Could the British Labor Party Corbyn Win the British Election?


Could Labour’s Corbyn Actually Win the British Elections? | The Nation

Theresa May seems to shrink by the day, with her lead now in the single digits, while Corbyn has found his voice. So goes the headline. A guest post by Mustang gives us his thoughts on the matter:

British Elections

British elections are nothing if not fascinating.  At present, elections are in full swing, with voting to occur on 8 June.  While I am not at all surprised leftists vying for control of the House of Commons, I am amazed that a leading labor contender has any hope at all gaining a position in Parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the labor movement and a former leader of the opposition is one of those leftists who despite communism’s horrendous track record continues to embrace policies guaranteed to destroy a nation’s economic viability and social stability.  What makes Corbyn an astonishing study is that for a time, he was not even able to maintain the confidence of other important labor leaders.  In 2016, labor MPs passed a vote of no confidence [in Corbyn] (172 to 40), but within a few months Corbyn did retain his party’s leadership with 62% of the House’s labor vote.  Corbyn’s record is one that leaves me scratching my head.

Writer Kate McCann recently told us in the Daily Telegraph, “Labour has drawn up a secret plan to allow thousands of unskilled migrants to enter the UK following Brexit.”  Corbyn intends to reinstitute a visa scheme that allows unskilled workers to move to the United Kingdom —where they will compete with British workers in such areas as farming and industrial production.  No doubt the long-term plan, if this arrangement is ever re-implemented, will set the stage for wage increases, growth of minority populations, and raising the cost of goods and services to consumers.  Increased prices will curtail spending, and this in turn will increase levels of middle class unemployment.

My conclusion is that Corbyn’s plan is no more than an assault upon the middle class, which in any civilized society is the engine of a vibrant economy.

Corbyn’s background is probably typical of those involved with the so-called progressive movement: he became entranced with socialist ideals and the British labour movement while still a young lad and has been stuck on stupid ever since.  As an aside, I think we ought to dispense with such terms as “progressive” because the word suggests something other than what it is.  Again, turning to the man who would know, Vladimir Lenin instructed us, “The purpose of socialism is communism.”  In this sense, Corbyn has much in common with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: he has never seen a mass-murdering communist he didn’t adore.

The question remains: who in their right mind would vote for a man like this to represent them in Parliament, and why would any middle-class voter support an avowed communist?  The answer probably lies, as it does in the United States, in how much free stuff Corbyn is willing to offer in exchange for votes.  My bet is that large numbers of minorities living in the UK will turn out for more free stuff.  Again, where does all this inane thinking originate?  Schools?  At church?  From consuming stagnant water?

As I said earlier, British elections are fascinating; I’ll be watching the results of the upcoming competition with interest.


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6 Responses to Could the British Labor Party Corbyn Win the British Election?

  1. We’re trying to buy a home so I’m hoping he’ll get into power. Why?
    The country will collapse, there will be loads of banks foreclosing on mortgages, house prices will plummit soon after, and our money (such as it is) will buy more for less.
    Then we’ll just claim for everything we can screw out of his government.
    Does that make me bad and uncaring about others?
    Nope, I see it as using my initiative.
    Besides the very people who will get caught are the same one’s who priced us out of home ownership in the first place. Payback is a bitch!

    As for his thought on nukes, the NHS, where he’s going to get the money for all his promises, and whatever else he’s promised? I’m unconcerned.
    The UK is cyclic in it’s desire to let fools govern so for once I’m going to use that foolishness.
    Besides Labour will just increase the national debt (as per their past record) as the UK hasn’t cleared that original debt despite ‘austerity’ savings to date!

    Why worry!


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