Spiritual Gun Control Is Not God’s Control – Making Our Witness, The Chambers Model

Spiritual Gun Control Is Not God’s Control

Armed Christian

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Armed defense is the proper response to armed violence. And from the perspective of personal and family security, gun control makes no sense, and its advocates are mindless and irresponsible.

Yet, physical violence is not the only threat to you and your family. There are creeping, unseen dark threats lurking from the spiritual world. And they are so lethal as physical threats.

As liberal and mindless authors propose gun control (which they ultimately intend as gun ban) to society, liberal and mindless theologians propose spiritual gun control to the church: no supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit to fight and expel demons.

Secular gun control is moved by political ideology and spiritual gun control is moved by theological ideology.

Young men and women, who were brought up even in conservative Christian homes, are enticed by dark forces, and their families are powerless and disarmed to fight their spiritual enslavers because they have been misled by spiritual gun control advocates.

There is a spiritual war raging around everyone. Supernatural gifts are supernatural weapons. Without them, even Christians are easy preys to demonic forces and their attacks.

Prophecy, revelation, healings, tongues and other supernatural gifts are God’s arsenal for his church. They are necessary for delivering the captives and oppressed. They are necessary against spiritual enemies.

Satan has a powerful arsenal, available to sorcerers and other Satanists, to destroy individuals and families, and his weapons can only be countered by Jesus’s authority and weapons.

To preach the gospel without such authority and weapons is something that Jesus never let his apostles do, and he promised this authority and spiritual military equipment to his church for its mission in the whole world, because you should never go without them, especially in the confrontation with evil forces.

Jesus said to his disciples,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” (Mark 16:15-18 NIV)

He did not promise spiritual gun control. He promised the right to have and carry spiritual weapons in the whole world! Because the original apostles were unable to reach the whole world, this promise is to you and me!

However, as liberals want to ban guns in society, mindless theologians want to ban spiritual guns in the church.

Christians have a right to have spiritual weapons and use them against dark forces. Secular gun control is good only to killers, who find defenseless victims. Spiritual gun control is good only to Satan and his forces, who find defenseless victims.

Their propaganda approach to deceive their victims is similar. Secular gun control advocates use bizarre cases of gun violence as a pretext to ban guns to all families needing protection. Spiritual gun control advocates use bizarre cases of spiritual manifestations as a pretext to ban spiritual weapons to all Christian families needing protection. Whether secular or spiritual, gun control advocates think only in their ideology, whether political or theological.

Secular gun control benefits the secular Left. Spiritual gun control benefits the spiritual Left.

Books and articles by mindless theologians advocating spiritual gun control are a threat to the security of God’s people.

If you have spiritual and physical needs of security, you are entitled to have what God has made available to you, through His Word and His Spirit, to defend you and your family.

A gun-control mindset has never been God’s will for you. He wants to empower you and use you as a channel from His Spirit to bring blessings to you and your family, including protection, defense and, when necessary, attack.

The first step is to open your heart to Jesus and His Spirit. Next, by following 1 Corinthians 14:1, you should “eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.” (NIV)

This is the Spirit’s opportunity to empower and arm you!

Gun-free Christianity is Satan’s idea, even when inspired in the minds of theologians. It makes Christians defenseless and allow Satan to attack and destroy unopposed and undetected in his activities.

It is my understanding as a conservative Christian that law-abiding citizens should be fully respected in their right to have and carry guns for defense and protection. Only a communist would oppose such right.

It is my equal understanding as a conservative Christian that World-abiding Christians should be fully respected in their right to have and carry spiritual weapons for defense and protection. Only a “communist” theologian would oppose such right and tell that God does not grant today supernatural gifts.

Spiritually armed Christianity is God’s idea, and it works. It worked for Jesus and his first disciples, who preached and demonstrated the Gospel by healing the sick and expelling demons.

It will work for you too.

There is a spiritual war raging. Arm yourself with God’s weapons today.

Armed defense and attack are God’s ideas.

Portuguese version of this article: Desarmamento espiritual não é ideia de Deus



Whittaker Chambers

What startled many readers of Whittaker Chambers’s Witness when it first was published in 1952 (and became a bestseller) was its deeply spiritual tone, its message of returning to faith in God, not only for the sake of individual salvation but also for the hope of salvaging Western civilization.

Chambers had been a avowed atheist, an ideological stance influenced by his dysfunctional family upbringing, the nihilism communicated to him by his university education, and his commitment to changing the world through communism.

One of his most famous lines about religious belief prior to his conversion shows not only his attitude but his ability to convey that attitude in memorable phrases:

I associated God with ill-ventilated vestries and ill-ventilated minds.

That attitude crumbled when he finally faced the truth of the Christian faith. There is one passage in Witness that best describes what happened to him when the Spirit of God touched his life, and that passage is even more memorable than the one noted above:

What I had been fell from me like dirty rags. The rags that fell from me were not only Communism. What fell was the whole web of the materialist modern mind—the luminous shroud which it has spun about the spirit of man, paralyzing in the name of rationalism the instinct of his soul for God, denying in the name of knowledge the reality of the soul and its birthright in that mystery on which mere knowledge falters and shatters at every step.

It was that touch from the hand of God that led Chambers to his decision to make his witness before the world—not just a testimony about what he knew of the workings of the communist underground and its designs to overthrow the American government—but a witness to the grace of God in men’s lives.

Yet it was that very witness that most intellectuals rejected. They didn’t understand how Chambers could embrace the “old” faith that so many of them now despised. This is why Chambers, near the end of Witness, wrote this:

To those for whom the intellect alone has force, such a witness has little or no force. It bewilders and exasperates them. It challenges them to suppose that there is something greater about man than his ability to add and subtract. It submits that that something is the soul.

What’s interesting is that Chambers saw a clear demarcation between those intellectuals and the majority of the population:

Plain men understood the witness easily. It speaks directly to their condition. For it is peculiarly the Christian witness. They still hear it, whenever it truly reaches their ears, the ring of those glad tidings that once stirred mankind with an immense hope.

For it frees them from the trap of irreversible Fate at the point at which it whispers to them that each soul is individually responsible to God, that it has only to assert that responsibility, and out of man’s weakness will come strength, out of his corruption incorruption, out of his evil good, and out of what is false invulnerable truth.

Why did Chambers believe that weakness could become strength, that corruption could be transformed into incorruption, that good could be squeezed out of evil, and that falsehoods could nevertheless lead men to see the truth?

He could believe all of that because it happened in his life. He responded to the Christian message, he acknowledged that he was individually responsible to God, and he took the necessary steps to assert that responsibility by proclaiming the witness God had given him through his own personal experience.

The message hasn’t changed. God hasn’t changed. All of us need to respond as Chambers did. We need to make our individual witnesses to the world. We are all individually responsible to God and need to take whatever steps are necessary to make our witness.




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