Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election, Why Constitutional Carry Matters!

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Feb 25, 2017 by Daniel Lang


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Until the 1990’s, civilian run volunteer militias weren’t all that common in the United States. They were the fringe of the fringe in our culture. But after Waco and Ruby Ridge, their ranks swelled and they became a common subject in the news and in pop culture. Their numbers fell again under President Bush, and then grew to new heights under President Obama.

It’s an obvious pattern. Conservative militias multiply like crazy under Democratic presidents, and for good reason. When Democrats take the reigns of government, they always threaten to restrict gun ownership. They then decline under Republican administrations, when conservatives don’t feel as threatened.

However, there may be a new trend emerging. CBS Atlanta recently did a piece on a militia called the Three Percenter Security Force (which obviously showed them in slightly negative light, given the source). The organization is run by Marine Corps veteran Chris Hill, who says that their membership has grown from a few dozen, to roughly 400 members since November. The Marine told CBS that the militia would protect the Second Amendment under any administration, and that “The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it’s a constant threat.”

That doesn’t sound very different from the stated objectives of any conservative militia that has emerged since the 90s. So why is this militia’s membership growing so drastically during the early stages of a Republican administration? What’s different this time? The answer may lie in how the Left has responded to Trump being elected. According to Hill:

“The level of violence I see coming from these protests is alarming, I think that creates more of a need for people like us to be there,” Hill said.

Hill says, just as anti-Trump supporters have a right to organize and protest, his group wants to show their presence.

“We have a duty to protect, our freedom, our liberty, our constitutional Republic.” Hill said. “That responsibility can’t be deferred to you know Congress.”

So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.

VIDEO Explanation of Constitutional Carry


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Feb 26, 2017


The video production by National Association for Gun Rights, explaining what Constitutional Carry is, and how it differs from the governmental farce of national reciprocity, that will cause a federal gun registry and, should the wrong people be voted into office, will give them a major foothold towards, confiscation. Watch the video, and, THINK.

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8 Responses to Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following the Last Election, Why Constitutional Carry Matters!

  1. Brittius says:

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    Under the Dick Act of 1903, all males, between the ages of 15 years through 50 years, are technically in the militia, and can, in emergency, be called to active duty garrisoning the United States. That has vital bearing. The unrest and general situation where insurrectionists are rioting could bring about a presidential call up. All militias, are under direct authority of County Sheriffs, as they are the highest law enforcement officials above police commissioners because, sheriffs are elected by the People, while police chiefs and commissioners are appointed by municipal officials. Constitutional Carry, is extremely important. It affirms the Dick Act of 1903 and, while under authority of a call up, militia personnel are indemnified by county, state, and federal government. It means that, with Rights, there is an onus of obligation on the militia and/or armed individual, for Responsibility, and Maturity. Following, direction and lawful orders. Very important.


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