RINO Leaker McCain – Deep State Revenge – WaPo article that debunks Comey memo claim – Putin Would Provide Transcript


McCain Scandal DEBUNKED – The White House In SHOCK

May 16, 2017


As we all know, back-stabbing Senator McCain has been experiencing extreme difficulties in hiding his scandal ever since he turned his back on Trump. From where I stand, it seems that he was hoping to see Trump impeached so his scandals would stay forgotten.

But, unfortunately for him, these dreams of his are going down!

True Pundit reported that “McCain is believed to have somehow gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private, classified telephone calls with world leaders. And he isn’t keeping quiet about what was talked about either.”

“An analysis of McCain’s recent public statements by White House officials, coupled with information from intelligence personnel working with the Trump administration, paints a disturbing picture for McCain — or any elected U.S. politician. Officials believe the senator has inside knowledge of a number of President Trump’s telephone conversations, including at least one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Even more alarming, officials believe McCain is secretly sharing this sensitive information with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency even before it has a chance to succeed. Trump has been searching for media rats in the Beltway in recent weeks.

White House aides are confident they have now outed one of the major leaks plaguing the early days of the Trump presidency. To everyone’s surprise, it is a senior senator supposedly belonging to the same side of the political aisle as the president.”

However, McCain wasn’t really ‘polite’ when he was talking about Trump and whoever is with him. On the other side, if he really leaks confidential information with the mainstream media, then…



White House insider confirmed:

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider said. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.”

Things are going to get pretty ugly, pretty fast!

We deserve the truth, and the truth will set us FREE!

But, the truth will put McCain in JAIL!

Since he doesn’t get along with the truth very well!

Do you think McCain is going to be sentenced or is he going to resign and walk away free?


BOOM! Brit Hume posts WaPo article that debunks Comey memo claim

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According to Comey, President Trump asked him to drop an investigation against Flynn on February 14, 2017. According to this WaPo article, the FBI had already finished their investigation,and found no evidence of wrong doing.

washingtonpost.com reports: The FBI in late December reviewed intercepts of communications between the Russian ambassador to the United States and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn — national security adviser to then-President-elect Trump — but has not found any evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government, U.S. officials said.

Although Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were listened to, Flynn himself is not the active target of an investigation, U.S. officials said.


Vladimir Putin: Russia Can Prove Donald Trump Did Not Give Classified Intel to Diplomats

 17 May 2017 by Penny Starr

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is willing to share what transpired between President Donald Trump and Russian diplomats during recent meetings, which will show that no classified intelligence was discussed.

Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Wednesday, Putin said he had “no other explanation” for the claim made by U.S. left-wing media that Trump revealed classified intelligence to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, except that he believes there is an atmosphere of  “political schizophrenia” in Washington:

“President Putin joked that that he would reprimand Mr. Lavrov because ‘he hasn’t shared those secrets with us.’”

The media, in a story first reported by the Washington Post and picked up by countless other outlets, are claiming that two unnamed U.S. officials said Trump had disclosed highly classified information to the Russians about the Islamic State (ISIS) and the radical Islamic terrorists’ plan to attack airliners.



They “know how to get back, even if you’re the president

CNN's Bash Admits Comey Memo is "Deep State" Revenge Against Trump

May 17, 2017

CNN’s Dana Bash let slip the true motivation behind the release of the Comey memo when she acknowledged that it was part of the “deep state” taking revenge against President Trump.

In yet another anonymously sourced news story, the New York Times reported yesterday that they were told about a memo (without having seen it) where Trump told former FBI Director James Comey, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go, he is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

The anti-Trump media immediately ran with hysterical headlines accusing Trump of obstructing justice, with several news anchors and columnists calling for his impeachment.

Amidst all the frenzy however, CNN’s Dana Bash let slip the truth – that the memo is just the latest volley in the Hillary-aligned deep state’s revenge campaign against President Trump.

“If you just take a step back, Wolf, just in the past 24 hours, right or wrong, what this president has done, his first 100 plus days, even before he came into office is pick fights with the intelligence community and now the law enforcement community. Particularly the way, never mind he fired James Comey, but the way in which he did it, not giving him the respect of actually telling him in person or at least not having him find out from cable news,” said Bash.

“So we know that they talk about the deep state—well these are communities that have a lot of loyalty within and know how to get back, even if you’re the president of the United States,” she added.

Former CIA analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer echoed Bash’s sentiments during an appearance on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs.

“This is truly deep state,” said Shaffer. “This is something being done by those in the deep state to upset everything that’s going on and try to undermine the president in every breath.”

Let’s not forget that before Trump was even inaugurated, Senator Chuck Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (with a sadistic glint in his eyes) that the deep state would make it their mission to take down Trump.

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you,” said Schumer, adding that Trump was being “really dumb” to get in their way.

The deep state is intent on pressuring Congress into bringing impeachment charges against Trump because he dared to take them on, and the Comey memo is merely the latest step in that direction.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz and House Speaker Paul Ryan urged people to get the facts first….



Ryan on Trump Controversies: ‘There’s Clearly a Lot of Politics Being Played’


Washington Post’s Chief Correspondent Trolls Republicans to Turn On President Trump








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