VIDEO Hungary Electrifies Border Fence In Defiance Of EU – Hungary and Slovakia Take EU To Court


Electrocution warning signs printed in Arabic

Hungary Electrifies Border Wall in Defiance of EU Migrant Quota

May 12, 2017 by Kit Daniels

Hungary, which has resisted EU demands to take in more migrants, has reportedly electrified its double-sided fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border, according to local media.

Hungarian media was tipped off when border officials installed new electrocution warning signs in Arabic, Hungarian and Serbian on the fence.

“It may not be a full fence shield, but there are fixed wires running parallel to the ground,” reported journalist András Földes. “The 12 wires mounted on insulated points are visible on both fences of the double fence, with insulated portions on the inside of the fences since it’s assumed they [the migrants] will only come from the outside if they come in.”

“…We also learned that a worker was shaken at the time of the installation and that he was hospitalized,” he added.

The Hungarian government said it would further equip the fence with “night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and motion detection systems.”

The country is resisting the EU’s decision to distribute migrants – the majority of the military-age males – across member countries on a “mandatory quota basis,” which directly challenges Hungary’s national sovereignty and self-determination.

“Faced with massive arrivals in Italy and Greece, in September 2015 EU interior ministers decided to relocate 120,000 people to other member states – based on a mandatory quota system over a period of two years,” reported the EU Observer. “Reluctant states opposed to the idea of mandatory quotas – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia – were outvoted by the other member states in a qualified majority vote, which weighs up factors such as population size.”

“Hungary and Slovakia decided to challenge the decision in December 2015.”

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, even sealed off the country’s borders in 2015 during the apex of the migrant crisis.

A year later, 95% of the Hungarian public rejected the EU mandatory migrant quota when the country held a referendum on immigration.

The victory allowed Orbán to continue crafting border security measures, including the electrified fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border.


Eastern European nations standing up to EU globalist thugs

Hungary and Slovakia Taking EU to Court Over Migrant Quotas

May 12, 2017 by Faith Goldy


Hungary and Slovakia are taking the European Union to court over refugees; specifically, the EU’s refugee distribution scheme.

With the weather now warming, European leaders are expecting the ongoing migrant crisis to intensify with numbers peaking last year’s summer averages wherein Greece and Italy were seeing some 3,000 migrants per day.

The EU Council came up with a quota plan to “distribute” hundreds of thousands of refugees across Europe to lighten the burden on Italy and Greece.

EU globalists, emboldened by President Macron’s win in France, are putting pressure on the smaller, central and eastern European states to accept more migrants or else face future economic sanctions. So Hungary and Slovakia are taking one for the team by taking the EU to court.

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