VIDEO So it BEGINS: Look who Trump is meeting with on Monday, liberals nervous…

Feb 25, 2017 By Michael Cantrell


President Trump ran on a pretty comprehensive platform that included a whole lot of promises, and thus far, he’s done better than most at keeping his word and putting his agenda into action.

The one most are eyeing, however, is the full repeal and replacement of Obamacare — a travesty just about every business owner in the country is ready to kiss goodbye.

It seems some headway is being made as some of the nation’s largest insurers are attending a meeting with Trump on Monday.

We simply can’t get rid of this disaster fast enough.

According to Reuters:

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which represents insurers in every state, said on Friday that it would attend a meeting between the health insurance industry and President Donald Trump on Monday.

Cigna Corp’s chief executive officer, David Cordani, will also attend, a Cigna spokesman said.

A BCBS spokeswoman and Cigna confirmed the meeting after Bloomberg reported that top executives from U.S. health insurers would attend a meeting, based on unnamed sources. The White House has not confirmed the Bloomberg report.

Trump has pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare, former President Barack Obama’s national healthcare law that redesigned the U.S. insurance market for individuals. It is not clear yet what Republicans will agree upon to replace the current insurance. Insurers say any new plans are not likely to hit the market before 2019.

Insurers have also asked for changes to the individual insurance market that would go into effect for 2018 to make the market more attractive to the industry, where some plans have lost hundreds of millions of dollars because member costs were higher than they expected.

Obamacare has been a scourge on our economy and our health care system, driving up the cost of coverage and care while adding burdens to business owners who are already tapped out by the endless regulations and taxes set forth by the government.

The current system strips doctors and other health care specialists of their incentive for providing excellent service, which is never a good thing for the advancement of medicine in our country.

Many of the businesses affected negatively by Obamacare have had to raise prices on goods and services in order to offset the additional costs of providing health insurance. Other companies have had to lay people off or even shut their doors.

With a new sheriff — um, president — in town, all that is about to change!




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