word,  has no use for our black brothers and sisters when there are no cameras around. His phone was hacked and his home broken into two days after the Bauerle show.

“The Russians … could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been … guided by Americans. And guided by people who had polling and data and information.” (Lifezette)

“Clinton blamed propaganda and “content” that was used by President Donald Trump’s campaign and allies to influence voters in a covert type of manner.

“Clinton blamed “the other side” for using “content farms” and fake news to target her.

“While Clinton told Mossberg and Swisher she did not engage in lies during her campaign, she said Trump’s side did.”

The Benghazi lie blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video and not terrorism ignored by a Clinton-headed state department in order to get Barack Obama re-elected in 2012, remained under the rug under which it was swept during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Convinced that all of her many lies will remain under a rug that no one, including the FBI seems willing to look under, Clinton continues with whoppers in paid speeches, belching borscht and vodka at everyone within spitting distance.

Borscht and vodka belching don’t frighten off Tom Bauerle,  who wrote about his CFP story on the Bauerle and Bellavia Facebook page yesterday:

BEGGING. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS GO VIRAL. This is, by far, the most important piece I have ever written, ever, and I hope someone out there has the juice to get it directly to the president, for his and the nation’s good.

“Feel free to bombard Drudge, Newsmax, World Net Daily, The NY Times with this.

“That way, it should get Mr. Trump’s attention. I am walking into a shi*storm by writing and posting this, but you and the people of the USA need to know the truth. And I am used to shi*storms. I’ve prevailed every time. TB”

Your lies are coming to get you Hillary and with Tom Bauerle still on your whopper trail, there’s nowhere for you to run and nowhere to hide.

Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

On Watch: LIVE – “Inside the Deep State”


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