Going for the Party of Treason’s Jugular – Valerie Jarrett’s daughter‘journalist’ covering Trump’s DOJ for CNN

To stop the Democrats and their societal transformation, Republicans must adhere to a strategy that begins with a punch in the mouth

Going for the Party of Treason’s Jugular

March 4, 2017 By

I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic Party.  I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation have come to it through this so-called party, therefore beware of this party of treason.  [italics added]—Nathaniel Grigsby (1811-1890), Civil War vet, from his tombstone

Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose —The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Any remaining doubts that “we the people” may have had about where the Democrat’s loyalties lay were put to rest during President Trump’s recent “State of the Union” address.  When he promoted jobs for the jobless the Democrats sat on their hands.  When he advocated giving aid to victims of crime the Democrats booed.  And when President Trump honored the widow of a fallen American SEAL the Democrats sat stone-faced and silent.

The Democrats (and their #NEVER TRUMP Republican cohorts) are globalists—and globalists are by nature anti-nation states.  More to the point, Democrats and their Republican cohorts are anti-American.  In a word, they are treasonous —and their treasonous nature was on full display for the nation to see during Trump’s speech.

There can no longer be any doubt whatsoever that “the progressive agenda is a dagger aimed at the heart of America’s social contract and the security of the American people.”  Conservative Republican members of Congress had best stop playing their “hail fellow well met” collegial games with these Democratic a—holes and get serious about saving the United States of America—NOW.

The quote from the paragraph directly above comes from David Horowitz’s book “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America”—a book that I strongly suggest conservative members of Congress purchase and read.  Horowitz understands the war and the nature of the enemy—he pulls no punches.

Reluctance to go for the jugular and willingness to accept defeat can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you are reluctant to fight, you are inevitably headed toward defeat when the other side is relentless and despises you.  It is only for those who persist in the battle and never let up that the possibility of changing the result comes into view.  P.80

If they attack you as a racist or call you an obstructionist and you are not prepared to throw those charges back in their faces, you are already losing the war.  If your first response is to defend yourself by denying the charge, you are losing the war.  To have a chance of winning, your first response must be to attack them in a way that is equally strong, that throws them off balance and puts them on the defensive.  Mike Tyson summed up this strategy with the following observation: “Everybody has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth.”  To turn around the political battles conservatives have been losing for so long, they must begin every confrontation by punching progressives in the mouth.  To do so conservatives must develop an attack that takes away progressives’ moral superiority and smugness.  P.82,83

Exactly how does one go about taking away the Democrat’s sense of “superiority and smugness?”  By exposing them for the lying, corrupt, traitors that they are.  Throw their hypocritical lies back in their face and go on the offense—and stay on the offense!  Nothing less than the world is at stake—as goes America so goes the world.

The globalists envision a world ruled over by an arrogant godless elite.  They call that “utopia,” I call it hell on earth.  Make no mistake, “we the people” are in a war, and the stakes could not be higher.

So, we go for the jugular, we “hit ‘em where it hurts”—and hit, and hit, and hit until they don’t get up.  As Sir Winston Churchill said, never give in.

Never give in.  Never give in.  Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.  Never yield to force.  Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.Winston Churchill  (1874-1965)

Hit the Democrats in what Horowitz calls “their Achille’s heel”—their abject failure to help inner-city blacks rise out of squalor and dependency.  The Democrats demonize the Right and stoke the fires under entitlement and victimhood, thereby deflecting the justifiable rage of inner-city blacks away from themselves—the true perpetrators of inner-city violence, despair, and chaos.

Punch them in the mouth with their virulent anti-American globalism.  A globalist is anti-American by their very nature—it cannot be any other way.  You are either with us or against us, simple as that.  And who can doubt that the globalists are against us?

People like to be a part of something greater than themselves.  This emphatically includes their nation.  Patriotism is thus a natural phenomenon.  It is satisfied best when people feel that their nation is strong, or at least not weak.

Michael Anton “America and the Liberal International Order

American patriotism is a natural, healthy, vibrant appreciation and respect for your home turf.  To disdain and mock your home and environment is unhealthy, unnatural, and oh so Democratic.

And hit them with freedom.  Globalism is directly opposed to freedom, is the antithesis of freedom—and freedom rules.

The economic redistribution [of wealth] that progressives demand is not “fairness,” as they maintain.  Socialism is theft and a war on individual freedom…a war on the ability of individuals to work for themselves instead of the government, and therefore an attack on individual freedom.  P. 142

Why in the world would anyone ever be defensive about being pro-freedom. pro-American, and wanting to radically improve life in America, especially America’s inner-cities?  Why indeed.

Be on offense; take no prisoners; stay on the attack.  To stop the Democrats and their societal transformation, Republicans must adhere to a strategy that begins with a punch in the mouth.  That punch must pack an emotional wallop large enough to throw them off balance and neutralize their assaults.  It must be framed as a moral indictment that stigmatizes them in the way their attacks stigmatize Republicans.  It must expose them for their hypocrisy.  It must hold them accountable for the divisions they sow and the suffering they cause.  P. 142


Bias? What bias?

Valerie Jarrett’s daughter will be the ‘journalist’ covering Trump’s DOJ for CNN

Mar 4, 2017 By

Poor CNN. They’re in the ratings dumper, their brand perception has cratered, and every time you see Jake Tapper, he looks like he was just roughed-up in an alley.  Wolf Blitzer appears to be in perpetual melt-down mode, and Chris Cuomo spends his time explaining why little girls need to get used to seeing grown men naked in their bathrooms.

In short, the whole thing is a mess, and everyone knows it.  The once-great news net is now a laughing stock.

There are lots of reasons why this is happening, but chief among them has to be “constant, unapologetic, bias.”  What used to be a left-wing undercurrent has swelled into a raging river of vapid, pro-Democrat, coverage.

One might think that their current woes would have them rethinking their approach.  …One would be wrong.

According to a new press release, CNN’s bias is once again on full display as none other than Laura Jarrett – Valerie Jarrett’s daughter – will be the pretend journalist assigned to coverage of President Trump’s DOJ.

Yes, really…

Valerie Jarret’s daughter will be the ‘journalist’ covering Trump’s DOJ for CNN

As the New York Post reports:

Valerie and Laura Jarrett were partying Wednesday night at a launch party for the news site Axios, held in the middle of inauguration week at RPM Italian in Washington.

Asked about her post-White House plans, Valerie Jarrett said she’ll split time between Chicago and Washington, DC, but first she plans to go on vacation.

Others spotted at the party include Vice President Joe Biden, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC’s Greta van Susteren, Fox News’ Kristin Fisher and the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward.

Laura Jarrett’s assignment comes a week after Trump publicly refused to answer a CNN correspondent’s question at a press conference.

Laura Jarrett has no experience as a reporter but, apparently, CNN thinks her status as a Harvard-educated lawyer is all the qualification she needs.

…We’re sure the fact that she has close familial ties to the left-wing messiah, Barack Obama, had nothing to do with this.


Hillary CNN


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  2. The spirit in Goliath is directing Muslims too. How can Muslims not see this?


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  4. The spirit that was in Goliath is directing Muslims too. How can Muslims not see this?


  5. marysong says:

    Didn’t they have a ‘spot’ for Nancy Pelosi’s daughter? She is equally talented.


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