VIDEO Trump Exonerated by CNN’s Jake Tapper – FBI’s Own Investigation Into Russia Finds Trump Is In The Clear

Trump Exonerated by CNN’s Jake Tapper

Trump Exonerated by CNN’s Jake Tapper??

Mar 12, 2017

It appears that the Trump administration should be grateful that CNN’s Jake Tapper is out there doing his part in exonerating then fro RussiaGate. On his grand tour around the liberal media, Jake has had nothing but semantics to offer as proof of wrong doing. Like one of Mr. Tapper’s heroes, Bill Clinton, Jake is good at parsing words. that could keep the lawsuits down as well.

As Written By John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper, who of late has been on a tour of the left-wing Late Night shows, capped off his arrival as a celebrity Friday with an appearance at South By Southwest (SXSW). Just days after appearing on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter (Tapper identifies as a Serious Journalist), he sat down for an interview at the Austin, Texas, film festival, where, among other things, he proved that the six-month-old RussiaGate “scandal” is nothing more than a steaming pile of Fake News.

As I’ve been pointing out all week, this RussiaGate non-scandal — or the national media’s attempt to smear President Trump as a Russian sleeper agent; or smear Trump’s campaign as having something to do with WikiLeaks; or smear anyone associated with Trump as being guilty of some kind of improper contact with the Russians — is a big, fat joke.

Keep in mind that a mere two days into the Watergate scandal, two reporters and one anonymous source had already connected the break-in directly to the Nixon campaign. Six months into Watergate, two Nixon campaign officials had already been indicted, tried and convicted.  We are now six months into RussiaGate, and all our media’s got is EXACTLY NOTHING.

Naturally, without a challenge from his left-wing interviewer (MTV’s Ana Marie Cox), and apparently feeling defensive, Tapper attempted to explain why RussiaGate is not Fake News:

I call ‘fake news’ three recent things: When Trump said nobody in his campaign spoke to Russia, and they did; when Michael Flynn said he didn’t have contact with the Russians, and he did; and now our Attorney General said he didn’t speak to the Russians.


So this is all they got, y’all — a heaping-helping of Zilch hidden behind Tapper’s favorite game of Semantics.

Obviously members of Trump’s campaign team spoke to the Russians. Obviously as an incoming National Security advisor, Mike Flynn spoke to the Russians. Obviously as a United State Senator, Jeff Sessions spoke to the Russians. The question was never about the Wide Net of Speaking To The Russians. In their respective circumstance, it would have been irresponsible for Flynn and Sessions not to speak to the Russians.

The question is about the impropriety of those contacts. And so far, despite a full half-year of wiretaps (as reported by The New York Times), an army of partisan reporters out to impeach Trump, billions of dollars in media resources, countless felonious leaks from un-American members of the Intelligence Community, a federal bureaucracy still loyal to President Barry, and CNN going so far as to dangerously point what looks like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window, the following is still the bottom line

“There are no specific allegations of wrongdoing.”

Some of you might not be familiar with that sentence, because Fake News outlets like CNN always tend to hide that piece of real news waaaay below a hysterical headline and 14 paragraphs of innuendo. But if you hang in there, if you pretend to be a pig looking for it, you’ll almost always find the media’s CYA truffle that reads, “There are no specific allegations of wrongdoing.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are six months! into RussiaGate and all the Fake News Media has is, “There are no specific allegations of wrongdoing.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are six months! into RussiaGate and all the Fake News Media has is Tapper firing off semantics that move the Scandal Goal Post from “improper communication” all the way over to “any communication,” when we all know that an incoming National Security Adviser and a sitting U.S. Senator would be irresponsible not having “any communication.”

In a fit of irony, as Tapper attacked Trump’s honesty, the CNN anchor behind the faker than fake Russian Dossier, continued to spread the thoroughly-debunked claim that Trump mocked a journalist’s disability:

I won’t mention names, but there are some who are keeping their heads down and are [essentially] saying it’s OK make fun of the disabled[.]

Tapper did tell one truth, though, he did admit that now that the media’s Precious Barry is gone, “The press is in a much more adversarial place than ever.”

Well, how about that!

But keep in mind that Precious Barry only spied on the media, gave piles of guns to Mexican drug lords, lied about 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, weaponized the IRS against his political enemies, conducted mass domestic surveillance without a warrant, paid an illegal ransom to Iran for hostages, and told a serial-lie that resulted in millions of Americans losing their health insurance…

Let’s be reasonable… Why would the press be adversarial towards such a man?

After all, none of Barry’s scandals can begin to compare to Trump’s unforgivable sin of “There are no specific allegations of wrongdoing.”

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US Officials: FBI’s Own Investigation Into Russia Finds Trump Is In The Clear

 Mar 12, 2017

You know how Democrats love to blame Russia for Donald Trump’s election victory rather than focus on the fact that Hillary Clinton was the worst decision a political party has ever made?

It’s pretty embarrassing.

YoungCons reports,

We all know the Russian stuff isn’t true.  Even if it was true.  What actually happened? A corrupt politician and her political machine who would have destroyed the country were exposed?

Wow, what an awful crime.

Here’s what the FBI came up with during their investigation into whether or not Russia manipulated the election.

From Weasel Zippers via The Daily Caller:

U.S. officials say a months-long FBI counterintelligence investigation into Russian attempts to manipulate the U.S. election, did not bring up enough evidence to charge anyone criminally, according to a report from Circa.

Agents who investigated claims of computer server activity tied to Russia and then President-elect-Trump’s businesses in New York’s Trump Tower came to the conclusion that no disreputable contacts, financial transactions or encrypted communications occurred with the Russians, according to Circa.

Those in the intelligence community who spoke to the outlet appeared to be frustrated over the representation in the media of their investigation of Russia’s activities.


Democrats make it sound like Russia hacked the ballot boxes and cast votes for Trump.  Didn’t happen.

It’s weird.  They tell us voter fraud isn’t real and lecture us about how voter integrity doesn’t matter but then when they lose a major election they suddenly start caring about it.

Read more at YoungCons

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