Who Are These People Running Things? – The Left Is Approaching a Tipping Point – Try To Prevent Le Pen

Who Are These People Running Things?

Mar 5, 2017 By Kitty Hawk


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about a “shadow government,” a supposed network of nefarious schemes being run behind President Trump’s back to take him and his entire administration down, but all this really is is the pushback from the liberals in the “deep state” (FBI, CIA and NSA) leaking phone call information to the press.

Former President Obama is supposedly running this “shadow government,” but all he’s really doing—and this should worry Republicans—is redistricting the states where Hillary Clinton lost big to try to stop the bleeding in 2018 and 2020. The real “shadow government,” here and abroad, is really being run by a group of people so powerful that they’re scary, and so scary that they remain anonymous.

Many of us, myself included, were simply working too hard during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama years to really pay that much attention to what was going on, and although we knew that the press was biased in favor of Democrats and that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear, I still fell for some of their lies in the 2012 presidential election. That was my error, and I apologize for it; but what really irritated me about Mitt Romney wasn’t anything the media said about him, but statements he himself made—like placing a “small bet” of $10,000—that indicated to me that he had no empathy with working class America. As it turned out, my vote still wouldn’t have mattered, because millions of working class Republicans and Independents stayed home on election day and handed another four years to Obama.

But who really WAS Obama, and what was his role in the global order of things? I knew in 2008 that his “community organizing” in Chicago wasn’t always rosy. Articles in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Defender newspapers told me that his modus operandi was simply to throw someone else’s money at a problem and hope it went away, and this didn’t work most of the time. So why, and how, did he become a State Senator, and then a Senator in Congress, and then President? Who was behind his swift and unchecked rise to power?

The easy answer to this—and many other questions I will bring you in this article—is George Soros, the multi-billionaire who has made and preserved his fortune by betting against countries empowering themselves. Soros makes money when economies collapse because he bets against them, then he buys out failed corporations and re-sells them for a profit. We all know that he’s the global equivalent of a sleazebag slumlord. But not even George Soros is powerful enough to do what had been done to Europe, Australia and America over the past decade or so. Moreover, although Obama was the front man for the new Global Order, he was not in the first wave of attacks. Those happened under Bill Clinton with NAFTA and CAFTA (and, again, I was so busy working that I never even knew about CAFTA…it just sort of snuck in under the radar and there it was when we least expected it) and under George W. Bush with the endless Middle East wars, “nation building,” and the collapse of the American housing market which in turn collapsed our economy.

I can well believe that Soros, who lives in America (why? why haven’t we deported him?), was behind the trade deals and the collapse of the housing market. Those are right up his alley. But what Obama did was much further-reaching and more nefarious. In addition to collapsing the health insurance system, which is the reason he almost lost in 2012 and the reason Trump won in 2016, he did far worse things: the Iran nuclear deal, the collapse of Syria and Yemen, “fast and furious,” allowing millions of illegal aliens to pour over our borders and the rise of ISIS, all of which eventually led to a startling and massive Muslim migration into Western Europe. This migration has so overwhelmed many countries that they are only now starting to realize the huge mistake they made.

But did Obama really engineer that all by himself? Or by himself with Soros? It seems plausible, but it isn’t really, because it required the leaders of all Western European nations to agree to allow the mass of Muslims to flood their countries, thus collapsing their own economies further. And when I say “further,” I allude to the fact that the European Union has been doing a pretty good job of ruining countries’ economies over a quarter-century. And, again, this is just too much on too large a scale to blame only George Soros.

So…who are the people behind this? And, along with it, the nefarious lie of man-made “Climate Change” which was starting to turn both America and Western Europe into medieval countries with medieval technology?

There’s just too much going on here to be the work of one man, no matter how rich and powerful he is. He must have accomplices…lots of them…in every nation as well as in the U.N. and NATO, because this has been a worldwide concerted effort to ruin everyone. Someone had to be behind putting the “wrong” leaders in place: not just Obama in America, but François Gérard Hollande, the Socialist President of France who defeated Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012; Angela Merkel, the disgusting “Democratic Awakening” Chancellor of Germany who lied when she originally ran as a “conservative”; Labour Party Communist Tony Blair, who led Great Britain to ruin as Prime Minister between 1997 and 2007; and—laugh if you want—Pope Francis, the former Cardinal from Argentina who railed against capitalism from the pulpit for decades. One can place a small bit of blame on Pope Benedict XVI, who retired from his position due to ill health in 2013, but Benedict had no say in the selection of the former Jorge Mario Borgoglio as his successor. We know, of course, that President Obama personally interfered in the last Canadian election, helping Socialist Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister there. But the worldwide network of non-coincidences is just too big for one man, or even a small handful of men (or women), to do on their own.

I can’t say that I know who these people are, but I would warn you to beware of “Greeks bearing gifts,” as the old saw goes. It’s much easier to fear Vladimir Putin of Russia or Hassan Roudhani of Iran because they are visible and obvious threats. Since we don’t know who the perpetrators really are, aside from those few I’ve mentioned above, we can’t defend against them.

They are the REAL “shadow government” that we should all be quaking in our boots over.

Yes, part of them—useful tools if not the highest leaders—are the Democratic and Republican elites in Washington, D.C. I saw a great cartoon recently that showed a very angry Uncle Sam holding a little elephant in one hand and a little donkey in the other, and yelling, “I’ve had just about enough of you two!” They are definitely playing into the hands of whoever is trying to ruin the world, and I’m sure a lot of them get blood money from George Soros, but they’re only part of the global machine.

And that’s the scariest part…not knowing WHO is running this global machine and what exactly their end-game is. Do they really WANT a worldwide caliphate with every country run by Muslims? And if so, don’t they realize that they’re playing not with fire but with nitroglycerine? The Muslims’ sole goal is to run the entire world, and they’re not going to stop just because YOU (meaning the power brokers) tell them to stop. Once they’ve killed the “useful fools” who are aiding them, meaning liberals worldwide, they’re going to go after you. And if you think you can control them at that point, you’ll be mistaken, because their sheer numbers will dominate every town and city in every country, even America if we let them get that far.

This is why I’m so scared of everything that’s going on and so much on edge about the world situation. In one of his last BS speeches before a group of college graduates before leaving office, Obama told them that “the world has never been safer.” Safer for WHO? Not for the citizens of every country in the world that doesn’t speak Arabic. For us, it’s much worse and much scarier.

I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be OK now that Donald Trump is President, but he’s fighting so many people on so many fronts that just as he seems to be winning one skirmish he’s losing another. He still hasn’t kicked out the liberal leaders of the “deep state” like James Comey and James Clapper, and their minions within the intelligence community, let alone kicked out all the Obama traitors in government positions, and the longer he lets them stay there the more dangerous it’s going to be for him. He’s a tough guy and a real fighter, but he only has a dozen or so people who have his back and hundreds who don’t and are working against him, just as the media, the new militant wing of the Democratic Party, is working against him day and night. Recently I’ve seen a few people come out of the shadows and fight for him, like John Bolton, but not enough. John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio are fighting him tooth and nail from within his own party, and I don’t trust Paul Ryan, who is married to a Democrat who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, or Rob Portman, who opposed Trump to the bitter end during the election campaign. There’s a lot going wrong and only one thing going right, and that is Trump himself.

The best advice I can give to anyone reading this column is to stay the course, keep supporting Donald Trump, and in the mid-term elections next year get at least one more person apiece to join you in voting against those people who are making life miserable for him. That’s the only power we have is at the ballot box. And at this point, any sane, working person who votes for the party of extreme Socialism and Communism, the new Democratic Party, is committing social and financial suicide, because their stated purpose is to crush you in their zeal to “transform America.”

That’s all.

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Charlie Daniels: The Left Is Approaching a Tipping Point

Mar 6, 2017 By Charlie Daniels

President Trump waves to the crowd attending the inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

I have had a feeling developing the last few weeks, a feeling that the left is approaching a tipping point. We may be reaching a time when the nation tires of the daily protests, the acid rhetoric and outhouse vocabulary, the scowling faces, the outrageous hyperbole, the unsubstantiated accusations, and the totally classless and out of touch remarks directed at the weeping widow of a war hero are starting to become empty and somewhat disgusting to Americans who want to see our nation begin the long journey back to stability and booming prosperity.

I probably wouldn’t have watched the Academy Awards anyway, even if I hadn’t known it would be such a partisan political affair. I hadn’t seen any of the pictures and am not familiar with most of the nominated actors, but after seeing excerpts of Meryl Streep’s rant on the Golden Globe Awards I wasn’t about to expose myself to “Hollywood’s Hillary Loss Hysteria.”

Some of the Democrats in Congress seem willing to throw the baby out with the bath water rather than work with the president who had the audacity to spoil the coronation of their rock star.

The stage was set, the Democrats were so sure Hillary was going to win and continue the Obama march toward single payer health care, more power for the teachers unions, the packing of the Supreme Court and all the other socialist bits and pieces of the Obama agenda. They had the fireworks in place and the champagne on ice.

The packing of the court would have ensured that the Democrats had a safety valve for whatever legislation they couldn’t get through Congress, and when the blue wall started falling and they had to begin facing the cold hard fact that despite the support of the beautiful people, the fawning advocacy of the media, the polls, the pundits and even Oprah Winfrey, the ordinary people they had turned their backs on in the take for granted, Democrat strongholds were rebelling and voting for an outsider, a rash, outspoken critic of everything they stood for, whose vision of America pointed some 180 degrees away from theirs, a man with the nerve to bash the media and use his twitter account to reach the American people directly.

They’ve never gotten over it, and some of them probably never will. But unless I’m reading the situation terribly wrong, I believe some of the cooler heads in the party are starting to decipher the handwriting on the wall.

We all heard the president’s speech the other night, and I must say that I was surprised at the degree with which he seemed to be reaching across the aisle, even conciliatory to a degree I had never heard. Trump was still rock solid on most of his campaign promises but seemingly open to finding common ground to attack America’s myriad problems.

Chuck Schumer, of course, heard it differently, and in a diatribe resembling a grandfather confused by the complexities of some new technology he refuses to try to understand, stuck to his hard line that there is no good, no sanity and no future in anything President Trump proposes.

America never heard Schumer and the rest of his cohorts questioning Obama’s health care plan, a little piece of socialism that was obviously designed to fail and bring about a single payer plan and putting a government that can’t find it’s posterior with both hands in charge of one sixth of the American economy, not to mention red tape laden bureaucrats dispensing medical care.

Yes, Mr. Schumer picks his battles along party lines.

And I’m beginning to see a slight awakening of the American public who liked what they heard Donald Trump say to Congress.

They want the infrastructure shored up; they want the military strong; they want to see American companies bring their offshore money back here and invest it in job producing businesses; they want tax relief; they want the criminals here illegally rounded up and deported; and they truly want to see America great again.

And Nancy Pelosi and her prissy little white dress brigade of thumbs-downers fly in the face of all that.

Bill Maher and Michael Moore and a few others stepped way over the line when they accused Carryn Owens of allowing herself to be used for political purposes or otherwise disrespected in a most poignant moment that touched the collective heart of America, further alienating and disgusting ordinary people and helping those straddling the fence decide which side they wanted to get off on.

Yea, there’s something happening here, something that, if President Trump is able to bring to fruition, the jobs, the stability, the strong military, the robust economy and inner city social changes he spoke about, is going to make Schumer’s remarks seem inane and as out of touch as last year’s newspaper.

It’s time for unity, time for both sides to put the knives away, stop playing “gotcha,” put America first for a change, and find sensible common ground.

Think about it this way, if Trump is as inept and as off the wall as his critics say, he will fall on his rump. If he is right, and the things he wants to do work, then America wins big.

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

What do you think?

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is a legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler famous for his contributions to country and southern rock music. Daniels has been active as a singer since the early 1950s. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on January 24, 2008.



French president actively working against will of the people

Globalist Hollande Announces His "Ultimate Duty" to Prevent Le Pen Win, Protect EU

Mar 6, 2017

In an interview with several European newspapers, outgoing French President Francois Hollande said that his “ultimate duty” before leaving office is to prevent Le Pen from winning the upcoming presidential election in France.

The interview was published in Le Monde, La Stampa, the Guardian, La Vanguardia, Suddeutsche Zeitung, and Gazeta Wyborcza.

“My ultimate duty is to make sure that France is not won over by such a program, and that France does not bear such a heavy responsibility,” Hollande emphasized.

Hollande added that the “threat” of a Le Pen victory “exists,” because “the far right haven’t had such high level [of support] for the past 30 years,” Le Monde reported.

The vote on April 23, as well as on May 7, will “determine not only the path of our country, but also the future of Europe and the way that it’s built.”

“For if the candidate of the National Front wins, she will immediately start a process of exit from the eurozone and even from the European Union,” Hollande warned, noting that this is a key element in populist rhetoric.

“It is the goal of all the populists, wherever they are: To leave Europe, to close the world and to imagine a future surrounded by barriers of all kinds and borders defended by watchtowers,” he said.

Hollande also said that the “euphoria” of financial markets following Donald Trump’s presidential victory is “very premature.”

Hollande also touched upon Brexit. The French president said he was sorry about Britain leaving the bloc, but emphasized France’s position that Britain cannot quit the EU and still retain the benefits of membership.

Hollande went on to warn the UK that it will become “an outsider to the European Union” after Brexit, according to the Guardian.

“The UK’s problem is this: it had thought that in leaving Europe it would tie up a strategic partnership with the US. But it now happens that the US is closing itself off from the world. The UK has made a bad choice at a bad moment. I regret that,” the British news outlet cited him as saying.

Right-wing Le Pen is one of the leading candidates in France’s presidential election campaign, which is set to be conducted in two phases in April and May. Her program includes instituting a harsh anti-immigration policy and exiting the EU.

Among the other front runners is independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, who is rapidly gaining ground in the polls as the candidacy of scandal-hit François Fillon quickly loses momentum.

On Sunday, a Kantar Sofres poll showed Le Pen getting 26 percent of votes in the first round, with Macron receiving 25 percent and Fillon 17.

It is currently thought that Macron would emerge as the winner in a run-off with Le Pen.





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