VIDEO The Deep State Is Real, A ‘Threat to Our Republic Form of Govt’ – Session’s Recusal

Peter Schweizer: The Deep State Is Real — A ‘Threat to Our Republic Form of Government’

 8 Mar 2017 by Pam Keys

Tuesday night on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer discussed the “deep state” and its potential threat to President Donald Trump’s administration.

Schweizer said, “Well, let me tell you, I would recommend everybody go out and get an academic book published last year called “What Washington Gets Wrong,” and it’s two scholars from Johns Hopkins University who do a massive survey of senior unelected executives in government, basically the deep state, and asks them a bunch of questions. And as the authors describe the deep state has contemptuous attitudes towards the average American.”

“They think they’re far less educated than they actually are,” he continued. “They think they are far more dependent than they actually are. They’re arrogant, they believe, and say in the surveys if the American people want one thing, and they think it’s wrong, they’re going to push something else. There’s a massive disconnect, and the deep state is real, and it’s a threat to our republic form of government.”

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 Video: J. Christian Adams Speaks on Sessions’ Decision to Recuse Himself

ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams speaks toFox & Friendson March 3, 2017 about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from future Russia investigations.

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