VIDEO Anti-Sharia Rallies In USA – ‘We May Have Generations of Radical Islamists in U.K. Unless British Govt Wakes Up’

‘We May Have Generations of Radical Islamists in the U.K. Unless the British Government Wakes Up’

 5 June 2017 by John Hayward

Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs Fred Fleitz of the Center for Security Policy joined SiriusXM host Joel Pollak on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about the London Bridge terror attack.

Pollak began by asking if the London Bridge attack would finally provide the wake-up call needed for those who underestimate or downplay the dangers of radical Islamic terrorism.

“A lot of people who were in denial almost say the right thing after these events. They sort of can’t help themselves,” Fleitz replied.

“But what really concerns me is that yes, it’s right we have to improve security – we need better outreach, we need better intelligence – but there’s something they’re not talking about in the U.K. that really needs to be focused on: the role that the failure to assimilate British Muslims has created the situation,” he said. “There are communities where British Muslims are deliberately not assimilating, are being taught to hate British society, and this is incubating radicalism. There’s actually a parallel system of sharia law courts in the U.K. that operate.”

“We may have generations of radical Islamists in the U.K., until the British government wakes up and stops the situation,” he warned.

Pollak pointed out that the United States has unassimilated religious communities with their own internal systems of government that live peaceably alongside their neighbors, such as the Amish and Jewish communities in upstate New York.

“It’s certainly true there are some communities in the United States that have not assimilated,” Fleitz agreed. “I’m not concerned about Amish or Jewish communities, but I will tell you that there are enclaves of Muslim communities in Michigan and Minnesota that concern me. We know that in Minnesota there’s a rising rate of measles because the community has not assimilated into the rest of the community, and is not vaccinating their children. This is wrong. This is a big problem.”

“The problem with these Muslim communities is that it is making them susceptible to this radical worldview that wants to destroy modern society, create a global caliphate, and impose sharia law on everyone on Earth,” Fleitz contended. “These other communities aren’t trying to do that. They’re peaceful religious communities.”

“Also, when we have immigrants coming to a country from another country, I think they need to learn the practices and laws of the country where they’re coming to, the country that is accepting them and serving as a refuge for them. I think when people come to their new home country, they should understand and learn about the laws of this new country. That’s not happening in the U.K.,” he said.

Pollak offered the converse observation that some of the worst terrorist murderers, such as the San Bernardino jihadis, appear to be fairly well-assimilated.

“We can have homegrown radical Islamist terrorists – and I don’t really think they’re homegrown, I think they’re inspired or directed by foreign Islamist terrorist organizations – but it’s this ideology of hate that either is being communicated to them over the Internet, or is being passed on to members of separated communities in the U.K. It’s the ideology we have to confront, and I think this problem is worse in these separate communities,” Fleitz said.

Fleitz argued that measures to hinder the ability of extremists to recruit and coordinate with the Internet should be explored, with due regard for civil liberties, but he is more concerned about “radical clerics and radical mosques who are promoting this type of hate and ideology firsthand.”

“I also want to stop these ISIS videos that we know homegrown radical Islamist terrorists are taking in, and it’s playing a role in radicalizing them,” he added.

“I think 9/11 was a wake-up call. You could just see how Republicans and Democrats in Washington were working together against the threat. Now we’re challenged by political correctness, and people who are in denial, and don’t want to the let the government take the steps it has to take to go after radical Islam,” Fleitz reflected.

“Whenever there’s a radical Islamic terrorist attack, we get these lectures about Islamophobia from our leaders, leaders in the U.K. I think that is really hobbling the ability of our government to go after this threat, and that’s unfortunate. I hope what happened in London will be a wake-up call, but I’m worried in a few weeks we’ll be lectured about Islamophobia again,” he said.

“Anyone who raises concerns about radical Islam seems to be tarred and feathered as an Islamophobe in this country. I’ll let the people who peddle this term give a better explanation, but that’s my experience,” he replied when Pollak asked for a precise definition of “Islamophobia.”

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ACT! For America is planning a nationwide “March Against Sharia – March for Human Rights” on June 10 that so far has 28 cities signed up to participate.

Organizers say they will be taking a public stand against female genital mutilation, honor violence, the blasphemy and apostasy laws, among other elements of Shariah that are increasingly showing up in American society.

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT For America, said America is now starting to experience some of the same atrocities of Shariah that her family escaped in Lebanon decades ago.

“We want to increase awareness about certain practices that are starting to happen in our country with the rise of Islamic immigration, because we are now hearing about female genital mutilation, like the cases in Detroit recently announced by the Department of Justice,” she told WND. “Who would have thought in 21st century America, after what women did working so hard in defense of women’s rights that we’d be talking about little girls being horribly mutilated, and that 513,000 girls are at risk of this barbaric Third World procedure, according to the CDC [Centers for Disease Control].”

ACT! will also shine a light on honor killings and honor violence.

“It’s already here in America,” Gabriel said. “We’re seeing girls being killed simply for wanting to wear makeup. Under our Constitution they deserve the same rights and protections.”

She said U.S. feminists are “completely silent on this issue, and that is why we are trying to humanize this issue by putting names behind these atrocities. On our website we have faces of girls and woman who have been killed in the name of honor by their husbands in America. We want to personalize these faces so when people hear about honor killing and FGM they know it is happening here in America to American girls and women, not just in Pakistan or India or Saudi Arabia.”

Scott Presler received his 'wake-up call' after the Orlando attack of June 12, 2016.

Scott Presler received his ‘wake-up call’ after the Orlando attack of June 12, 2016.

Scott Presler, one of the organizers of the event, said the left will try to paint the rallies as “Islamophobic” and anti-Muslim, because that’s what the left always does in its defense of the Islamist agenda.

See an interactive map showing all 28 rally sites across the U.S.

If radical leftists want to hold counter protests in favor of female genital mutilations, honor killings and the death penalty for former Muslims who have left the faith, they are more than welcome to do so, he said.

“You cannot be pro-Shariah and call yourself a feminist – that is called fake feminism, people like Linda Sarsour are fake feminists and hypocrites,” said Presler, referring to the leader of the Women’s March on Washington after Donald Trump was elected president.

“And we’re not afraid to call them out,” he added. “We are here to protect our communities and educate them on the issues and get them to call their legislators to pass legislation that protects women and other victims of Shariah.”

Presler said his own wake-up call came one year ago on June 12, when the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was attacked by the son of an Afghan immigrant who killed 49 people in an act of jihad.

“I came out as gay after the attack on Pulse. I never intended to come out, at least not this soon, but after it happened, I felt I had to take a stand, I felt obligated, I had to fight for my community, my country,” Presler told WND.

In Muslim-majority countries where Shariah rules, there is no debate as to whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry. The debate is how best to punish them, and in some countries such as Saudi Arabia, how best to kill them – whether by beheading or throwing them off of tall buildings.

“We are under attack simply because of our sexuality. Just like women, just for being born a female you are already under attack, and I think that’s demonstrative of how extreme radical Islam really is,” Presler said. “I had to educate myself and now I’m trying to educate others.”

After the Orlando attack Presler said he joined ACT! For America.

“I had seen Brigitte Gabriel’s videos in the past, but after Orlando that was my wake-up call. Her wake-up call was 9/11, whereas my wake-up call was Pulse Nightclub,” said Presler, who grew up in northern Virginia and now lives in Virginia Beach.

Gabriel told WND the first national anti-Shariah rallies have the goal of humanizing the effects of Islamic law on real Americans.

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