VIDEO They hate Trump so that makes him guilty – Trump Planning Major Purge At The White House

Rhetoric has now boomeranged back to them as the liberal/socialists are actually spreading paranoia which they falsely accused patriotic Americans of having toward Russia in the late 1940s and ’50s

They hate Trump so that makes him guilty

May 13, 2017 By

What “collusion?” Who are the alleged individuals Donald Trump is colluding with and the alleged crimes he is committing? Answer: THERE AREN’T ANY!

It’s like having to prove you’re not guilty of speeding only if you can absolutely show you’ve never driven over the speed limit.

But it has to be first alleged that you did something, then that specific crime is prosecuted.

A grand jury or special prosecutor is called to see if there are grounds to prosecute a specified crime against or with specified individuals. They can’t be called for the purpose of going after someone because you wish or hope or have a hunch they must have done something illegal!!!

And no, it’s not like Watergate. That was named after a specified illegal activity: an illegal break-in at the Watergate Hotel by specified perpetrators who did it as part of a specified greater planned and purposeful criminal activity which was done with proven knowledge and complicity of President Nixon.

There wasn’t a Congressional committee or committees created because of propaganda created by his opponent in the presidential campaign and then linked with random meetings and phone calls with suspicious unknown people.

It was because of an actual specific crime committed that was shown to be done by specific named individuals who had clearly-defined connections with Nixon and his staff.

The actual Watergate criminal activity had actual criminal perpetrators who were caught doing actual criminal activity. In other words, the collusion was actual and was committed by people who were publicly prosecuted for their crimes.

Every politician would be on trial or under investigation if the only requirement for arrest was based on someone hating them who is “sure” they did something wrong and knows they are a lying politician therefore they must be guilty so investigate them or just arrest them.

I welcome those who think I’m wrong to explain to me the fault they see in my reasoning so we can have an amicable discussion of the issue. But I know from experience that will not happen. In their minds it’s already been placed in the absolutely-hate-anything-pro-Trump category and rejected as valid concepts.

I’m not one to consider those people or things with which I disagree as being absolutely disagreeable. I believe in right and wrong and that there are absolutes. But I also believe that the unique compilation of thoughts and ideas that each of us has can very rarely, if ever, be wholly evil.

So often in discussions, those with whom I disagree are quick to place me or others into convenient little hate categories.

Take, for example, a meme I saw the other day ridiculing Ayn Rand and her writings was so quick to be Liked by people I never thought were particularly haters of her writings. To categorize her as someone to be utterly despised and rejected is so mind-boggling to me. Yet I’ve seen in years past how high school teachers and others dismiss her and belittle her.

It’s not so hard to see why those taught in the Leftist indoctrination centers we call universities would think that way, though. Her ideas stand in stark contrast to the collectivist thinking of the communist ideologues of the 1930s through the 1960s that is so prevalent in our institutions of higher learning.

Now I don’t agree with everything she said, and some of it I strongly disagree with. But to dismiss it as utter drivel is to completely miss the insightful and profound thoughts of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

I hate to see so many people basing their conclusions and beliefs on purposely perverted versions of the facts. But our nation is now gripped by a deception that, while not causing horrifying results of the extreme as Nazi Germany, has the same degree of a pernicious hold on our nation as the Nazis did on the German people.

It is a deception that has been at work for many years, but reached unseen heights during last year’s Presidential election campaign and continues unabated.

I’m sure many of you know people who once had similar ideological and political beliefs but have abandoned them for an utter acceptance of the singular Leftist political ideology that is now so pervasive in America.

Then we have Democrat leaders taking things to outer space with their conclusions. For example, Senator Elizabeth Warren says, “Comey was fired because of the Russians.”

There was a time, particularly right after World War II when the Russians were stealing all our nuclear technology, that liberals were trying to downplay the nefarious nature of Soviet Russia and called carefulness paranoia.

It seems their rhetoric has now boomeranged back to them as the liberal/socialists are actually spreading paranoia which they falsely accused patriotic Americans of having toward Russia in the late 1940s and ‘50s.


Shakeup expected at White House

May 13, 2017

NYT Confirms Infowars Report: Trump Planning Major Purge

Days after Infowars reported that President Trump was planning a major purge inside the White House, the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets said the same thing:

We broke the news:

Also, here’s a break down the global ransomware attack:

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