VIDEO WW III, Syria’s Reichstag,Neocon Win – What We’re Not Being Told – Knockout Punch for Trump, USA

WW III Is Here- Syria’s Reichstag Moment-The Neocons Have Won

 April 7, 2017 by Dave Hodges


Things are unfolding faster than they can be covered.   With the US taking offensive action in Syria, the world has moved very close to war.

In debate $2, Hillary Clinton claimed that she would establish a no-fly zone. That meant war with Russia. It was one of the primary reasons that many voted against her. What President Trump has

President Trump’s message to the world on America’s attack on Syria.

Trump stated:

“No Child of God should ever suffer such horror.” President Trump 4/6/17

Whose God Mr. President? How do you know that this is not a false flag, Mr. President.

This sounds so much like a globalist that it is not even funny.

Syria’s Reichstag Moment

All historians are familiar with how Hitler was able to seize and consolidate power within the German Reichstag. He simply had his henchmen burn the German legislative building to the ground and then blame the Communists, one of the Nazi’s chief rivals.

Subsequently, Hitler assumed total dictatorial power, as a pretense to protect the German people, and he was able to eliminate the Communists and the rest, as they say, was history.

Obama (I mean Trump) Is Under Immense Pressure

Obama (Trump) is under enormous pressure, from the Banksters to take out the Iranian regime The need to take down Iran is necessitated because the Petrodollar is in real trouble because of Iran’s insistence on selling oil to India, China and Russia in exchange for gold.

Gold is a four letter word to the Banksters. The Banksters must maintain their fiat currency schemes. Subsequently, the Banksters must dominate the purchase of oil and the distribution of gold for three reasons:

(1) The Banksters thrive on fiat currency which is backed by virtually nothing and this is coupled with fractional reserve practices in order to acquire real material wealth based on their creation of worthless paper and the introduction of gold threatens this Ponzi scheme;

(2) Since Breton Woods, the world has been forced by the Banksters to play in their Ponzi scheme game by first purchasing Federal Reserve dollars which is in turn used to purchase oil. Saddam Hussein failed to play by the Petrodollar rules by selling oil for Euros and paid for his disobedience with his life; and,

(3) Once the Banksters collapse the currencies of the world, they want to be the ones controlling gold, the only remaining currency, in a post economic Armageddon.

Why did I note Obama (I mean Trump)? Because I wrote these same words three years ago and four years ago. Obama previously accused Assad of launching chemical attack on his people then. Obama was organizing to invade. First it was Syria and then it was  Syria and then it was to be Iran. Why? Because Iran was fueling the run away from the Petrodollar to gold-based currencies.  This means war to the bankers. And war is what we are going to get?

Mr. President, what happened to your pledge to bring our troops home? What happened in Syria is a false flag attack and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows this.

It is interesting to note the media attacks on Trump have relaxed over the past 2-3 days! This is no coincidence.  And even if the attack was not a false flag, which it is, is this ALLEGED attack by Syria worth a confrontation with the Russians because they are entrenched in their support of Assad. Why wouldn’t Trump approach Putin and have a dialogue prior to the massive missile attack? Wouldn’t this be consistent to what he pledged to do during the campaign?

The Planning for This False Flag Attack Has Been Planned Well in Advance of the Attack

There are two developments that speak to prior planning for martial law and World War III, with both Russia and China prior to this false flag.

Yesterday, while driving on I-25 between Ft. Collins and Denver, Paul Martin observed a column of American Military Police traveling with riot gear including a sound cannon. This is riot control. Why would riot control be needed now?  Because we are going to war and will be in martial law footing.  And before you tell me this is just an isolated incident, consider the fact that I received the same information from a reader located outside of Waco. I am certain that the forces of martial law are organizing as I write these words.

Further, Paul Preston called me last night and conveyed to me that he had irrefutable proof that the Stennis Carrier Task Force was conducting drills between San Diego and Catalina Island.  This simulated the straits near Taiwan and the Straits of Hormuz.

Additionally, I have a source, a military source, that told me the following two days ago:

  1. The Chinese are prepared to come across our Southern border once hostilities break out in Syria.
  2. North Korea will simultaneously attack South Korean and Nuke Japan.
  3. The Chinese will invade Taiwan.

At first these reports seemed to be unrelated. In lieu of yesterday’s attack on Syria, these events are fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

We are more than likely going to war.

The Knockout Punch for Trump and America Is Coming


April 7, 2017 by Dave Hodges


If you are reading this column, you are probably more aware and more willing to correct the abuses that the American people are laboring under.  Trump is paralyzed because the Deep State has launched a full frontal assault against him.  He needs our assistance and we are not answering the bell.

Trump Is Loyal to His Mission

I do not agree with everything that Trump has done, but he is loyal to his mission. He is the first President in a long time that has given a damn about the American people. And how have we responded as a nation? We have gone back to sleep and are doing nothing to help Congress breakthrough Deep State control that they labor under

Trump’s Constituency

If Trump supporters, those who voted for him, were to step up, we could reclaim our country. Of course there would be a fight, probably even a civil war. However, if only 10% of Trump voters were to send Congress an email or phone message everyday, that would add up to millions of message that would let Congress know they are in deep trouble if they do not move to support the people. Supporting the people means to support Donald Trump.

Consequences for Inaction

Let me be blunt. The consequences  for the path of inaction are dire.  The chronology will be as follows:

1. False Flags

2. Martial Law

3. Red/Blue Lists

4. FEMA Camps

5. Labor conscription

6. The separating of families through assignment of “state” duties

7. World War III

8. Extreme population reduction


It is your choice America.  Help Trump today, or fight for your life tomorrow.  Here is a summary to share with friends and family.


Strikes could trigger reconciliation, coalition with Russia to stop ISIS

Trump's Syria Strike: What They're NOT Telling You

April 7, 2017 by Kit Daniels

While this is not meant to be an endorsement of President Trump’s missile strike against a Syrian air base, here’s some points to consider:

  • The air strikes were limited to an airfield, yet the runway was unharmed, meaning the air base is still operational.  Six MiG-23s were destroyed along with a storage depot, a training building, a canteen and a radar station. Six people were killed and several others wounded.
  • The Syrian government called the strike “blatant aggression,” but stopped short of calling it an act of war.
  • Russia was warned about the strike beforehand… and Russian officials likely warned Syria as well. “Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line,” said Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis. “U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.”
  • The strike was the “most limited” military option presented to Trump, according to the New York Times.
  • If this strike didn’t happen, and Trump went to Russia to forge a coalition to fight ISIS, the neo-cons in Congress and his administration would undermine him while claiming publicly he’s a “Russian puppet.”  But now, with the strike, he can “deescalate” tensions with Russia into a coalition to fight ISIS under the guise of stopping bloodshed in Syria… which is really targeting ISIS, not Assad.

  • Days before, Russia actually made the unusual public statement that its support for Assad was “not unconditional.” Was Russia told about the potential strike days before?
  • Trump indicated the strike was meant to send a message… but keep in mind, the runway is still operational.  This was a slap on the wrist as far as harming Assad’s ability to wage war against ISIS.
  • When the strikes occurred, he was also hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping, so “sending a message” isn’t just limited to Syria.  Trump likely sees the North Korea and China situation as a real threat to the US.
  • The mainstream media can no longer claim Trump is “Putin’s puppet.”
  • Likewise, leftists are cucked even more because this is more than what Obama ever did, despite Obama actually wanting a war in Syria complete with “regime change.” Remember his “red line” meant to trigger Iraq 2.0.
  • This doesn’t help ISIS considering six Soviet-era MIG-23s are fairly easily replaced and, once again, the runway is unharmed.
  • John McCain and Lindsey Graham are effectively neutered in their attacks against Trump.
  • Some of Trump’s statements are worded carefully, such as: “Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,” he said. “It was a slow and brutal death for so many.”  As we reported on Wednesday, some of the babies appeared to have been murdered, but not necessarily from gas.  And if weaponized sarin gas was used by Syria – and not the weaker version homemade by terrorists – you’d expect affected children to die quicker.


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