Hungary’s Border Walls Pay for Themselves – Mosul Safer for Women than Sweden

Exclusive: Hungary’s Border Walls Pay for Themselves Through Savings on Illegal Migrants

 7 Mar 2017 by Jack Montgomery

The Hungarian government’s decision to rapidly construct strong border fences along their frontiers has had a positive financial effect, achieving substantial savings on the cost of illegal immigration.

Zoltán Kovács, official spokesman for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, told Hungarian media last week that “the monies spent on border protection are very obviously being recouped”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, the Hungarian government’s International Communications Office explained:

“The Hungarian state spends a total of 5,505 forints on the daily care of each illegal immigrant. To put things in comparison, the minimum wage in Hungary is currently 127,500 forints/month, which equals to 4,250 forints/day.”

This adds up to an annual cost of some 2,009,325 forints per illegal migrant, per year.

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, recently reported that the introduction of “technical barriers” to illegal migration on the Hungarian/Serbian border slashed crossings via that route from 200,000 in 2015 to 25,000 in 2016 – a massive theoretical saving.

The International Communications Office breaks down the costs associated with the care of asylum applicants as follows:

People who have requested recognition for asylum are eligible for the following services and allowances, depending on their level of need and individual situation:
a) within the framework of the material requirements of reception:
– accommodation and care at a receiving institution
– travel discounts
– the covering of the costs of public burial for asylum-seekers;
b) medical care;
c) the reimbursement of education/schooling expenses;
d) within the framework of financial support:
– funding to enable them to permanently leave the country.

Costs vary between countries: Freedom of Information responses obtained by the Daily Express in 2015 indicated that providing asylum seekers with bed and board in the United Kingdom cost at least £726,027 a day in 2013/14.

In Germany the cost of supporting migrants has been even more dramatic, hitting 30 billion euros in 2016. Indeed, it was the economic activity associated with public spending on migrants which allowed Germany to overtake the UK as the fastest-growing G7 economy of last year.

It is not only government which bears the cost of mass immigration, however. Research by the Center for Immigration studies in the U.S. indicates that migrants generate total profits of $437 billion for their “users” – for the most part, big businesses and employers. But mass immigration comes at a cost of $405 billion in wage losses for native-born workers, which falls disproportionately on the so-called working poor.

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War Correspondent Says Mosul Safer for Women than Sweden

 7 Mar 2017 by Virginia Hale

Award-winning war correspondent Magda Gad has tweeted from Mosul that the war-torn city is safer for women and more peaceful than Sweden’s capital city.

“There’s no law on the Islamic veil here, and it’s safer for a lone woman to be outside than Stockholm,” the war journalist said on Twitter.

Asked by another user to clarify whether she “feel[s] safer outdoors in Iraq than Stockholm”, the Expressen reporter — who has been covering the fight against Islamic State in Iraq since June last year, said “Yep”.

Gad said Stockholm on a weekend evening is “much worse than any night in Iraq”, in response to a suggestion by the user ‘Per Anders Englund’ that it “can’t be easy being a good looking woman” in Sweden’s capital with “groping” men about.

In another tweet, the multi-award winning journalist described Iraq as “quiet, apart from the war”.

“In cities unaffected by fighting, it’s very quiet and no one bothers you when you walk the streets,” she wrote.

For her war coverage in Iraq, Gad has been nominated for an INMA Global Media Award in the Best Use of Social Media category, where she is competing with finalists including U.S. TV channel NBC.

She also co-founded the Blank Spot Project, a news site focused on long-form reports from places with very little or no journalistic coverage.

The Swedish establishment has been keen to counter the image that the country is beset with crime after U.S. President Donald J. Trump highlighted how its “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of its open border migration policies.

Last month, just hours after Sweden’s prime minister attacked the president for linking mass migration with rising violence, riots broke out in a suburb where a majority of residents were born overseas.

The riots, in which cars were set ablaze and shops were looted, resulted in the Stockholm suburb looking “like a warzone” according to a journalist who was at the scene.


Sharia migrants are a threat to European culture, he warns his border guards

Hungarian PM: Migrants Are "Trojan Wooden Horses" for Terrorism

Mar 7, 2017 by 

Hungary’s Prime Minister warned the stream of migrants entering Europe are “trojan wooden horses” for terrorism and a threat to the cultural identity of the continent’s historic nations.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a fierce critic of the open-door migrant policy promoted by the European Union, suggested terrorists are using the stream of migrants as a cover to enter Europe and launch attacks.

“Migration is the Trojan wooden horse of terrorism,” Orban said at a swearing-in ceremony for new border guards. “The people that come to us don’t want to live according to our culture and customs but according to their own – at European standards of living.”

Orban argued the migrant crisis will continue because issues in the migrants’ countries of origin have not been addressed.

“We are still, at this moment, under siege,” he said. “The migration flow has only slowed but is not over. We have gained time to strengthen our lines of defense.”

Lawmakers from Oban’s ruling Fidesz party, along with members of the right-wing Jobbick party, recently agreed to give police more authority to send migrants back to Serbia.

Under the draft agreement, all migrants in Hungary who are unable to produce documentation proving their legal right to be in the country can be deported to the Serbian border. Previously, only migrants found within eight kilometers of the Serbian border could be sent back.

The law would also make it mandatory for authorities to detain all migrants in camps along the Serbian border until their applications for asylum are processed.

“It is the newest step of a very aggressive crackdown on refugees in Hungary,” said Todor Gardos, an expert on Hungary with Amnesty International.

In response to the wave of migrants entering Europe, Orban ordered the construction of fences along the borders with Croatia and Serbia in 2015. A second fence, equipped with motion and heat sensors, is set for completion along the Serbian border by May.

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe,” Orban said in 2015. “We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.”

“We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim…. That is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots.”


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