Fresno State Prof Tweets ‘Trump Must Hang’ and His University Reported to the FBI – ASU Anti-Trump Final Exam

Fresno State Prof Tweets ‘Trump Must Hang’ and His University Reported to the FBI

Amongst all the bad news coming out of higher education, here’s some great news.

TruthRevolt normally devotes a great deal of space to justifiably complaining about the state of higher education in America. But once in a long while, a university administration gets something right. The Fresno State administration, for example, acted quickly and decisively when one of its professors tweeted out a terrible message about President Donald Trump.

Professor Lars Maischak tweeted, “To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better. #TheResistance #DeathToFascism.”

The professor did “clarify” his remarks, meaning he “walked them back” when he realized that people didn’t appreciate his call to assassination as much as he hoped.

He told Campus Reform that he “did not intend to harm Mr. Trump” nor “wish for anyone else to harm Mr. Trump by way of an assassination.” He also added that, “given the nature of [Trump’s] regime, that he will be held accountable for his crimes in a court, and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy prevails.”  Nice.

He also tweeted this:

His original tweet has since been deleted, but not before the administration acted:

Now, however, Campus Reform has been informed that university President Joseph Castro promptly alerted multiple federal agencies to the tweets after becoming aware of them, and has been in “regular contact with federal authorities” over the past several days.

“President Castro said that the university alerted the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security as soon as it became aware of the comments made by Dr. Maischak on Twitter,” Director of Communications Kathleen Schock told Campus Reform. “He went on to say that the university been in regular contact with federal authorities. There are no other details we can disclose about those communications.”

This is a wonderful development. President Castro made the right move and — amid all of our complaining about higher education — his actions are noticed and commended.

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Professor Lets Students Hold Anti-Trump Rally for Final Exam

President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks before signing an executive order to tighten the rules for technology companies seeking to bring highly skilled foreign workers to the U.S., Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wis. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

There are so many stories describing the decline of American education, but every now and then, one encapsulates it all.

Angeles Maldonado, a professor at Arizona State University, has given her “Global Politics of Human Rights” students an alternative to taking the final exam:

A group of students at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus decided to protest Thursday instead of taking a final exam in their human-rights class, a decision endorsed by their instructor.

In fact, Angeles Maldonado, a professor at ASU, offered her Global Politics of Human Rights class an option: Take a test or create a group project.

They opted for the project. The group of about 20 students then decided the best plan would be to protest in front of Hayden Lawn by ASU’s library.

“The class decided that as a group project they wanted to make their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them today, so instead of just reading about the human-rights violations, they’d speak out about the current violations that are happening,” said Maldonado, who felt it was her duty as a professor to support their decision.

No, her duty was to make sure the students had learned the material.

These kids didn’t want to “make their voices heard.” Considering this lightweight course, they probably had plenty of free time to go protest if so inclined. But given these options, of course they chose the easier one. Make a sign in ten minutes, stand and yell for a bit to improve your GPA? Done.

Maldonado isn’t concerned with creating prepared adults. She doesn’t care about her students’ self-sufficiency skills. She’s recruiting pawns for political activism.

That right there is the biggest problem with college today, the reason why more and more parents are considering alternatives to the traditional universities. They don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an activity that can be done on one’s own time for free.

She’s not alone. How many professors allowed instructional time to be used by kids to cry about Hillary not being elected rather than actually teaching? How many professors encourage activism, even if that activism is against the very things they teach?

This event encapsulates all that is wrong with academia today. It’s time for a reclamation of the university.


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