VIDEO Hillary and Podesta Talking and Doing Business with the Russians – More Huma Email Evidence

Not Only Are Hillary and Podesta Talking with the Russians, They’re Doing Business with Them

Dems Have More Ties to Russia Than Trump

Mar 29, 2017


As deep state operatives continue to peddle the fictitious Trump-Russia narrative to members of the press and House Intelligence Committee investigators, the American people are having the proverbial wool pulled over their eyes by the actual offenders themselves, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, both of whom have done business with the Russian State.

On Jan. 23, 2016, I exposed Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russian State in an article titled, “Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore,” in which I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold out approximately one-fifth of the United States’ uranium supply to the Russians using a Canadian proxy. Not only did she facilitate deals to offload the valuable ore to the Russians but she also sold out ranchlands in Oregon which Lavoy Finnicum gave his life to protect during the infamous Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff. The story was covered extensively by Infowars’ Lee Ann McAdoo and Jon Rappoport on a Jan. 29, 2016, broadcast.

To put the icing on the cake, former advisor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, John Podesta, has also been exposed for having ties to the Russian State. The is the exact narrative they are basing the so-called Trump investigation on.

In a Mar. 27, 2017, article titled, “Report: John Podesta failed to disclose 75,000 stock shares in Russian-financed company,” Intellihub’s Alex Thomas explained just how bad this is looking for Podesta and others involved.

“Consider for a moment the implications of this startling revelation. John Podesta and numerous other Clinton operatives have continually accused the Russian government of helping Donald Trump win the election yet Podesta didn’t even reveal that he was making money off a firm with connections to the Kremlin?!” Thomas wrote.

In response to circulating reports regarding Podesta’s dealings, the author of the book “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer, appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday to discuss details from his own investigation into the matter.

“Well in 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts,” Schweizer said. “About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO put a billion rubles, which is about 35 million dollars, into John Podesta’s company.”

Schweizer maintains that RUSNANO is “directly funded by the Kremlin” and “is not a private company.”

“In fact, the Russian Science Minister called RUSNANO ‘Putin’s Child,’” the author explained.

This is obviously a blatant conflict of interest and even more of a hot topic than the Trump-Russia narrative.

Schweizer said that Podesta is in “clear violation of the disclosure rules” and needs to face the music for failing to disclose that he is on the executive board of the holding company for RUSNANO.

“What make the Podesta case clear is there was a transfer of money and there was a transfer of a lot of money that stood to make John Podesta a lot of money. Um, that is unique and that is extremely troubling because at the time that that transfer is taking place he is advising Hillary Clinton at the State Department. We know that from the Podesta emails that he is helping her make personnel decisions, speech decisions, policy decisions, he’s meeting with her monthly. So it’s a transfer of foreign money from a government at a time when he is advising America’s chief diplomat Hillary Clinton,” Schweizer said.

Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor toInfowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Get the Podcast. Follow Shep onFacebook and Twitter.

Through Unsecured Emails, Special Favors for Clinton Donors: Classified Document on Unsecured Email Included Discussion of Request for ‘Various Classified Intelligence Documents’ Concerning Guantanamo Terrorist Detainee Binyam Mohamed

New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Additional Instances of Clinton Sending Classified Information

March 29, 2017


(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch today released 1,184 pages of State Department records, including previously unreleased Hillary Clinton email exchanges, revealing additional instances of Abedin and Hillary Clinton sending classified information through unsecured email accounts and contributors being given special access to the former secretary of state.

The emails, were obtained in response to a court order from a May 5, 2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a March 18 FOIA request (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)). The lawsuit seeks:

  • All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a non-“” email address.

The records contain 29 previously undisclosed Clinton emails – of a total of which is now at least 288 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department. This further appears to contradict statements by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department. Two of these emails are now available on the State Department’s website.

In a February 2010 email exchange Jake Sullivan, then-Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton, sent to Clinton’s and Abedin’s unsecure email accounts information that the State Department has classified as the material includes information “to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy; foreign relations or foreign activities of the US, including confidential sources.” The redacted information concerns “former GTMO [Guantanamo] detainee Binyam Mohamed” and Mohamed’s request for “various classified intelligence documents” that contained U.S. intelligence information related to his detention before he was taken to Guantanamo.

In April 2010, Sid Blumenthal sent two email memos to Clinton containing information now classified.  Clinton forwarded this material to Abedin’s unsecure email account. The classified information, which Clinton asks Abedin to print off for her, concerns the change of government in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In other emails, Clinton’s “final” schedules with specific details concerning her whereabouts were transmitted by Lona Valmoro to the unsecure emails accounts of Clinton Foundation officials Doug Band, Terry Krivnic Margaret Steenberg and others, and forwarded to Abedin’s unsecure email account.

In a March 15, 2010, exchange, Band forwarded to Abedin a request for help from Philip Levine, who is presumably the mayor of Miami Beach.  Reports said Levine had been a fundraiser for the Clintons since the 1990s.

The newly obtained emails also reveal some unsuccessful efforts to set up phone meetings for Clinton with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In a February 23, 2010, email, ambassador and Clinton friend Capricia Marshall asked Band and Abedin to work with her to plan Bill and Hillary Clinton’s funeral arrangements and notes: “once affirmed it will be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she [Hillary] wanted – as well I understand that the President can request certain arrangements for her that she/her rep cannot (ie if you want the motorcade to go through DC – stop somewhere).”

A March 9, 2010, email exchange between Abedin and Band reveals some tension between Clinton’s top personal aide and the former secretary of state’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. The apparent rift was revealed when Chelsea Clinton asked Band if he could arrange a White House tour for a female Haitian-American sailor from the USS Comfort.  Band passed the request to Abedin, who replied to Band: “I don’t want to get cross wise with cdm [Cheryl Mills] on anything Haiti related” and “HAVE YOU MET CHERYL MILLS? [Emphasis in original] you have no idea.”

“These emails are yet more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s casual and repeated violations of laws relating to the handling of classified information,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, “The Justice Department should finally begin an independent investigation into the Clinton email matter.”

Koterba editorial. 07-07-2016. Clinton Foundation Email.



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