VIDEO Two of the world’s most powerful men stand up to the global elite – Dem Thugs Driving Party Into Oblivion


April 4, 2017

Vladimir Putin is calling for a meeting with Donald Trump for them to discuss how they can destroy the globalist empire.

Bilderberg Expert: Elite Are In Full Panic Mode

Alex Jones talks with Bilderberg expert Daniel Estulin about how the elite are terrified of Donald Trump.


Ignorant haters happily gutting their party, he says

LOU DOBBS: Vulgar Democrat Thugs Driving Their Party Into Oblivion

Apr 3, 2017 by 


Lou Dobbs has declared that the imploding Democrat Party are “so far on the wrong side of history, it’s likely they won’t recover for years.”

“The Democrat Party is out of excuses for what has become its ugly, nasty partisan thuggery,” Dobbs said during his broadcast on Monday night. “The new DNC chairman, Tom Perez, stands as an example, demonstrating that Democratic leaders now insist on going to the lowest common denominator in their politics and their tactics.”

“How low, how ignorant, must Dems be to hurl expletives at the President of the United States?”

Dobbs was referring to Perez’s unhinged tirade at a rally hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance last week.

“Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values,” Perez railed. “You didn’t win this election.”

“We have a bully in Washington in the White House.”

Perez, who is Barack Obama’s former Secretary of Labor, also claimed that Republicans “don’t give a sh*t about people.”

“Perez seems dedicated to helping Democrats gut their party,” Dobbs continued, noting that there are 23 Democrats and two allied Independents in the Senate up for re-election next year – 10 of whom are from states Donald Trump won in the presidential election.

He also pointed out that the Democrats are investing all of their political capital and energy into relentlessly fighting the Trump agenda – including the tactical error of trying to filibuster his highly-respected Supreme Court nomination, Judge Neil Gorsuch, which could backfire tremendously if Republicans are forced to trigger the ‘nuclear option,’ which would likely carry over to future nominations.

“The Dems are so far on the wrong side of history, it’s highly likely they won’t recover for years,” Dobbs concluded.

A handful of Democrat officials have begun to realize the scope of their failures and diminishing influence, and have been warning their party mates to little or no avail.

“At the present time… we have no strategy, and we have no plan,” admitted Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) recently. “I do think it is time for us to bring in younger leadership.”

“In fact, if we don’t, I think it will spell the demise of the Democratic caucus – if we’re not already primitively in a state of smallness.”

Cleaver’s cautionary statement came on the heels of a similar red flag thrown up by Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), shortly before he defeated by antiquated reigning minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.

“I’m pulling the fire alarm, because the house is burning down, and we better get our act together or we’re going to cease being a national party,” Ryan said. “We’re going to be a regional party that fails to get into the majority, and fails to do things on behalf of those working class people that were the backbone of the Democratic Party for so long.”

The Democrat Party, which once served as a home to John F. Kennedy and blue-collar, patriotic Americans, has morphed into the party of hate – hatred of American sovereignty, law and order, borders, traditionalism, free speech, and even white people.

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