Even If Elected, a Majority of French Would Not Support Emmanuel Macron – Forces Of Hell Rise Against Le Pen

Even If Elected, a Majority of French Would Not Support Emmanuel Macron

 5 May 2017 by Chris Tomlinson

Current polls show a potential victory for Emmanuel Macron, but a new opinion poll shows his approval rating would be less than 50 per cent even if he wins Sunday.

The news opinion poll conducted by KANTAR Sofres-onepoint reveals that only 41 per cent of the French people have confidence in the globalist candidate. Even more revealing is that he is not even the most popular as he lags behind far-left former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon who polls at 44 per cent approval, Le Figaro reports.

Macron’s numbers have stagnated at the 41 per cent mark whilst his rival, anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen, stands at 29 per cent, but is on the rise.

The figures also differ depending on which age group and income bracket are looked at. For retirees and wealthy business elites, Macron is more popular. For the unemployed and working class voters, Ms. Le Pen is much more popular.

Last week, the contrast between the two candidates on the issue of the working class vote was made clear when both visited a Whirlpool factory in Macron’s hometown of Amiens which faces closure. Le Pen made a surprise visit to the factory where workers cheered her. When Macron arrived hours later, he was heckled and booed as he tried to explain how globalisation, which was taking their jobs to Poland, was an “opportunity” for them.

In cities like Calais in the north of France, Le Pen also has resounding support amongst working class men and women who have found traditional industries gutted by globalisation and French labour laws.

The actual support for Macron and his policies could be far lower than 41 per cent according to a survey by Ipsos/Sopra Steria. The polling firms say that a large section of the voters who support Macron are only doing so because they want to oppose Ms. Le Pen rather than believe in the message of the globalist candidate.

According to the survey, his true support amongst the French people is only around 20 per cent. Macron is currently projected to win the election on Sunday 60 per cent to 40 per cent.

The 20 per cent figure is a significantly low level of confidence in a potential future president of France, though still above the historically low approval ratings of current President François Hollande who polls in the single digits.

Le Pen has called Macron the “heir” to Hollande due to his lack of tough policies in dealing with terrorism and his free-trade globalist economic position. If Macron’s polling numbers continue to slide, he could be the heir to Hollande’s unpopular polling numbers, as well.

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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has many American supporters in her corner as she fights to win the French presidency this Sunday.

One of those is Wisconsin-based businessman Paul Nehlen, the man who challenged House Speaker Paul Ryan for his congressional seat in last year’s Republican primary election.

One of the best things about Le Pen, according to Nehlen, is she has expressed a desire to secure the French borders and stop the Islamization of France. Nehlen admires the French culture, but he knows it is now being assaulted by a tidal wave of immigration from the Third World.

“They have a very open culture there, and it’s being taken advantage of by what are being referred to as Syrian refugees, but a very low percentage are actually Syrian refugees,” Nehlen said in a recent interview on “Freedom Friday” with pastor Carl Gallups. “The majority are North Africans coming in and essentially setting up no-go zones in France. And [Le Pen] has said, ‘We’re going to put a stop to this.’”

The mass Muslim migration to France could be part of the Hijrah, according to Nehlen. He explores the topic of Hijrah in his new documentary “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion,” which he produced and directed. He told Gallups the word “Hijrah” has several meanings.

“One meaning is leaving sin behind,” he explained. “So I’m not going to be a sinner anymore; this is my Hijrah away from sin. That’s one meaning, and that’s the meaning you’ll hear on mainstream media and you’ll hear apologists use that definition, but there are two other definitions.

“One other definition is that it refers to Muhammad’s trip from Mecca to Medina, and the third means leaving to move Islam around the world in the name of Allah. It is a trip to transplant Islam somewhere else.”

Just as Muslim migrants have transplanted Islam to France, they have also transplanted it to the United States. In America, there are resettlement contractors who have incentives to aid the Hijrah, as Nehlen reveals in his documentary.

“What’s going on with this refugee racket in the United States?” Nehlen asked Gallups. “Why do we have so many refugees coming into the United States? Well, it turns out there are people in the United States who are paid big money to bring refugees in here. If they don’t bring in refugees, they’re not paid big dollars, and when I say big dollars, I mean over six-figure salaries, and the top guy I’ve been able to find so far, he made $662,000 last year.”

And that salary is paid by the American taxpayer, Nehlen pointed out.

Although he failed to oust Ryan last year, Nehlen plans to remain active in the policy arena, speaking up on issues he cares about. He recently authored a book called “Wage the Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders.”

When Gallups asked if he is planning to run for office again, Nehlen suggested it’s likely he will.

“I’m not going anywhere, let’s put it that way,” he said. “We’re not going to announce today that I’m running again, but I would say that on a 10-scale, I’m probably at a nine; some parts of the day I’m at a nine-and-a-half on whether or not I’m going to run again. It’s a big decision to run. It weighs heavily on your family, it creates turbulence in your life, but as with anything, if you’re focused on God and not the problem, then the problem seems small.”

In fact, Nehlen said Christians must remember they are on this planet to do God’s work.

“I feel very strongly that we are God’s hands and feet, and it’s important that we pray. It’s important that we worship. But it’s important in our everyday interacting with people that we realize that we are, in fact, God’s hands and feet and he put us here to see to it that his work’s getting done,” he said.



With violence in the streets and fiery rhetoric coming from the politicians and activists, France is arguably more divided than at any time since the riots of May 1968. But both sides agree the stakes in the second round of the upcoming French presidential election are nothing less than existential.

National Front candidate Marine Le Pen claims “the survival of France” is on the ballot in the second round of the French presidential election. Her opponent, heavily favored independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, accuses Le Pen of representing the party of “hate,” being a threat to “free democracy” and even someone who wants to push France into “civil war.”

Of course, some would argue such a conflict in Europe is inevitable regardless of what happens. On May 1, May Day, mobs of left-wing “antifa” attacked police, even setting fire to some officers with Molotov cocktails. Businesses were also smashed and property destroyed.

Though the protesters clearly were against Marine Le Pen, they also claimed to be against Macron, a former banker. Recent polls suggest two-thirds of the supporters of far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, who had a surprisingly strong showing in the first round, will not vote for Macron. This has led to panic among some liberal intellectuals, who fear voter apathy could hand Marine Le Pen a surprise victory.

“Emmanuel Macron has, for some among you, the face of the enemy, but he is not the enemy,” ranted Johan Hufnagel of the leftist newspaper Liberation. “It’s definitely Marine Le Pen, the ally of racists, anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, violent groups and homophobes, who is the enemy of democracy and the French Republic. To give her one single vote would silence the struggles of the left which we lead, and the battles we have fought against the extreme right.”

Le Pen has, in recent days, surged in the polls while Macron has sharply dropped. But Macron still holds a commanding lead of 61 to 39 percent. Le Pen won the endorsement of moderate conservative and self-described “Gaullist” Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and announced the formation of an alliance. However, the main conservative candidate, Francois Fillon of the Républicains Party, has urged his supporters to vote against Le Pen, saying there is “no choice.”

Indeed, even the far-left Melenchon is being pilloried by the media for not endorsing Macron against Le Pen.

The seamless unity between all elements of the political establishment against the nationalists is termed the “Republican Front” by proponents, with Le Pen’s vow to limit Islamic immigration and restore French sovereignty presented as nothing less than an existential threat.

American observers call it striking.

“All the forces of hell are lined up against Marine Le Pen,” said Joseph Farah, WND founder and president and author of “The Restitution of All Things.” He argued it is a clear choice between electing Le Pen or watching France and eventually all of Europe become Islamic.

One of Le Pen’s most vocal American backers is Paul Nehlen, the populist Republican who challenged Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a primary and the producer and director of the new documentary “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion.” He has endorsed Le Pen and believes if Le Pen does not win, France is in danger of vanishing altogether.

“I’m not sure what it is going to take for the West to wake up,” Nehlen told WND. “France is constantly on high alert and is in continuous danger of a terrorist attack from its own Muslim population. The share of the population that is Muslim is increasing dramatically, and Muslims are more comfortable flexing their political and cultural muscle. And the French authorities seem to not only be OK with this, but crack down brutally on anyone who opposes the dispossession and subjugation of the French people. If this isn’t treason and surrender, I don’t know what is.

“Marine Le Pen is, so far as I can tell, the only figure in the French political mainstream who actually seems to be defending the French, as opposed to deliberately trying to destroy them.”

Indeed, Macron does seem to be animated by a strange loathing for the people he aims to represent. Macron has declared,  “French culture does not exist,” defining one of richest and most sophisticated cultures in world history as simply consisting of being “diverse.”

Terrorism, mused Macron, will simply be “part of our daily lives for years to come.” Macron has also defended accepting Islamic migrants, and has even vowed to push for sanctions on Poland for not accepting enough Muslims and Hungary for cracking down on a university operated by George Soros.

Nehlen called Macron both weak and hollow, characterizing him as an empty suit dedicated to enforcing a globalist agenda.

“Macron seems to have a genuine antipathy both to France and Western civilization in general,” he charged. “He sees his country simply as a market, his culture as nonexistent and his people as obstacles to his agenda which should be replaced as soon as possible. If the French are to continue to exist as a nation, this man cannot be their leader.”

Though, after the victories of Brexit and Donald Trump, few would say they can predict the political future, it still appears all but inevitable Macron will win. If that happens, Nehlen said, French patriots need to resist as vigorously as possible.

“If mass immigration continues, France, and eventually all Europe, becomes Islamic,” he mourned. “If that happens, everything our civilization has created, including our liberties, our prosperity and our culture fade into nothingness. You cannot appease Islam or pretend you don’t know where this is all going. France needs Marine Le Pen right now. And so does the entire West. If she doesn’t win, I hope she and all of her supporters continue the fight.”

It’s an Islamic invasion which could end our civilization forever. And it’s being enabled by the very people who are supposed to protect us. Discover the terrifying truth behind our culture’s oldest enemy and unveil the darkest treason in the history of Western Civilization. Brought to you by Paul Nehlen, the man who challenged Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, “Hijrah” is the most explosive documentary of the year, and it’s available now in the WND Superstore.



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