VIDEO The Mattis Moment – Libs Deport Little Boy At Gunpoint, Won’t Stop Islamic Invasion

The Mattis Moment

On Face The Nation on Sunday, May 28, 2017, John Dickerson asked Secretary of Defense James Mattis a generic question and got a very non-generic answer (thanks to Powerline):

Dickerson: ‘What keeps you awake at night?’

Secretary Mattis: ‘Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.

Isn’t it about time, gentle readers, America had a leader like General Mattis leading the DOD? The best part is, he’s right, and our allies and enemies know it.

For your viewing and reading pleasure, a few additional pearls of wisdom, and promises to our enemies, from a great American:




credit: the


God Bless Secretary Mattis, the United States Marine Corps, President Trump, and God Bless America.


Democrats apparently only ever support enforcing immigration laws when it helps Communist dictators

FLASHBACK: Libs Will Deport A Little Boy At Gunpoint, But Won't Stop Islamic Invaders

May 30, 2017 by John Griffing

In the wake of the Fourth Circuit’s decision on President Trump’s refugee ban, a little history is useful.

The same people who will do this:

Will not allow Trump to stop this:

In the current discourse on immigration, we cannot forget two-time Barack Obama supporter and recently deceased Cuban despot, Fidel Castro. Presumably for love of cigars, Democrats deported a frightened, hysterical little boy back to Castro’s Cuba because he was an “illegal alien.”

That boy was Elian Gonzalez.

Alan Diaz, the Associated Press (AP) photographer who took the Pulitzer prize-winning photographs of Elian Gonzalez, said in 2010:

“I told the boy, in Spanish, that nothing’s happening. It’s going to be all right. I knew I was lying to him. That’s a terrible thing to do with a child. I knew what was going to happen. I just didn’t have any way to comfort this child,” Diaz said. “It’s the only thing that occurred to me to tell him.”

“The cry I heard that day I had never heard in my life … A cry like that will haunt anyone forever,” Diaz concluded.

President Bill Clinton held a press conference saying that deporting little Elian at gunpoint was “the right thing to do.”

The operation was spearheaded by Attorney General Janet Reno, a woman who was gender-fluid before it was cool. Reno was also responsible for the notorious shooting death of 26 children at the hands of federal agents, as well as the subsequent cover-up.

The lesson learned? The answer is two-fold:

Janet Reno was an asexual evolutionary missing link who should have been deported for being an actual alien. And second, Democrats apparently only ever support enforcing immigration laws when it helps Communist dictators.

Democrats clearly oppose immigration laws when they keep out kind, gentle refugees — like the 9/11 hijackers (illegal immigrants) or the WTC ’93 bomber, who was amnestied under Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neil’s Immigration Control and Reform Act (ICRA).

“Hypocrisy” does not begin to describe liberal cognitive dissonance on the issue of immigration.


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