VIDEO Le Pen RISING, Lacklustre Macron Falling in Polls – Le Pen Advisor Convicted Of Hate Speech,Telling The Truth

‘Lacklustre Campaign’ Sees Macron Falling in Polls

 28 April 2018 by Chris Tomlinson

Polls in the French presidential race are tightening as Emmanuel Macron’s campaign gets off to a lacklustre start and more voters come out in support of Marine Le Pen.

According to a new poll from Opinionway-Orpi released Thursday, the gap is narrowing between pro-globalist presidential candidate Macron and rival Le Pen, with Macron losing two percentage points in just two days, L’Express reports.

Macron dropped below 60 per cent to 59 per cent, with Le Pen at 41 per cent. The survey was carried out multiple times since February and Le Pen has only crossed the symbolic 40 per cent mark twice.

In the first polling after they had made it through to the second round, the En Marche! candidate had polled at 65 per cent of voting intentions, compared with 35 per cent for Le Pen.

Macron’s sudden drop in the polls could be linked to his PR disaster earlier this week when he visited a Whirlpool factory in his hometown of Amiens which is under threat of closure due to outsourcing.

Upstaging the planned visit, Le Pen met with the plant workers and was greeted with cheers and staff lining up for selfies. Several hours later when Macron arrived he was met with whistles, boos, and chants of “Marine for President!”

Polling firm Elabe has produced a poll that presents another reason for Macron’s decline. According to the survey, only 43 per cent of those surveyed thought that Macron’s campaign had gotten off to a good start. Fifty per cent said Le Pen’s campaign had started strong immediately after the first round results.

Not even Macron’s own supporters felt their candidate had started strongly, with 17 per cent believing the campaign could have started better.

Le Pen and other candidates in the first round have accused Macron of being a member of the establishment and the global elite due to his background in the world of investment banking.

Macron’s pro-globalist views were slammed by Le Pen in her victory speech Sunday evening when she framed the second round race as a debate between globalism and patriotism, saying the “survival of France” was at stake.

Ms. Le Pen has also made it clear that as president she would be tough on security issues including a proposal to detain domestic radical Islamists and deport foreign radicals. Macron, by contrast, has said that such a move would harm intelligence gathering and has said that terrorism should be considered a part of daily life in France.

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Le Pen Advisor Convicted Of Hate Speech For Complaining About Rise In Muslim School Children

Freedom_of_SpeechWe have been discussing (and lamenting) the rollback of free speech in France where writers and speakers are now routinely prosecuted for what would be protected political or religious speech in the United States.  The latest case involves Robert Menard, mayor of Beziers and a top adviser to Marine Le Pen, who has been found guilty of inciting hatred against Muslims.

Menard  was fined 2,000 euros for saying there were too many Muslim children in his city’s schools.  It is a stupid and insulting statement.[I think it is a true statement] However, it is also a statement reflecting his political beliefs about the impact of immigration on the country.

 We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, particularly in France (here and here and here and here and here and here) and England ( here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). Much of this trend is tied to the expansion of hate speech and non-discrimination laws. We have even seen comedians targeted with such court orders under this expanding and worrisome trend. (here and here).
In the most recent controversy, Menard said in an interview that “In one of the classrooms in my town centre, 91 per cent of children are Muslim. Obviously this is a problem”  He also posted a tweet comparing a school picture from the 1970s to one taken recently to show what he said was the “great replacement” of Muslim children with the traditional French population.

The prosecutor charged that Menard had reduced children “to their religion, regardless of whether they have French nationality or do not practice”.  I agree. However, there remains the question of the right of the government to punish people for expressing such thoughts.  Suppressing such statements does little to change minds. It creates the false impression of uniformity of thought and agreement.  The way to change minds is to allow bad speech to be met with good speech.  Instead, the French government is regulating speech under a highly ambiguous standard that creates a chilling impact on all speech.  Writers and speakers do not know when an individual or group will allege that they are inciting hatred with a comment.

As I have previously discussed, it is terribly depressing to see France (once the bastion of freedom) leading the world in cracking down on free speech.  The desire to silence those with whom you disagree is a natural desire for many and becomes an insatiable appetite when the government enables speech regulation.  Prosecution is not persuasion.  If you want to combat Menard, answer his speech with your own countervailing arguments.  Changing minds rather than silencing voices should be the universal goal of every free nation.

Le Pen Advisor Convicted Of Hate Speech For Complaining About Rise In Muslim School Children

Le Pen’s Election Will Shock the World

French Scientist Who Predicted Trump and Brexit Says the Maths Adds up for a Le Pen Victory

 28 April 2018 by Chris Tomlinson

According to French physicist Serge Galam, a victory for populist anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is entirely possible due to a phenomenon known as differentiated abstention.

Professor Galam, who works as a research director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), says the science proves the possibility of a Le Pen victory, SFR reports.

“Differentiated abstention” is the key, according to Galam, who defined the term as: “The gap between the vote intention declared in the polls and the actual vote.”

Galam says it is incredibly unlikely that those who voted for Le Pen in the first round of the French presidential elections last Sunday will vote for Macron, guaranteeing her a sizeable base. He also said it is unlikely all those who oppose Le Pen are guaranteed to support her opponent Emmanuel Macron who is unpopular with far left and conservative voters.

“With less than 50 per cent of voting intentions, Marine Le Pen can end up with more than 50 per cent of the votes cast,” Galam said.

Serge Galam has a history of accurate predictions over the last two years. In June of 2016, he correctly predicted the Leave campaign would win the Brexit vote. In November, he predicted Donald Trump would win the U.S. presidency, and recently predicted that popular French politician Alain Juppé would lose the Republican primary.

At the start of the week, Mr. Macron enjoyed a double-digit lead over Le Pen in the immediate aftermath of the first round election.

However, Macron was outmanoeuvred by Le Pen when she visited workers at a Whirlpool plant scheduled for closure due to outsourcing in Macron’s hometown of Amiens. When Macron arrived hours later he was greeted with boos, whistles, and cries of  “Marine for President!”

Pro-traditional family group La Manif pour Tous (“Protest for Everyone”) has also come out against Macron accusing him of having “anti-family” policies and valuing money over people.

Macron, a former investment banker at Rothschilds & Cie Banque, is widely seen as an establishment candidate and is in favour of globalisation. Some, like Breitbart London’s James Delingpole, have compared Macron to former U.S. president Barack Obama with Mr. Delingpole calling him “the living embodiment of the French Deep State”.

The former Socialist Party economy minister is also pro-free trade and free-market, positions which Le Pen criticised Thursday when she joined several fishermen in the early morning. She pledged to take back the sovereignty of French waters by getting France out of the European Union through a referendum on the nation’s membership.

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