VIDEO Cannibalism, Vaccines, Chimera Are Destroying the Human Race

Cannibalism, Vaccines, Chimera Are Destroying the Human Race

April 7, 2017  byMike Adams and Dave Hodges



The globalists have weaponized the federal government and did so when the IRS illegally attacked the Tea Party members. The EPA, using the climate change myth attacks farmers and ranchers. These practices have reached a level where the federal government is the decided enemy of the people.

The weaponization of the government in order to achieve complete repression of freedom, is no more apparent than it is when we look at the Susan Rice/Obama fiasco which was designed to destroy political enemies. Further, CNN gave the questions to Hillary Clinton in Debate #2.

it could not be any more clear that America is unquestionably now Amerika complete with the NDAA gulags and torture facilities thanks to the NDAA. This is the legacy of the “looney left”.

To quote Mike Adams, “Liberals are lawless and lean towards tyranny. Liberals lean towards tyranny and left on their own, they will always be tyrannical”. And there is an underlying Satanic evil which underlies all of this.

The “Animalizing” of America

At the 33:00 mark of the interview I did with Mike Adams, I shared my observations of the left in that they are not really Americans, “they merely live in our space. They lack empathy and appear to be operating without a soul.” To that point, Mike Adams offered up the fact that through the vaccines, the metals contribute to the stripping away of higher cognitive functions. He feels that if the brain was not poisoned by aluminum in the vaccines and copper in supplements that “nobody would pay attention to CNN.

Every time one gets a flu shot, they are getting a chemical lobotomy. The ingestion of massive amounts of fluoride in our water lowers IQ, there is a prevalence of lead which is linked to cognitive decline and the inability to process information…Copper causes mental delusions when taken in excess..copper makes one suggestible to programming.” And we wonder where George Soros gets the recruits he does for his anti-social, riot-filled activities…”I am testing multi-vitamins and I am finding copper in extremely high amounts.  Why does the FDA want people to have low amounts of vitamin D, which prevents cancer, while encouraging toxic, delusional-causing copper to be ingested at unsafe levels.” From my perspective, this is about programming and preserving the profit margin of the cancer industry.

Cancer for Profit

Mike Adams talked about the fact that there is a molecule predicts cancer which is why dogs can be trained to detect cancer. Conversely, there is a molecule that some produce that prevents cancer. It is much more prevalent in the young. Before this story continues, we must step aside for a moment and discuss cannibalism.


Last month, I interviewed Steve Quayle and he talked about a subject, in relation to the globalists, that still haunts me today. Steven discussed the fascination and increased prevalence of the heinous practice of cannibalism.

Along these same lines, when I interviewed Mike Adams, late last night, and heard a different version of the same story, but nonetheless it was the same exact theme. To the best of my knowledge, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams are the only ones who are discussing this practice in such a bold manner.

Back to the story of molecules, blood and cancer. The longevity globalists are taking blood from children and using it for transfusions. The purpose should be crystal clear. Mike Adams went on to say that “they (the globalists) are willing to drain the blood of the young so they can live forever”.


I told Mike Adams of Steve Quayle’s statements about cannibalism and I wanted to know, whether or not, this is related. Mike answered in the affirmative. The use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines is a form of cannibalism. This constitutes the blending of the DNA of a dead baby with your living baby. And it’s not just human DNA, we are talking about the DNA of cows, pigs, African Monkeys, etc., and we find these ingredients in vaccines. This is how SV40 cancer causing agents got into the polio vaccine. This represents the hideous practice known as Chimera which is the blending of human and animal. Does it get any more Satanic than this? Adams stated that the new Ebola vaccine is about. It reprograms the cells for some predetermined purpose.

The Unwilling Anti-VAX Believers

As America catches on to the fact the fact that vaccines are pure poison, the globalists have to find a way to get their product into your body, and they have discovered the method. This comes through the practice of genetically engineered mosquitos to combat the ZIKA virus.  When people become more knowledgeable about the dangers of vaccines, they won’t line up to be injected. What will the looney left do? They will turn the genetically programmed mosquitos loose on the population. This is what Bill Gates is working on. Liberalism is a suicide cult.

Here is the complete interview. The last 15 minutes of this interview are some of the best radio that you will ever hear.



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