VIDEO Judge Pirro Rips Hillary: “You’re a Loser, Get Back in the Woods” – ELOQUENT BRUTALITY: Marsha Blackburn

Judge Pirro Rips Hillary: “You’re a Loser, Get Back in the Woods”

May 7, 2017 by Keely Sharp


If Judge Jeanine Pirro wasn’t your hero before, well she is now! Don’t let her perfectly styled hair and beautiful smile fool you, Pirro is a savage, and I mean that in a good way. While the liberal media may dance around and coddle Hillary Clinton’s fragile feelings, the judge will do no such thing.

Pirro lays into Clinton, calling her out for playing the “poor me” card, and continuously creating excuses for her loss in the presidential election against Donald Trump. She says, “You are a loser, Hillary… Face it, and get back in the woods.” Talk about ripping off the bandaid!

“We’ve had it with you Clintons claiming victimhood,” Pirro said, after Clinton told an audience she would have been president if the election came before FBI Director Jim Comey sent an October letter to Congress.

Pirro added that since Clinton previously took responsibility for her loss, she should stop blaming “boogey-men” like Comey and others.

“You are a two-time loser who lost because you were a lousy candidate,” Pirro said on “Justice.”

“You didn’t have a message, you lied every time you opened your mouth and you didn’t know what states to campaign in [and] you put our national security at risk.”

Pirro also said that Clinton was “damn lucky” for Comey’s recommendation, which suggest that Clinton not be  she not be prosecuted for her email scandal.

ELOQUENT BRUTALITY: Marsha Blackburn Takes Down Hillary Who Is ‘choosing to live and stew in bitterness’ [VIDEO]

May 7, 2017

Rep. Marsha Blackburn appeared on the panel of CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday and had a fiery take on Hillary Clinton’s refusal to move on from her 2016 electoral defeat.


Host Jake Tapper asked Blackburn if it made her “happy” to see Clinton continue to blame FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks for her loss, but Blackburn had a much classier answer in mind.

“I think as a woman who is in elective office, it is disappointing to me,” she said. “She has the opportunity to role model graciousness but she is choosing to live and stew in bitterness and to blame somebody else.”

“Throughout my career I’ve seen over and over again, eventually you say, ‘This didn’t work,’ or ‘I didn’t win,’ or ‘I’m sorry,’ and you move on,” Blackburn continued to the nods of other panelists.

“She is missing a great opportunity by not doing that.”

Well said!

H/T Daily Caller


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