Globalist Rothschild Banker Wins in France,Fight Goes On – Le Pen’s Party Huge Gains in Next Month’s Legislative Election

Globalist Rothschild Banker Wins in France, but Fight Goes On

May 8, 2017 by 

Establishment globalist Emmanuel Macron (shown), a former Rothschild banker turned Socialist government minister, won the French presidency in a run-off election marred by controversy and allegations of impropriety. And now, with the election behind him, Macron is getting to work furthering the globalist agenda of his backers behind the scenes: building up the European Union, keeping the borders wide open, continuing to expand the power of the state, and finding a way to incorporate the religion of Islam and its growing number of adherents into the largely secular, post-Christian culture of France.

But the country remains starkly divided — a record one third of voters reportedly spoiled their ballots in some way or abstained entirely — and Macron is already under fire from all sides. It seems that, at least for the foreseeable future, France is likely to continue down the dangerous road to globalism and statism. But anti-globalist forces vowed to keep fighting.

In the run-off election, Macron scored a decisive victory against Marine Le Pen, a fellow left-wing advocate of Big Government who has been falsely characterized by the pro-Macron establishment media as “far right” due to her support for borders and self-government. Macron, who was backed by the EU but deceptively painted as a “centrist” and “outsider,” received about 64 percent of the vote, with Le Pen taking the rest and doing especially well among the youth. The result was widely touted by the establishment and its propaganda organs as a huge win for globalism against populism and patriotism, or “nationalism” as the media put it. In reality, it took every element of establishment power to defeat Le Pen, along with shady tactics, lies, and propaganda similar to the absurd hysteria deployed by globalists against Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. election. Le Pen’s father, who is viewed negatively by much of the French electorate and was expelled from Le Pen’s National Front party over charges of anti-Semitism, was constantly trotted out to demonize the candidate.

But the narrative is not quite as cut and dry as the establishment press would like. For one, a total of one in three French voters either abstained or spoiled their ballots, a number not seen in close to 50 years. Participation was lower in the run-off than it was in the first round, something that also has not occurred in generations. There were also countless reports of bizarre happenings, including a deluge of reports claiming that all ballots were marked for Macron and others saying that the Le Pen ballots were damaged and therefore invalid. Indeed, the situation got so bad that the Le Pen camp put out an official statement warning of the “deeply anti-democratic acts” that “constitute a serious attack on the functioning of our Republic.” The statement pointed to multiple apparent violations of electoral laws to favor Macron and promised the schemes would be reported to the Electoral Commission. But the massive scandal has been all but swept under the rug by the establishment media.

The world’s mega-banks and establishment globalists, at least, breathed a sigh of relief after the election results indicated Macron won. And they have good reason to celebrate: Macron is “one of them,” in every sense of the word. First, he was a banker for the unfathomably wealthy Rothschild banking dynasty, which wields levels of global economic and political power that are hard to comprehend. Macron was also an attendee of the 2014 Bilderberg summit, a secrecy-obsessed gathering of the world’s leading mega-bankers, globalists, communists, and people Lenin would have called “useful idiots” in politics and academia. Before the election, Macron also served as the “Economy Minister” in the Socialist Party regime of unpopular pariah French President Francois Hollande, an establishment globalist who appears to have played a major role in selecting his successor and painting him falsely as a “moderate” and “centrist.”

Macron’s establishment credentials were further bolstered by the fact that establishment operatives from across Europe and its formerly sovereign nations proudly joined his bandwagon. Far-left German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, for example, said Macron would offer the chance of a “new beginning” for Europe, while Le Pen would supposedly destroy “millions of jobs.” Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis also spoke out, saying that Macron would help prevent the rise of “extremist populist” parties in Europe and the West. Even the increasingly totalitarian EU intervened, with top unelected EU bosses declaring that they would use tax money extracted from Europeans to push their ideological comrade into the French presidency. “We have tools in Brussels and also in Paris that allow us to clarify things and dispel untruths and Euro-myths if necessary,” said a spokesperson for the unelected outfit that now rules Europe, described as the “New European Soviet” by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev.

Throughout the final days of the run-off election, the rhetoric between the candidates got extremely heated. Macron, for example, threatened that there would be a “civil war” if Le Pen were to be elected. He also called her supporters “hateful cowards.” Le Pen, meanwhile, pointed out that her opponent was the “candidate of the elite” and that he was hiding behind a “mask.” She also suggested he was a puppet of “former” East German Communist propagandist and current German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The controversial German leader opened Germany’s borders to millions of African and Middle Eastern Muslim migrants in a move that is opposed by virtually all Europeans except the fringe of the fringe, according to polls by the same globalist establishment behind the open-borders agenda. “France will be led by a woman,” Le Pen declared on TV. “It will either be me, or Mrs. Merkel. That’s the truth.”

After the vote, Macron celebrated his victory and issued bombastic, almost messianic statements sounding much like Obama’s bizarre rhetoric about stopping the rising seas and such. “Europe is waiting for us to defend the enlightenment,” Macron declared during his victory speech on Sunday after it became clear that he had won. “They are waiting for a new hope, a new humanism, for a safer world.” He vowed to “rebuild the relationship between Europe [the EU] and the people that make it,” and promised his first visit with a foreign leader would be with Germany’s Merkel. “Europe and the world are waiting for us,” Macron added. “They are waiting for France to surprise them.”

According to hacked e-mails released shortly before the election took place and cited by The Rebel alternative media outlet, Macron does indeed have plans to “surprise” everyone, including what critics are calling an “Islamization” scheme on how to “reorganize Islam in France.” The six-page document outlines a plot to build an “Islam of France” that will include a “Grand Imam of France” who will preach a “Muslim doctrine” compatible with “republican values.” Noting that more than two thirds of Muslims in France want their children taught Arabic in government schools, the scheme also calls for expanding and accelerating the teaching of the language as part of public education across France. The plan seeks to “Develop a knowledge of Islam” across France, too. Finally, the scheme includes installing a “Secretary of State for Religious Affairs” who will oversee religion in France — and not just Islam. And that is just the one of the surprises Macron has in store for France.

How much damage Macron can unleash on France will become clearer in the not-too-distant future. Next month, French voters will again head to the polls. But this time, instead of picking a president, they will be electing lawmakers to Parliament. Macron’s new party, “En Marche,” or “On the Move,” has very little organization and is extremely unlikely to win a majority. And so, Macron will most likely have to try to form a coalition with other Big Government, pro-EU parties. Some analysts have suggested that there could be gridlock, which would almost certainly be a blessing to France and the French people, assuming the agenda of Macron’s establishment backers actually gets bogged down. Le Pen has already vowed to form the “primary opposition force” to globalism in France, and is planning to rename the party with an eye on significant victories in the upcoming parliamentary vote.

While globalists could hardly contain their glee at Macron’s election, they also admitted that their globalist scheming is hardly out of hot water yet. Far-left German Foreign Minister Gabriel, for example, said that the Macron “has to succeed because if he doesn’t the next president of [France] might be called Le Pen.” Le Pen and her supporters, meanwhile, have vowed to fight on, with the candidate calling for “all patriots” to join the emerging pro-France, anti-EU, pro-self-government, anti-globalist movement. “Long live the Republic, long live France,” Le Pen declared in her concession speech after promising to keep fighting. And so, while globalists may have won the latest battle in France, they are still a long way from winning the war.

Photo of Emmanuel Macron: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at

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Front National Look to Huge Gains in Next Month’s Legislative Election

9 May 2017 by Chris Tomlinson

Next month, France will hold elections for its National Assembly and the anti-mass migration Front National are set to make huge gains whilst newly elected President Emmanuel Macron may be forced into a coalition to govern.

Despite not winning the French presidency with their candidate Marine Le Pen, the Front National may still make huge gains in the French national assembly where they currently have only two deputies.

The anti-mass migration party’s presidential candidate won more than 50 per cent of the vote in 45 districts, and over 45 per cent in another 66 more giving the party the potential to pick up a large number of seats in next month’s legislative election, Ouest Francereports.

In 13 districts, Le Pen scored more than 55 per cent of the vote leading many to believe the party will pick up seats in those areas at a minimum. The areas are all located in the north of France and the north-east like Calais, now considered the Front National stronghold.

Denys Pouillard, director of the Observatory of Political and Parliamentary Life, is even more optimistic saying the FN could collect as many as 50 seats in the National Assembly. Pouillard said he came to this conclusion by cross-referencing voting from the 2015 regional elections and the presidential vote.

Mr. Macron, though the winner of the presidential election on Sunday, could be facing an uphill battle next month as many doubt his new party, Le Republique En Marche!, will be able to form a majority in the National Assembly.

If Macron can not form a majority he may be forced to incorporate members of the establishment parties, which could severely limit his ability to govern domestically.

Whilst the president has the most power in the French system, the prime minister is largely in charge of implementing the president’s domestic policies.

Traditionally, the president and prime minister are of the same party. But when they are not, as was the case during the presidency of Jacques Chirac, the country has the potential to grind to a halt.

The French legislative election is a two round first past the post system where if a candidate gets more than 50 per cent there is only one round. If not, all candidates above 12.5 per cent go to a second round with the candidate who receives the most votes winning.

In current polls, Macron’s party stands at 36 per cent, with the Front National tied with the conservative Republicans at 22 per cent.

The French legislative elections will be held on June 11th and June 18th.

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