VIDEO When Dreams Come True: Trump Plans To Defund CPB, NEA, Planned Parenthood


OMB Mick Mulvaney 1

Most Americans, if they have half a brain, understand that government is intended to perform some necessary functions (think national security), but overall spends entirely too much money on horrible studies and abysmal organizations.

For instance, the National Endowment for the Arts.

Arts are a good thing, a creative thing. God created: just look at the world and the splendor that is nature. God created man in His image, which means, in part, we are created to create. It’s how we’re wired. Some people paint. Some sculpt. Others write or play or sing music that grips the heart and emotion.

Merriam-Webster defines art:

the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects

So where does the National Endowment of the Arts go awry?

Art, in the mind of a conservative or Christian, is that creation which uplifts the spirit, which conveys emotion that touches the soul (the seat of the emotions).

But to the NEA?

The NEA seems to qualify any cotton-pickin’ creation as art, not only even if it is exceedingly offensive — but ESPECIALLY if it is offensive. Case in point: “Piss Christ,” the blasphemous display of a crucifix submerged in urine. Yes. The NEA sponsored that. Taxpayer money sponsored a display which was completely an anathema to a huge percent of the population.

The National Endowment for the Arts was begun by an act of the 89th Congress in 1965.

Another government waste of taxpayer money, though perhaps loftier at times (anything would be loftier than that hell-inspired display) — the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

How is it in a nation built on the economic foundation of the free market we allowed for televised and radio broadcast shows on the taxpayers’ dime?

The CPB motto, “A Private Corporation Funded by the American People.” Very cute that. Sorry CPB — a private corporation should be private. Sink or swim on the entity’s own merits. That’s why most talk radio is conservative: no one wants to listen to bitter, whiny rants for three hours a day.

We have the 90th Congress to thank for this money sinkhole.

CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.

And the Corporation for Public Broadcasting mission? (emphasis mine)

CPB strives to support diverse programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public. Through grants, CPB encourages the development of content that addresses the needs of underserved audiences, especially children and minorities. CPB also funds multiple digital platforms used by thousands of public media producers and production companies throughout the country.

CPB’s core values of collaboration, innovation, engagement, and diversity, help to inform our program investments system-wide.

Good old diversity and enlightenment. Just what The Founders intended as they penned our brilliant U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

No…that’s wrong. The Constitution was a bridle intended to steer and rein in government.

So the 60’s was a time to not only “Turn on, tune in, drop out,” as popularized by psychedelic drug aficionado, Psychologist Timothy Leary, it was also a time to dream up unnecessary agencies that would insult and indoctrinate Americans, all on the taxpayer tab. Perhaps the 89th and 90th Congress members were part of Mr. Leary’s experiments?

And now, after decades of dreaming the grand pipe dream that someday, somehow, a sitting U.S. President would have the wisdom and the spine to say “ENOUGH! No more spending the taxpayers’ hard earned money on either unnecessary or repugnant programs!” — the dream may be coming true!

Today, I cheered as newly sworn in Director of  the Office of Management and Budget, John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney, held a press conference and said some words I thought I would never hear.

I quickly paused the DVR/smart TV, rewound and recorded the historic words. Watch below:

Speaking about the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the [Heinous] Arts:

I think the message the President sent, right now, is that we want to defund those. And there’s completely defensible reasons for doing that. It’s a simple message by the way.

I put myself in the shoes of that…that steel worker in Ohio. The coal miner, the coal mining family in West Virginia. The mother of two in Detroit. And think, okay. I have to go ask these folks for money and I have to tell them where I’m going to spend it.

Can I really go to those folks, look them in the eye and say, “Look, I want to take money from you, and I want to give it to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.”

That is a really hard sell. In fact, something we don’t think we can defend anymore.

Thank-you God! I thought I would never hear those words, but I did.

So this Donald Trump, this most unlikely U.S. President that so many conservatives distrusted…this man is working to defund Planned Parenthood, to defund the CFB, and to defund the NEA.

Kudos Mr. President and thank-you Director Mulvaney for your brief, concise, and substantive message.

In a mere one minute and fourteen seconds Mick Mulvaney made my day. Oh I’m sure he made a gaggle of Lefties stroke out.

And that makes me even happier.


matt bevin

Who would trust their health care to a group that doesn’t know anything about medicine? Try the U.S. government. For years, they’ve been funneling billions of dollars to an organization that can’t even answer basic questions on pregnancy: Planned Parenthood.

In an interview that should have been embarrassing for any group (let alone one trying to defend its half-billion dollars in taxpayer funding), Tucker Carlson asked questions that should have been easy for any “expert” in women’s health to answer. “You work for the country’s biggest abortion provider,” Tucker said to Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens. “If you can hear the heartbeat of this thing, this fetus, what is it?” he asked. “Is it a piece of tissue or is it a separate human being?” Well, she replied, “I think that’s up to each individual to decide.” Surprised, Tucker tried again. “This is at the core of what you do — you’re the biggest abortion provider in the United States. It’s not like you haven’t thought of this,” he pressed. Laguens paused and said again, “I think that’s up to each individual to decide.”

And this is an organization that’s supposed to be on the cutting edge of women’s health? A group that says “feelings” — not settled science — define human reality? Unfortunately, this is the kind of “create your own truth” thinking your tax dollars make possible. At least for now. If Republicans in Congress get their way, the days of Planned Parenthood’s federal gravy train are numbered. In the Obamacare replacement making the rounds on Capitol Hill, gutting the group’s funding is priority one. And while pieces of the bill may be negotiable, the White House has assured me that the portion stripping Planned Parenthood’s tax dollars is not one of them. If anyone’s grateful for that, it’s the next generation of Americans. According to the Congressional Budget Office, defunding Planned Parenthood would mean that “several thousand” more children would live to see their birthday. In other words, the proposal wouldn’t just save money — it would save lives.

Meanwhile, in a deft move, President Trump has offered to keep the cash flowing to Cecile Richards’s group. There’s just one condition: Planned Parenthood would have to stop performing abortions. In a revealing reply, Richards called the idea “obscene and insulting.” No, what’s obscene is a group that destroys more than 330,000 innocent unborn children a year — in large part because our tax dollars help them keep the other side of the business afloat. Carlson touched on the organization’s obsession with abortion in his sit-down with Laguens. “[Why is abortion] so important to Planned Parenthood that you’re willing to forgo half a billion dollars a year in federal subsidies?” he wanted to know. She stumbled through a response about not being “bullied.”

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) had a more accurate response. “Planned Parenthood is not about women’s health. They’re full of baloney.” Like a lot of his counterparts, he’s trying to sever ties with Richards’s group and redirect state money to community health centers that may actually know a thing or two about women’s health. A bill to do exactly that just passed the Kentucky House this week, helped along by Bevin’s leadership on the issue. “[Planned Parenthood was] started basically to eliminate people that they considered to be unfit to live… The sooner we wake up to the reality of it and look at what the truth of what that organization is… the better it will be. Let’s not waste our tax money pretending that they’re a health care organization.”


Planned Parenthood does not have a good record when it comes to telling the truth.

First, they used to boast about the mammograms they provide for patients. As it turns out, there’s not one mammogram offered in any of the Planned Parenthood facilities. No, not one.

Then they boasted about their prenatal care services. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said in 2011, “Prenatal care — these are the kinds of services that folks depend on Planned Parenthood for.” But an undercover video released in January by Lila Rose of Live Action shows that that’s a myth, as they demonstrate in recorded call after call to Planned Parenthood facilities, seeking prenatal care, only to be told by Planned Parenthood representatives that they don’t provide it.

Now here’s the oft-repeated claim, which is not new, that only three percent of their services involve abortion. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards repeated this statement before Congress just last week. Is that correct or is it “creative math” to arrive at an absurd conclusion?

Well, even liberals know that’s misleading. NPR said on 8/5/2015 that critics note the three percent claim “doesn’t explain how much of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from abortion.” Rachael Larimore of Slate magazine (5/7/13) declared the three percent claim “the most meaningless abortion statistic ever.” The Washington Post (8/12/15) even debunked the statistic and gave the claim three Pinocchios.

Recently I spoke with Eric Scheidler, the executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, on my radio show to have him explain how they derive the three percent figure—especially in light of the fact that Planned Parenthood does over 30 percent of the abortions in America.

Eric told me: “‘The three percent myth,’ we call it, is totally inaccurate….abortion is far more significant at Planned Parenthood than that would suggest.”

He explains that they have a list of services they’ll provide the woman in her process of getting an abortion—and count each service as a separate service, even though it is all a part of the process of her abortion. They’ll check off these services, counting each one as a service unto itself:
•ultrasound—so they’ll know how old the child in the womb is, charging more for older children;
•possibly pain medication, etc.

Eric noted, “Every single one of those things is going to be counted as a separate service. So even when a woman goes to Planned Parenthood specifically to get an abortion that day, Planned Parenthood will be saying that the abortion is one out of five or six or ten different services that they provided. So they could say it was only 10 percent of what she came for. That woman knows she went there for an abortion that day. That’s why she went there, and that’s what she’s going to remember for the rest of her life.”

Eric uses an analogy to explain the statistic: “It’s as if a company, like a car dealership, were to say that when you go there for a car, you also get a cup of coffee and a donut and maybe you have something from the vending machine—say a package of M&M’s, and there’s 25 M&M’s in the package. Add up all those little items, and they’re not really a car dealership at all, are they? They’re in fact a candy company because most of what they sell are individual M&M’s, not individual Cadillacs. It’s that kind of accounting that leads them to claim that abortion is only three percent of the services they provide.”

Eric concluded, “They continually, consistently try to minimize their role in abortion, when in fact they are the nation’s largest abortion provider.”

Rich Lowry offered similar analogies in National Review (8/4/15): “Such cracked reasoning could be used to obscure the purpose of any organization. The sponsors of the New York City Marathon could count each small cup of water they hand out (some 2 million cups, compared with 45,000 runners) and say they are mainly in the hydration business. Or Major League Baseball teams could say that they sell about 20 million hot dogs and play 2,430 games in a season, so baseball is only .012 percent of what they do.”

Abortion is much more important to Planned Parenthood than a mere three percent of what they are all about. I suppose that if they have no qualms about killing a viable baby, then why should they have any qualms about lying?



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  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    That’s a very good excellent point

    One that I must say I didn’t view about Planned Parenthood

    That PP knows nothing about women’s health care and even less about medicine

    How true!


    • ror1774 says:

      Planned Parenthood is about destroying families, exterminating Blacks, and making money. The word medicine is make the scam sound legitimate. I am glad people are waking up and are moving to take government funds out of their hands.


  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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