VIDEO Last Ounce of Courage

Dec 14, 2017


EVERY Christian in this Nation needs to see this and realize what’s happening. Our freedoms are being swept out from under us and WE Christians have caused it by allowing it to happen when WE could have done something.

In fact, even in this movie they make a subtle mistake; freedom of religion does NOT mean ANY religion. This Nation was formed BY Christians and FOR Christians, freedom of “religion”, to our founding Fathers, meant “freedom to worship Christ freely: if you wanna be a Baptist and someone else a Methodist, fine, but it was NOT freedom to worship fake gods such as “allah”.. “government shall not make laws establishing a religion…” meant that government could not make a law saying you HAVE to be Christian (since that is something you can’t make someone do) or a particular denomination, it did NOT mean government could not favor Christianity.

Our founding fathers escaped England, due to religious oppression, and came here with the sole purpose of creating a Nation to honor JESUS Christ.. Separation of Church and state did NOT mean removing Christ, it meant that government could not tell Church what to do, Church tells THEM what to do, for if you remove Christ from law and government it is worthless and WILL fail. Btw, to anyone who says they want “religion” kept out of government, fine, but as long as you realize that “politics” in itself IS a religion; it’s a set of man made laws designed to control in some way. Remove Christ and all you have is death, destruction, and corruption waiting to happen!


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This Blog is for modern day Patriots who want to Reclaim Our Republic and put it on the right path with a foundation of our Constitution and our Creator God.
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