VIDEO Bill Nye In 1996: Chromosomes Determine If You’re A Boy Or Girl, Just Another Hypocrite

Bill Nye In 1996: Chromosomes Determine If You’re A Boy Or Girl

April 29, 2017 By


Bill Nye, who has been recently spending time yelling at people that gender is fluid and has nothing to do with DNA, used to tell everyone that science says chromosomes determine if a person is a boy or a girl.

In an episode of his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” circa 1996, the message is loud and clear: biology says chromosomes determine if people are male or female.

“Inside each of ourselves are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl,” a teenage narrator explains. “There are only two possibilities: ‘XX,’ a girl, or ‘XY,’ a boy.”

You can watch the full episode here. The bit about chromosomes starts at the 7:30 minute mark.

This message contradicts the liberal malarkey Nye has been pushing recently. In a recent episode of his new Netflix show, a spin-off of his show from the 1990s, Nye teamed up with Rachel Bloom of “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” to explain why gender is oh-so-fluid and not at all tied to one’s DNA.

The real question is clear: Why is Nye campaigning so hard against science lately?

Bre Payton is a staff writer at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter.


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6 Responses to VIDEO Bill Nye In 1996: Chromosomes Determine If You’re A Boy Or Girl, Just Another Hypocrite

  1. Looking Up! says:

    This young generation thinks they are hip and cool and do whatever feels good to them for the moment.

    They have and ARE going too far!

    There is no going back.

    They like the evil, the darkness.

    They are blinded by their own fleshly desires.

    I know, I am nothing but a prude. I just wonder if they will continue laughing when all of society is hip to this evil way? Will they enjoy complete lawlessness because this is what they want.

    Judges 19:17-28
    (If any would desire what they are doing now, they need to only read this small passage of scripture to know that this will become the lawlessness they seek! YES, CARRY ON, BE WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE. Open your eyes children. As this passage shows us, everyone else will demand their way too. What if you are the recipient instead of the one demanding what YOU feel like having? God’s laws are for our best.)

    God have mercy on us, more importantly on our children and grandchildren.


  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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