VIDEO ‘Justice for Chelsey’ March, UK Police INACTION After Rape – Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’

‘Justice for Chelsey’ March Protests Alleged Police Inaction After Woman Reports Migrant Rape

 14 May 2017 by Jack Montgomery

A march has taken place in Sunderland to protest alleged police inaction after a young mother reported being drugged, raped, and assaulted by a group of migrant men.

The mainstream press initially reported the arrest and bail of six men from Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain after local woman Chelsey Wright, 26, reported a “serious assault”.

However, it is alleged the men all escaped charges and local police failed to investigate the incident properly.

In an interview with The Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, Ms. Wright describes waking up in a locked room with a strange man of Turkish appearance who laughed at her and banged her head against the wall when she tried to escape.

Ms. Wright says she managed to get out of the room when the first man unlocked the door to let another man in, but was kicked down the stairs when she attempted to flee. She says a number of men attempted to restrain her as she made for the front door, dragging her back into the house by her hair in the presence of a witness when she got outside.

She was able to escape the house a second time and reach safety, and was examined at a sexual assault clinic the same day. She claims forensics yielded two semen samples, only one of which could be properly tested, as well as traces of the date rape drug Rohypnol in her blood.

Chief Inspector Paul Milner described Ms Wright as having woken up “in a strange address in Peel Street with cuts and bruises” near the time of the incident. She describes “horrible” bruises around her groin, “whip marks” across the back of her legs, and her arms being “black” where she had been grabbed by the men, as well as handprints on her neck and a footprint on her back.

Robinson appeared to corroborate part of Ms. Wright’s story speaking to a witness over the phone. The witness said she had heard screaming before looking out the window and seeing the young woman being dragged back into the house by the accused migrants, before running out again and falling down in the street, barefoot.

With no-one facing charges for the alleged attack, the Justice for Chelsey group claims the police failed to take statements from witnesses or to secure key evidence such as items of clothing lost at the house.

Ms. Wright and Robinson are reported to have hand-delivered a petition addressed to Police and Crime Commissioner Dame Vera Baird and signed by some 50,000 people to Sunderland Police at the end of the march.

Robinson is best known as the founder and former leader of the controversial English Defence League street protest organisation – although he left the group in 2013, citing concerns that it had been infiltrated by extremists.

Another Justice for Chelsey demonstration will be held on June 10th 2017, according to his Twitter account.

Rotherham Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers

 14 May 2017 by Victoria Friedman

A survivor of a Muslim grooming gang in Rotherham said she reported being raped when she was 13 years old, but authorities did nothing and told her not to mention the ethnicity of the attackers.

The rape survivor, Emma, told Katie Hopkins on LBC radio on Sunday: “I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them.

“But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem.”

“I was specifically told not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrators,” Emma said, adding she was told “numerous times” by police and social workers not to mention race.

“I knew I wasn’t racist, but I felt like that was used as a way to silence me.”

Asked by Ms. Hopkins how that made her feel at the time, Emma said: “My perpetrators made me feel like I was in the wrong and they [police and social workers] fed into that. And I felt like: ‘Maybe my perpetrators are right. Maybe it’s not them that’s got the problem, maybe it’s me’.”

Groomed from 12, Emma told LBC listeners she was a virgin when she was raped at age 13. Detailing that the rapes happened regularly, she described one occasion where she was locked in a property and sexually assaulted by multiple men.

The Muslim grooming gang then began blackmailing the young teen, and threatened to gang rape her mother if she told her parents.

“That was my life,” she said.

The rapes continued after she reported it to police, as authorities told her it was “[her] word against his”. The police had also lost the clothes she had been raped in, leaving her with no evidence for a prosecution.

Let down by authorities, she found herself being further abused by other rape gangs. She reported rape again at the age of 14, but police said there was not enough evidence.

Eventually, her parents moved her out of the country.

“Nobody wanted to stop it, and that was the only way they could stop it,” Emma said.

Ms. Hopkins told Emma that other parents of victims of Muslim grooming gangs had moved their daughters abroad, saying moving girls to different parts of the country was ineffective as the rape gangs are “networked between cities”.

The Rotherham child sex abuse scandal is the biggest child protection scandal in Britain’s history, where, since the late 1980s, police and social services failed to protect girls from predatory grooming gangs made up of Muslim men for fear of being labelled racist, leading to institutional cover-ups.

Other Muslim grooming networks, including in Sheffield and Rochdale, have also been exposed since the first convictions in Rotherham in 2010.

Last week, Breitbart London reported that the BBC drama Three Girls, which tells the story of three children from Rochdale targeted by a gang of Pakistani and Afghani origin Muslims, makes no mention of Islam in the trailer or in any press releases.


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