Trump’s Interior Secretary makes HUGE 2nd Amendment move on FIRST day…

Dept of Interior Secretary Gives Huge Boost to 2nd Amendment on Day One!

March 5, 2017 By Michael Lee


Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke got right t work on his first day in office. He has already repealed one of President Obama’s last day shots at the Second Amendment. Mr. Obama’s order banning the use of lead ammunition will be one of his shortest-lived Executive Orders. The Gun Rights groups are going to very happy with this backing up of President Trump’s campaign promise.

During the campaign, Donald Trump promised he would fight for our Second Amendment rights. It didn’t take long for him to follow through on that promise, signing a repeal of the Social Security gun ban just one week into his term.

Not only is President Trump committed to protecting the Second Amendment, but so are the people he places around him. Everybody knew nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was great for gun rights, but few realized just how valuable Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke would be to the cause.

Just one day after starting the job, Zinke showed he’s also willing and able to fight for our Second Amendment rights.

From Breitbart:

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed a Secretarial Order on Thursday repealing the lead ammunition ban issued the day before Barack Obama left office.

It is interesting to note that Thursday was Zinke’s first day as Interior Secretary and repealing the onerous ban one of his first actions.

Many saw the regulations as a last-minute assault on gun rights by the Obama administration:

On January 19, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Lawrence Keane described the lead ammunition ban as the Obama administration’s “parting shot” against the hunting community. The ban was contained in Director’s Order 219–from National Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe–and it required regional directors to work with state-level agencies to begin phasing out the use of lead ammunition on Federal land.

But effective immediately, Order 219 will be relegated to history:

But Zinke overturned this ban with Secretarial Order 3346.

S.O. 3346 “revokes Director’s Order 219.” Moreover, S.O. 3346 is effective immediately.

The repeal is welcome news for gun-rights advocates after eight years of attempts to undermine the Constitution. Since President Obama couldn’t pass gun legislation through Congress, he used unelected bureaucrats to chip away at the Second Amendment. But the Trump team is already undoing the federal overreach of the previous administration.

President Trump understands that the Second Amendment is one of our most fundamental rights. With Zinke’s actions during his first day on the job, it’s clear the rest of his administration understands that too.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. marysong says:

    We are seeing strong leadership. What a sight for very sore eyes! And may I add, hearts that have been breaking as the breaking up of America proceeded for the past eight years. God help them to fix it!!


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