Liberal Talking Point about African Americans’ Views on Crime Just Debunked

Shock! Black people are sick of being victimized.

When liberals tout their soft-on-crime rhetoric, they often say that more black people in prison isn’t going to help anyone. They can’t help but talk about the myth of the unfair black “mass” incarceration. In fact, they suggest that being serious about the law is somehow racist. But a new book — by a Yale University Law School Professor, no less — goes directly against this liberal talking point.  

James Forman Jr.’s new book called Locking Up Our Own shows that black people think the criminal justice system is not too harsh, but too lenient. That’s because black people want the laws enforced in their own communities, where the crimes are being committed. The Washington Post even point outs that many cities with large black populations have black elected officials very dedicated to law enforcement:

Why did so many black voters and leaders endorse crime crackdowns when they knew that many of the people who would be arrested and incarcerated would be black? Scholars such as Forman and Michael Javen Fortner, author of the 2015 book Black Silent Majority, offer multiple, nuanced explanations, but a key one will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced crime up close: African Americans were sick of being victimized. In 1975, 85 percent of people killed by guns in D.C. were African American (So too were 85 percent of the killers). Even in today’s lower crime environment, victims are disproportionately black.

This is basic common sense. And so is this revelation from the book: when a black person commits a crime, he is overwhelmingly likely to be victimizing another black person. It’s time liberals realize what conservatives have always known: being tough on crime is good for black people. We’re not going to be called “racist” anymore for wanting to protect black communities.

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