VIDEO Most Politicians Fear Media; Not Trump – Pledges to Level Playing Field for U.S. Workers

Charlie Daniels on Trump’s Press Conference: Most Politicians Fear the Media; Not Trump

Feb 17, 2017  By Charlie Daniels

President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

This week I watched a press conference with President Donald Trump and a room full of the international press corps, and as one who has been watching presidential press conferences for the better part of my 80 years, I’ll have to say that I’ve never seen anything like it.

First of all, Trump totally controlled the event from start to finish, called out media outlets for

what he considered dishonest coverage, refuted stories, networks and reporters, admonishing them to be honest in their coverage and just report the news instead of coloring it.

It seems most politicians fear the media, or at the very least they are afraid of offending their sensibilities resulting in negative coverage. Not so with Trump, who spoke his mind, refused to let the reporters gain any kind of control or authority and limited their questions when he felt they had said enough.

The Washington press corps has become a kind of entity of its own over the years, unchecked, and unrivaled, wielding the power of the pen over politicians who spin, twist and flavor the truth in an effort to curry favor and spring occasional leaks to stay in their good graces.

In this age when social media has far more traffic than most news media sites the press corps is no longer the only game in town, and Trump has made an art form out of going around the press and straight to the people without his statements and intentions being filtered through the mill of partisan opinion so prevalent in the media these days.

There was an instance that caught my attention yesterday, and it’s a good example of media bias and the failure to report the whole truth.

Reporter April Ryan asked the president if he intended to include the Black Congressional Caucus in his plans to help the inner cities. He replied that he’d been trying to set up a meeting with Elijah Cummings and that Cummings wouldn’t meet with him for political reasons, whereupon he said in tongue-in-cheek fashion “Would you like to set up a meeting?” It was an obvious facetious remark meaning, “I’ve tried, do you want to give it a shot?”

I watched ABC evening news last night, and they tried to make it sound as if the president was actually trying to use reporters to set up meetings with Congress. And the name of Elijah Cummings, the focal point of the whole conversation, was never even mentioned.

I, for one, liked the press conference conducted in the way it was done. The media likes to play “gotcha” with loaded questions and pulling at inconsequential threads that tend to take the attention off of important issues the public needs to be kept abreast of, trying to lose some scrap of sensationalism many times resulting in asking the same question over and over again.

I also like the fact that a president, or anyone else for that matter, can take their case straight to the people in concise, uncomplicated language as often as they see fit.

Another thing I like about this White House approach to media is that the crème de la crème is basically treated like everybody else, with reporters from smaller circulation, heartland publications being called on, and even a Skype capability being used so those who can’t be there in person can participate.

Of course, big media – used to being treated like royalty – really don’t like this, being treated like a part of the press corps rather than the privileged scions they consider themselves to be.

It’s a new day in news coverage, and it can no longer be controlled by the handful of networks and major city newspapers.

It’s scattered all over the place from social media to a president who conducts his pressers in his own way and is not afraid of the Fourth Estate, not a bit.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is a legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler famous for his contributions to country and southern rock music. Daniels has been active as a singer since the early 1950s. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on January 24, 2008.


Trump Pledges to Level the Playing Field for U.S. Workers

Feb 17, 2017 By Melanie Arter

President Donald Trump waves in front of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner while visiting the Boeing South Carolina facility in North Charleston, S.C., Friday, Feb. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

( – President Donald Trump said Friday that he would level the playing field for American workers by reducing “job crushing regulations,” lowering taxes on U.S. businesses, enforcing trade rules and stopping “foreign cheating.”

“My focus has been all about jobs, and jobs is one of the primary reasons I’m standing here today as your president, and I will never, ever disappoint you,” Trump said during a rally at the Boeing facility in North Charleston, S.C. “I campaigned on the promise that I will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into America.”

“It has to be much easier to manufacture in our country, and much harder to leave. I don’t want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back – no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. We’re not letting that happen country anymore folks,” he said.

To this end, the president plans to impose “a very substantial penalty” for companies that “fire their people and move to another country, make the product and think that they’re going to sell it back over what will soon be a very, very strong border.”

“As your president, I’m going to do everything I can to unleash the power of the American spirit and to put our great people back to work. This is our mantra: Buy American and Hire American. We want products made in America, made by American hands,” the president said.

The president said he will ensure that “our great service members have the tools, equipment, training, and resources they need to get the job done.”

“We will build a military might so great – and we are going to do that – that none will dare challenge it,” he said, adding that he will make sure the U.S. military has the latest, “most cutting edge systems in their arsenal.”

“You will be an important player in this effort,” Trump said. “Boeing has built many important aircraft, including, as I said the F-18 Super Hornet, the F-15 Strike Eagle, and the Apache helicopter, just to name a few.

“The new Air Force One, that plane as beautiful as it looks, is 30 years old. Can you believe it? What can look so beautiful at 30? An airplane. On every front, we are going to work for the American people,” he said.

To achieve his goal of bringing jobs back into the country, Trump said, “we’re going to massively reduce job crushing regulations – already started, you’ve seen that – that send our jobs to those other countries.”

“We are going to lower taxes on American business, so it’s cheaper and easier to produce product and beautiful things like airplanes right here in America,” the president said.

“We want products made by our workers in our factories, stamped by those four magnificent words: Made in the U.S.A.,” he said.

Trump touted the progress he’s already made on this front.

“Since November, jobs have already begun to surge. We’ve seen companies open up factories in America. We’ve seen them keep jobs at home. Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, just to name a very, very few,” he said.

Companies are “keeping and bringing thousands of jobs back in our country, because the business climate they know has already changed,” Trump said. “In Arizona, Intel announced it will open a new plant that will create 10,000 American jobs. They’re spending billions of dollars.”

“We will see more and more of that across the country as we continue to work on reducing regulations, cutting taxes, including for the middle-class, including for everyone, and including for business, and creating a level playing field for our workers,” he said.

The president said when there is a level playing field, American workers always win.

British MP: Trump Will Go Down in History as the Only Politician Condemned for Keeping His Promises

Feb 21, 2017 By Susan Jones

British lawmakers debate a petition to deny President Donald Trump an official state visit to the United Kingdom. (Screen grab from C-SPAN)

( – In an extraordinary session on Monday, British lawmakers debated a petition to deny U.S. President Donald Trump an official state visit to the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is standing by the invitation she issued to Trump during her January 27 visit to the White House, despite a petition signed by 1.8 million people. That petition says Trump should be allowed to enter the U.K. in his capacity as head of state, but he should not be accorded the honor of a state visit.

State visit opponents, led by members of the Labor Party, said it would embarrass the queen to receive Trump, a man who once bragged about grabbing women by the genitals.

But in defense of Trump’s State Visit, Conservative Party lawmaker Nigel Evans noted that the American political and entertainment elite “sneered” at the notion of Trump becoming president, but 61 million Americans — “the forgotten people” — felt otherwise and put Trump in office.

Now we may not like some of the things that he says, and I certainly don’t like some of the things that he said in the past, but I do respect the fact that he stood on a platform that he is now delivering.

He is going to go down in history roundly condemned for being the only politician to deliver on his promises. I know that’s a peculiar — a peculiar thing in the politics that we’re used to here, that politicians actually stand up for something, and they deliver on them but the fact is, he is.

Evans said when the British people condemn Trump for being racist without evidence; or attack him in “an unseemly way,” they are actually attacking the Americans who voted for Trump.

In his argument to deny Trump a state visit, Labor Party leader Paul Flynn emphasized the close ties between the United States and Britain. “And there’s no question of disrespect,” he said.

Flynn described Trump’s manner and behavior throughout the election period as “greatly worrying,” and he also expressed concern about the actions Trump has taken since becoming president — “blundering” in to conflicts around the world.

“I believe that from the 7th day of his presidency, things have got far worse,” said Flynn.

And even though the queen has met with controversial world leaders in the past, Flynn said there’s no reason to repeat the errors of the past.

Since the 1950s, only two U.S. presidents have made official state visits to the U.K.: Barack Obama in 2011 and George W. Bush in November 2003. (President Ronald Reagan met with Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in England on three occasions, but none was a state visit.)

Hannity – The press has declared war on the American people




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6 Responses to VIDEO Most Politicians Fear Media; Not Trump – Pledges to Level Playing Field for U.S. Workers

  1. marysong says:

    Lov it! Queen Elizabeth is getting on … and by the way, I never heard Trump pronounce those words about ‘grabbing’ did you? It seems to be the party line words. Say it and Say it and say it and write it … and soon everyone will believe it. The media has the power to brainwash and they are doing just that. It used to be fair and honest in my day, I saw the change come in with the advent of TV and ‘Stars’ all puffed up with pride.

    It is a Crime. The Media is guilty of a heinous crime of changing peoples thinking instead of reporting exact facts. They will pay for that in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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