VIDEO Trump: Andrew Jackson Fought to Defend Forgotten Men and Women from Arrogant Elite. Sound Familiar?

 March 18, 2017

( – President Donald Trump said in his weekly address today that he went to Nashville, Tenn., this week to lay a wreath at the grave of President Andrew Jackson, who “fought to defend forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day.

“Sound familiar?” asked Trump.

“This week I travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson on the 250thanniversary of his birth,” said Trump, introducing his address.
Jackson was an American hero, first as a brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans.

“And later as the seventh president of the United States, when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day,” said Trump.

“Does it sound familiar?” he said.



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25 Responses to VIDEO Trump: Andrew Jackson Fought to Defend Forgotten Men and Women from Arrogant Elite. Sound Familiar?

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  3. Trump has been so consistently good in everything else that it disturbs me that he’s pushing for this crappy Obamacare “fix,” which gives more power to the insurance companies and is NOT a full repeal & replace with free-market ideas. Why is he doing this? Close to half of Trump supporters hate this new bill. We’ve been emailing & phoning our reps and begging them to vote against it.


    • ror1774 says:

      I think Rand Paul and the House Freedom Caucus will have a lot to do with changing what RINO Ryan proposed. Trump mentioned that Ran Paul has a hand in the final version. Also Tom Cotton said the RINO would not pass the Senate, so I’m trusting we’ll have something better.


      • I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Last night in Louisville, Mitch McConnell was at Trump’s rally and Trump asked him if things looked good for the present version of the bill passing the Senate. I hope Rand Paul & Ted Cruz help kill it unless it gets rid of the insurance co. mandate to buy insurance. That’s just wrong.


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