Art of the Deal-Trump Isolates Russia While Aligning with China – Tunnels Bombed By US Built By CIA

The Art of the Deal-Trump Isolates Russia While Aligning with China

April 13, 2017 by Dave Hodges




Recent eventss involving China, North Korea and the United States, reminded me of the Korean War in which in late November 1950 that the Korean War appeared to be over. U.S., Republic of Korea (ROK), and various U.N. units had advanced deep into North Korea in an attempt to destroy any remaining North Korean People’s Army (NKPA) units and reunite Korea under one government. Some units had even reached the Yalu River, which separated Korea from Communist China.

But just as U.N. forces launched what was hoped to be the final offensive, hundreds of thousands of Communist Chinese soldiers attacked American forces in North Korea, overwhelming the U.S. troops and completely changing the nature of the war. Fighting in extreme cold and over rugged terrain, the Americans and their allies were forced to retreat south down the Korean peninsula, suffering heavy casualties along the way.

When I learned that China had moved 150,000 combat troops to the North Korean border, I had flashbacks related to the Korean war. However, that was not to be the case.

Chinese Military Action Looms Large

China has boldly ordered its army to be on a state of nationwide alert and, as stated, has deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border justas the  U.S. armada is on its way to Korea to ostensibly shut down Pyongyang’s nuclear program and to conduct a regime change.

According to China’s state-controlled newspaper, Global Times, is reporting said that 150,000 troops including medical teams had amassed at the border over mounting concerns that North Korea will use a national commemoration on the weekend to conduct a sixth nuclear test, or even strike out against South Korea, Japan and the United States. Actually, it is this Saturday that marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founding father and grandfather of the current ruler.

The Chinese Declare Their Military Intentions

The Chinese have already issued threats towardsthe regime of North Korea and amazingly, China is now aligned militarily against North Korea. Who would ever have thought that was possible?

A possible Chinese military action againstNorth Korea would be welcomed by President Trump, who wants China’s help to crack down on North Korea’s nuclear program.

However, Trump is not taking any chances as on Wednesday he made his final call to China, saying that the U.S. was prepared to tackle the crisis surrounding North Korea without China if necessary.

Russia, Syria and Iran Are Isolated

It is quite clear that China seems to be showing a significant shift in its policies as China surprisingly abstained rather than joining Russia in vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the reported use of chemical weapons in a town in Syria, in which is was quite clearthat Russiais correct, was a false flag  event.

U.S. President Donald Trump had launched a retaliatory missile strike on Syria’s Al Shayrat airbase last week, issuing a warning to Syria that the U.S. was prepared to take military action against countries which break international agreements. The move was interpreted by many as a warning to North Korea as well.


For the time being, Russia has apparently lost its most important ally, China. Putin went to considerable trouble to try and marry the Chinese economy with the Russian economy by forging a number of energy deals between the two nations. Now, this seems to have gone by the wayside.  If Russia chooses to go to war with the United States, they will do so without China’s support, at least at the present time.

What has caused this enormous political change of fortunes? What happened in Florida when Trump met with the Chinese leader?

Although it has not been stated, it is clear that the US has worked out a deal with China. What deal?  For the past year I have been reporting that China was trying to shut down the South China Sea to commercial traffic. This was done because Obama cut China out of the TPP free trade agreement. Although the TPP agreement is dead, something will replace it and I would bet my last dollar that Trump promised the Chinese a prominent role m the new agreement.  If this is the mindset, Trump has brilliantly isolated Russia and Iran while forging a new alliance with China.

I remain strongly critical of Trump’s attack on Syria. However, he has done what no President has ever managed to do, he turned Communist China into a military ally, even if it is only temporary.

Trump wrote a best-selling book called The Art of the Deal, Trump just demonstrated that the book contained much more than words, it contained wisdom.


“Part of a C.I.A.-financed complex built for the mujahedeen…”

Wikileaks: 'Those Tunnels The U.S Is Bombing In Afghanistan? They Were Built By The CIA'

April 14, 2017 by Chris Menahan


Wikileaks pointed out Thursday night that the tunnel network America just dropped the “mother of all bombs” on in Afghanistan was “built by the CIA.”


As the New York Times reported in 2005:

The first time bin Laden had seen the Tora Bora caves, he had been a young mujahedeen fighter and a recent university graduate with a degree in civil engineering. It had been some 20 years before, during Washington’s first Afghan war, the decade-long, C.I.A.-financed jihad of the 1980’s against the Soviet occupation. Rising to more than 13,000 feet, 35 miles southwest of the provincial capital of Jalalabad, Tora Bora was a fortress of snow-capped peaks, steep valleys and fortified caves. Its miles of tunnels, bunkers and base camps, dug deeply into the steep rock walls, had been part of a C.I.A.-financed complex built for the mujahedeen. Bin Laden had flown in dozens of bulldozers and other pieces of heavy equipment from his father’s construction empire, the Saudi Binladin Group, one of the most prosperous construction companies in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Persian Gulf. According to one frequently told story, bin Laden would drive one of the bulldozers himself across the precipitous mountain peaks, constructing defensive tunnels and storage depots.

Indeed, by December 2001, when the final battle of Tora Bora took place, the cave complex had been so refined that it was said to have its own ventilation system and a power system created by a series of hydroelectric generators; bin Laden is believed to have designed the latter. Tora Bora’s walls and the floors of its hundreds of rooms were finished and smooth and extended some 350 yards into the granite mountain that enveloped them.

The CIA money literally went to the Bin Laden family’s construction company, lol.

CNN appeared to confirm Thursday that the MOAB hit part of the same extensive tunnel network, though they didn’t mention the fun fact of who paid for it:

Back in late 2001 when Osama bin Laden was US enemy No. 1, I spent a good bit of time in the Afghan mountains not far from where the MOAB was dropped.

Bin Laden’s hideout was Tora Bora, on the same mountain ridge in the Achin district of Nangarhar. We watched as American bombers flew lazy eights in the sky awaiting their bombing runs.

…The mountains where ISIS made their base were the same ones used by bin Laden as a bolt hole and the same used by the CIA-backed mujahideen when they were fighting the Soviets in the 1980s.

Life comes at you fast.



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